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 Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree)

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Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree) Empty
PostSubject: Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree)   Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree) Icon_minitime5/29/2013, 6:52 pm


I'm often called Lucki, and other times Bree. Yup. Even called Cheese. I have many nicknames and I'm afraid if I name 'em all I'll spam the site! Haha, kidding. So, I heard about this site, and so I am here! Yup. Well, about me:
I've been a dedicated obsessor of Percy Jackson since I first read it four years ago. Yes— I'll admit that at first I judged it by its cover but when I heard that they were coming out with a movie, well, I just love making fun of book-to-movies. Little did I expect, but I became instantly hooked. I couldn't go a single day without having at least one thought, or making at least one comment, about Percy Jackson. I still cant. In fact— I was just given this shirt recently that says, "FEAR THE PURPLE", and I immediately took it to mean, "FEAR THE ROMANS", not that I like Romans too much. But not that I don't, either! I just prefer Ancient Greeks. In fact I am wearing the shirt right now which is, of course, why I mentioned it.
Overall, I love reading and writing and singing and things. I love Leo Valdez like fangirls love Nico DiAngelo, I love Percy and Piper and Thalia. I completely ship Percabeth and Thaluke, and even Tratie. Who do I hate? Ugh, stupid Gary Stu Jason Grace. And Reyna? She's okay, but she just.... never exactly got to me. No, I do not hate Octavian, except for the fact that he murdered Percy's Panda Pillow Pet, because he's the perfect evil good-guy. He's like Clarisse, only more power-hungry and, well, evil. 
Me? I'm bubbly, energetic, hyper, ADD, I love the TV show How I Met Your Mother, and I love bands such as the Fray, OneRepublic and LinkinPark. Oh, and I'm an awesome daughter of Hermes. I prefer jokes to pranks, I'm getting into thievery, and I have the typical Hermes kid's blonde hair, blue eyes. Except my eyes are kind of on the darker shades, so they look grey sometimes, but remember the old saying: Light travels faster than sound. That's why people may appear bright before they speak. ((I mean that beacause I'm blonde and have sort of grey eyes that people may mistake me for a daughter of Athena))
So, I'm here, mostly because I have the uncanny ability to become obsessed with random things, and a couple of those things are roleplaying and Percy Jackson. I hope you enjoy me, because I certainly will enjoy all of you! I think. I hope. Whatevah. =)

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Zwn (Zoe in Greek)

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Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree)   Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree) Icon_minitime5/29/2013, 6:56 pm

call me fishy

ciao! I am cosmic latte, better known to everyone as Fishy. if it weren't obvious by the colour of my username, i am an admin, so feel free to pm me any questions you have and i will try my hardest to find time in my hectic schedule of crying over bands reading fanfiction not socializing... okay i lied i don't have a hectic schedule i'll just get back to you and i'll try not to ignore it because i'm lazy.

Now, a little bit about me. I'm almost always online because I don't have anything else to do, and I'm often obsessing over a band. The only TV shows I watch are Doctor Who BBC's Sherlock, because they're flawless. I also am probably going to be sobbing over bands/fanfiction/my ships because pain. and I tend to use the fact that I'm lazy to not do stuff. i am a terrible admin what did i ever do to get this position. i'm also fabulous.

So, follow the rules and have fun! Oh, yeah, try not to die, too. Because that would suck.

ps never mention .org to anyone here ever unless someone did something dumb then it's ok but other than that don't do it if u value ur life just don't
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Hello! They call me Lucki (or Bree)
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