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 When there's nothing else to do [Open]

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PostSubject: When there's nothing else to do [Open]   5/26/2013, 9:42 pm

Ashigaru Yukikaze was irritated, not because he was in a rough spot in life, he had a nice job, he had recently drained the alcohol from Dionysis's liquor stash, and had wasted a full half of the alcohol training with his power. Overall, there were no problems. Unfortunately, that was the problem, it was boring and the Japanese/American/Greek? scientist/soldier was now bored and stir crazy.

With no other way to work off his excess energy, he was now using his batons whack away at a training dummy. The wood cracked under the force of the batons and a total of 82+ discernible dents and 32 large cracks in the wood indicated that the dummy was now reaching its limit. Yuki wound up with the 32.5 inch baton and swung as hard as he could. The weakened 'head' of the dummy couldn't take the beating any longer and it flew off into the woods.

"huh . . ." He stopped for a bit.

"Oops. Dang, that old drunk is probably gonna make me pay for that again."
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When there's nothing else to do [Open]
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