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 My second character

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PostSubject: My second character   5/15/2013, 6:53 pm

T h e y call me g h o s t boy

do you have a map? cause i'm lost in your eyes

Full name:
Daniel received his name from his great grandfather, Daniel Alexander Phanton the III. He is Daniel Alexander Phanton the IV. His great grandfather was a general in the Vietnam War; being great friends with Kennedy, as well as Nixon, the name Phanton was very popular in the Vietnam Era. It's origin was Britian, as well as Spain. His middle name, Alexander, was given to him by his godfather, who's first name was Alexander.
Any nicknames?:
Daniel is definitely a male in the species of the human race. Well, as far as I know.
Danny is about 15 years old
Years at Camp:
Danny has been at camp for 3 years now. He arrived when he was about 12 years old, about to turn 13.
God and mortal parent:


Melinoe is the Greek goddess of ghosts, sometimes confused with Hecate. She wandered the earth every night with a train of ghosts, scaring anyone in their path. This was said to be the reason why dogs bark at nothing at night. But somehow, the mother of Daniel stumbled across his 21st birthday party. 9 months after his party, little Daniel was born.


Richard Phanton was setting up the finishing touches for his 21st birthday. He watched anxiously as the clock struck 8:30. He smiled as his first guest arrived, followed by a large group of his college friends. He popped open the beverages, and everything went totally nuts. After a while, Richard met up with this beautiful goddess of a woman. (No pun intended) Melinoe and Richard talked for a while, before finally hooking up. The next morning, Richard awoke in an empty bed, with only a note from her: Thank you for last night. had the greatest time. He read, rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes.

Date of birth:
Daniel was born on April 24th, 1998. He is currently 15 years old.
Place of Birth:
Daniel was born in Alleghany Hospital in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He was raised there his whole life, until that one faithful day....
Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank): Danny has many ‘interesting’ features. Let’s start at the top, shall we?
Danny has an oval-ish shaped head, that is fairly large. His hair, as said above, is very light, matching the color of his skin. It is VERY curly, from Alex always twisting it around, and it covers the top of his head completely. It reaches to about his eye level, maybe even a bit longer. Let’s just say half-way. His hair also brings out his dark green eyes, making them look even more beautiful and delicate than they really are. He has larger pupils than most, so it will sometimes look as if he is surprised all of the time, when in reality he isn’t at all. His iris has tiny specks of grey in it, if you look close enough. His lips are a bit large, and are naturally red. He has blinding white teeth, with a red-ish tongue and so on. Now for the interesting ‘features’ of our friend Alex; He has a scar, crossing over his left eye. NO one, besides him, knows what happened. It is dark, like a slash of shadow. It occasionally turns red and bleeds for a couple of minutes, but it mostly causes no stress for him. Another noticeable feature is his birthmark. It is shaped suspiciously like a bird (just coincidentally) and it is on his left cheek. It has began to fade over the years, but it is still noticeable. Alex also has some freckles that run down his face. They aren’t orange, just a light shade of brown. They aren’t too noticeable, unless you look at him close up. To finish off his face, Alex has a pointy chin, and very sharp features. He has dimples, making him more irresistible (according to girls). Now, on to the rest of his body. Alex has very broad shoulders, making him an awesome football player. He has big arms, and even bigger muscles. He has a weird habit of swinging his arms when he walks, making him look a bit crazy. Alex is usually seen wearing his CHB T-Shirt, of course, with his Under Armor sweater on top. Weird thing is, he always wears the jacket, even when it is blazing hot outside. He does that, because of the secret that he is hiding. Alex is also found wearing blue jeans. He occasionally wears his ‘New York Yankees’ Cap, but rarely does it. (It has no special abilities) Also, as said tons of times above, Alex has a very…. Well, scary appearance, but another word do describe it would be intimidating. His muscles and big body make it hard to glare at him without sweating a bit, or at least get a bit scared. Alex also has a big chest, as if he is sticking it out all of the time.
Eye color:
Daniel has beautiful blue eyes
Hair(color, length, style, etc.):
Daniel has beautiful black hair, that falls on his head. It reaches to just above eye length, and is naturally straight.
Daniel is about 5'10".
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.):
Daniel is very fit, and has exceptionally large leg and arm muscles.
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.):
Look at Appearance.
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?):
Danny has a very serious personality, but may sometimes crack a joke or two. He is also very adventurous, and is always looking for a new adventure. Although he prefers to be alone, he has made tons of friends in CHB. During his serious side, nothing is funny to him. He usually glares at random people, when he is in his bad mood. When he is in a brighter mood, his humorous side slips out. He flashes brilliant smiles at random people, making the environment a bit brighter.
Style(This is optional:try to make it):
Danny has the amazing ability to shadow-travel. He can shadow-travel 3 times a day. He may only, however, shadow-travel at night. The longest he may shadow travel is 2 1/2 miles. After his 2nd shadow-travel, he has to take a nap. On his final use, he faints, and has to rest for quite a while before using any strength.
Fatal Flaw*:
Flaws*(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.):
Alex has low self esteem, and is afraid of fire.
Daniel usually sticks with his fists, but whenever possible, he uses a 2.5 ft. long stygion iron sword. His other weapon is a bow and arrow, with stygion iron tips.
Danny is very athletic, intelligent, and is good at sports.
RP Example*:
Daniel let out a sharp yelp as another fist struck him in the gut. Dark red blood trickled down his mouth, his breaths becoming heavier and heavier. His arm went up to wipe away the warm liquid. He glanced at his white sleeve, A big splotch of red in the middle. His lips curled into a sly smile, his white teeth shining brightly. "That the best you got?" He teased, spitting a mouthful of blood at one of the brutal Ares kid. He made a sour face, his hand balling up in A fist. "Why don't you fight back, Ghost Boy?" Danny frowned at the name. It did not last long, as his body glowed a faint black. The Ares kids backed up in astonishment as Danny disappeared in a crimson flash. His eyes turned dark brown for a split second, but suddenly returned to normal. He then got up, walking towards the cabins.
Danny has had a very boring life. Nothing interesting ever happened, except for a couple of times. When he was six years old, he was bitten by a poisonous snake. Still, nothing extreme happened besides him going to the hospital. He lived a normal life, until about he was 9 years old. His dad told him about his mother, which he was devastated. He had always wanted to know about his mother. They had an argument, making Daniel angry. His hand got balled up into a fist, and he punched. It hit his dad, making him become knocked unconscious. Daniel, being 9 at the time, ran away from his home. He dialed 9-1-1, and left the phone in the same room as his dad. He packed his bags, then left. He arrived in camp 3 years later, with the help of a couple of other campers he had found while on his journey away from home.
Other Notes:

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PostSubject: Re: My second character   5/18/2013, 9:01 pm


(I am, however, curious as to all the things he's hiding. .)

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My second character
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