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 Reginmundr Odinson

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PostSubject: Reginmundr Odinson    5/13/2013, 1:00 am

Full name: Reginmundr (roughly, "gift of the Power of the gods") Odinson
Any nicknames?:Reggie
Gender:Yeah, he has one of those
Age: Just about that age
Years at Camp: Well, it's near a good amount

God and mortal parent:ODIN and Grimamundr (Gift of Odin) Helensdottr
Date of birth: December 21st, 1995
Place of birth: Svalbard

Eye color:very light blue with specks of very dark blue
Hair:Blonde, rather long in the typical Norse style. He's got a significant amount of beard, too, but it doesn't extend too far beyond his face.
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): Very muscular, but not the type where it's like "HE MUST LIFT A LOT OF WEIGHTS!" Like the kind where it's like "DAYUM HE MUST WORK OUT"

Distinct markings: He's got a changing tattoo down his arms, which shifts to depect whatever animal he inhibited last

Personality: Once Reggie gets to know someone, he's very kind to them. At first, he is very confrontational, loud, and angry to intimidate, but he's very kind-hearted.

Style: Reggie normally wears some kind of light armor. When he's not, he'll wear clothes that people would assume were from another era, such as thinks an old hunter would wear. Usually some kind of loose tunic, trousers, and a cloak. This is subject to change as he integrates himself into culture, though. He's just very "stuck on the old ways"

Powers: When Reggie sacrifices an animal to the Allfather, he is able to use that animal's characteristics until the next Wednesday (sometimes a day attributed to Odin). He can, for example, sacrifice a bear and be able to turn his arms into bear arms (he is a heavy believer in the second amendment) or have his hands have bear claws. He could also summon the power of the bear to his arms without actually having them change in appearance. He can usually only call upon these changes five times a day, and each "summoning" lasts up to three hours, though the longer he keeps them the more taxing it is on his energy level. Reggie also has a typical little Norse habit of being able to Berserk. Basically, for five minutes his energy doubles and he can withstand any amount of damage. However, when the time is up, he falls over and can barely manage to lift his own sword without some kind of medical help.

Fatal Flaw: He is very hard to dissuade from anything he's set his mind on. If he starts a battle, he will not retreat from it until it comes to a definitive end.
Flaws: Once someone has become his friend, Reggie will not let any harm come to them so long as they are his friend. His protective instincts are immense. While Reggie has a great mind for battle and hunting and the like, his academic skills are rather limited, and he usually relies on help from Huginn. Reggie also has a habit of infidelity with women, as he comes from an older time when women's rights weren't exactly around. He's learned to be polite, but he still sometimes can do things. .off-color.

Weapon: Gungnir , Warhammer, double-sided battle-axe, , a giant recurve bow
Axe (His is CB, but this is what the design looks like):
Pets:Two talking ravens, named Huginn and Muninn. Huginn has the power of great thought. He can speak to Reggie and tell him what kinds of things he's missing from a scneario, or why what he is doing is so illogical. Huginn has a collective knowledge of anything humankind has ever made, and can thus quote any of it. Reggie has a running joke of calling Huginn "Nevermore" because he recites so much writing. Muninn has the pwoer of superior memory. He remembers everything he's ever seen, and can read the memories of everyone around him. He takes advice from Huginn which memories to share, and often keeps quiet unless needed. He can make anyone remember anything they've forgotten by merely staring into their eyes, though he rarely uses this ability. huginn and Muninn are the only things that are likely able to stop Reggie once his mind is set on something, as they are essentially his id, ego, and superego; his shoulder devil and angel.
Talents/Skills: Reggie is an excellent hunter. He can stalk prey silently for long periods of time. He is also a great survivalist, and really knows how to'live off the land,' especially in colder climates. He is also a ferocious fighter. He can usually overpower an enemy by simply breaking their weapon with a decisive blow. He is also a very successful wrestler, and pretty competent at hand-to-hand combat.

RP Example:I walked into the center of the camp and looked around. Everyone was so tiny, it seemed. I kept having to duck when entering buildings, and found that some of the lumps where my muscles portruded exceeded the size of these kids' whole heads. I looked at an Ares camper, and simply pulled out Gungnir. I charged at him, and he pulled out an impressively sized broadsword and charged at me. I laughed, and swung while Running, aiming for right where his sword met the hilt. Thinking he was clever for being able to block me, he didn't dodge. My polemarch slammed into the hilt of his sword, fracturing it from the blade, which fell to the ground, useless. I pointed my spear right into the kid's neck, the tip just touching. "You lose." I whispered.
Biography: Reginmundr was born in Svalbard back when just about no one lived there. His mom has been cast out from her village and shunned when he was eight. No one had believed her that he was Odin's son; they'd just gotten superstitious about the ravens that followed him around, and said that she was crazy. They said Odin would protect them, and sent them to Svalbard. Alone. Reginmundr grabbed a spear before they left, and that was all he had to protect him. They were dropped off from a ship, and they found a little hut about amile from the cast which had been erected for them. Even within the hut, it was face-numbingly cold. Just when Reggie's mom was about to die, Odin walked into the hut from the outside, and merely touched Reggie's spear. It turned into a replica of Gungnir, Odin's own spear. As soon as Reggie touched it, he was unaffacted by the cold. Odin disappeared, and Reggie had no idea what to do. He turned to his mom, and found that she had fallen onto the floor oft he hut. He went over to her, but she was already dead. Reggie grew furious isntantly, and ran out of the hut. He went on a hunt, killing every animal he came across. 2 baby poar bears just far enough from their mother, a walrus, and finally a pack of giant wolves. Unfortunately, he'd never been very secretive about the fact that he was a child of Odin, as he'd been proud. That was a mistake, as a squad of three Laistrygonian giants had followed him. Once he was worn down from the wolves, they attacked him, each dual-wielding what would normally be a two-handed battle axe. The small Reggie, strong and proud as he was, knew that he would not be able to defeat them. He decided, however, that he'd make the attempt.He squared his stance, and pointed Gungnir at the giants. He was a little confused, as they all suddenly froze. Not like. .stopped moving forze, but were turned into ice forms of themselves. He went over and broke one of them, and it instantly poofed into yellow dust. He did the same to the other two. With time, he came to realize that the spear gained powers based on his environment's weather. It could only be activated three times a day, but he made sure to save those charges as long as possible, for they ended up stacking.

Reggie lived on his own on Svalbard for three years. He went that whole time without using Gungnir, merely as a force of habit to rely on his own strength first. He trained and grew, but he hadn't quite reached his full potential at the age of eleven. However, just when he was planning to attempt to swim or sail off of Svalbard, the ground started shaking. Over the next hill came a Hyperborean giant. He was a small one, possibly about the same maturity level as Reggie, but he was still rather domeneering at thirty feet tall. Reggie had no idea what to do. With the simple cry of "ODIN!" he activated Gungnir. The force of the freeze was so powerful that it froze and killed the hyperborean giant. Whether out of luck or favor from the Gods, Reggie was spared from dying, but stayed there, frozen, at the top of a mountain on Svalbard. In time, ravens started nesting in his old hut. An common bird watcher would be astounded by this, but anyone versed in Norse mythology would know that these were Reggie's watchers, sent by his father. When Reggie finally awoke in 2007, two of the birds flew up to him and landed on Gungnir. These birds helped him remember who he was and everything he'd ever learned. They were replications of Odin's own crows, Huginn and Muninn. Thought and Memory.

With Huginn and Muninn's help, Reggie was able to make it back to his village. People recognized him from the stories, of the supposed child of Odin gone missing. Now, thousands of years later. .he walked. Some praised him, saying he was certainly a god for ahving lived so long. Reggie stayed in that town, learning how new culture and weapons worked, and training his body as he grew. Eventually, a demigod found him and took him to Camp. He still doesn't understand new age culture very well, but he speaks English fluently. Once at camp, he started battle training, and rose through prestige among st the others, showing time and time again that he was made for victory and war. He did not find out about his own powers until he went on a hunting trip with a child of Artemis, who told him to sacrifice a deer. Two horns sprouted from Reggie's head, and for a while people called him "antlers." (By 'a while,' I mean until he started knocking out every kid who called him that.)

Reggie developed friendships and learned what they meant. He still had a highly ingrained sense of honour and glory through battle, and was always the tank when it came to capture the flag games. All he had to do was imagine that the enemy was about to hurt one of his friends, and he'd go berserk.

Other Notes:


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PostSubject: Re: Reginmundr Odinson    5/13/2013, 11:37 pm


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Reginmundr Odinson
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