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 Catalina (lena) Liakos, daughter of Prometheus

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PostSubject: Catalina (lena) Liakos, daughter of Prometheus   5/13/2013, 12:11 am

Catalina [lena] Liakos

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    Lena will be 17 years old on July 14th, 2013.

    Years at Camp:
    Lena arrived at camp about a year and a half ago with her best friend, Charlotte.

    God Parent:
    Lena is a demi-titan, a daughter of Prometheus, the creator of all of mankind and the titan god of forethought and cleverness.

    Mortal Family:
    Lena's mortal mother is a Greek woman named Adrienne who immigrated to America at the age of 7.

    Place of Birth:
    Lena grew up in a small town on Long Island, located strategically close to New York City. She lived only a couple blocks from her best friend, Charlie.

    Lena has no pets.

    Physical Description:
    As one can clearly see, Catalina is a naturally pretty girl. Of Greek ancestry on both sides of her family, Cataline equally resembles both her father and her mother with her dark brown, nearly black hair and penetrative brown eyes. Her features are rather small, as Lena is a small girl all around, standing at about 5'5" with a slim build. She becomes thinner at times due to her bouts with anemia and her time spent in hospitals, and instead of the usual Greek olive-tone, Lena has paler, peachier skin which also changes becomes lighter when she goes through a bout of illness. Additionally, her fingers and toes are often colder than the rest of her body due to her poor circulation, and she often feels colder than most.

    Being a daughter of Prometheus, Lena is naturally intelligent and diplomatic. Because he created humans, she has a love for humanity and is quite outgoing, with an ability to make friends easily. She is bright because her father is the god of forethought, and this is evident in her schoolwork. She left school at the top of her class, and she continues her work in camp, claiming to be "homeschooled." She is quite fun-loving, while she can be serious, and she loves wholeheartedly and openly, while she may be cautious in entering a romantic relationship. She is very patient with Charlie, her best friend who suffers from short term memory loss, and the two work to help each other in their own way, with Lena helping Charlie function every day what with her memory loss and Charlie having been there for Lena through her bouts of illness.

    Flaws/Fatal Flaw:
    Lena's fatal flaw is her illness. Being that she suffers from sickle cell anemia, she is limited in many ways. She is not able to exert herself as much as many other demigods, because it is dangerous for her to do so due to her low blood cell count. She often goes through long bouts of pain which she must learn to tolerate, and she can suffer from crises approximately once or twice a year.

    Since she is so academically successful, she does have a touch of arrogance, and because of her arrogance she can be a bit thick-headed and defensive when someone questions her motives or decisions. Her conceit tends to be humbled by her illness; however. The anemia causes Lena to experience long, often intolerable bouts of pain, and because of it she must take medication daily and constantly monitor her well-being. She is tough, with a very high tolerance for pain but a lingering fear of her illness' return, which leads her to be very cautious in a battle situation. She is careful and often spends too much time evaluating a situation because of this, which is a flaw to her personality.

    Lena prefers to fight in long range combat with a celestial bow and arrow due to its precision and its ability to allow her to fight from afar, where she will not be at risk to trigger her illness. Clearly; however, it is not always possible for her to use her bow, and so she keeps it along with a thin, ruby-bejeweled longsword and a dagger on her wrist at all times in the form of specially made magical gold, silver and bronze-colored bangle bracelets to use as needed.

    Being that her father has already blessed her with an incredible mind, Lena's powers pale in comparison to those of a regular demi-titan; however, since he was the creator of mankind, Lena does have some supernatural abilities. She can use clay or dirt from the ground and form it with her mind and soul to take the form of small animals or people to perform menial, day to day tasks or assist her in battle. They vary in power, depending on the amount of energy she devotes into their creation, and none of them are really all that strong. Since they never take a true physical form, they can be dissolved easily, and the longer they stay animate, the more drained Lena becomes. She doesn't use this power often, mostly because it is rather creepy.

    Because her father is Prometheus, Titan god of forethought, Lena is very intelligent. She is clever, naturally diplomatic, and she has a knack for developing battle strategy. Also, due to her knowledge that Lena was a powerful demigod, her mother enrolled her in martial arts at a young age and Lena became quite skilled at this as well.

    Lena was born to her mother, Adrienne Liakos on July 14th, 1996, in a small hospital on Long Island. It was clear from her birth that she was an insanely powerful demigod, and she and her mother often had to discover ways to evade monster attacks. She had a near stroke with death just a few months after her birth, when her anemia took a turn for the worse after she developed a cold. Her mother thought that she would lose her, but Lena managed to pull through it through hospitalization, though it tooks her weeks to recover and she was weakened further from this encounter. Since her stroke with death, her mother, Adrienne has always been wary when it comes to her illness, religiously taking her medication and watching every aspect of her life until she entered elementary school, when she had to relinquish her hold on her daughter a bit.

    In school, Lena excelled. She loved every aspect of it, whether it be the work, the recognition or the people. It was at this point when Charlie came into her life, and from practically that first day of elementary school they were joined at the hip. Sure their relationship had its ups and downs, and Lena had to take infrequent breaks from school depending on her illness, but Charlie was there through it all. The two grew to become almost like sisters, and though Lena always longed to tell Charlie about her elusive godly father, she couldn't, because her mother forbade her. She'd known from a young age that her father was special and that he'd given her special powers, but it wasn't until she turned 13 that she was properly claimed and her mother told her everything, the whole story about her father and about the magical camp she may be able to attend. She was astounded, but she decided to appease her mother by continuing to live at home. After all, she loved her school and her friends at home, and her illness made it difficult for her to simply live at camp. Also, Charlie had recently gotten into an accident that caused her to suffer from short term memory loss, and as Lena took to helping her get through her daily routine, she decided that she couldn't just leave her after all the time Charlie had spent supporting her through her own illness.

    This situation changed when Charlie and Lena were walking home from school one day and an Egyptian symbol appeared over Charlie's head. It turned out that Charlie was a demigod after all, though not one who was similar to Lena. The two girls' parents joined together to discuss this, but it wasn't until after they turned fifteen and Lena had a brush with a monster during one of her more severe bouts of pain that it was decided it was best that she go to camp for protection. Naturally, Charlie came along with her, and they remain there to this day. Lena has been lucky to have been crisis-free for about 2 years now, but her anemia and pain remains.

    It is possible that Lena's anemia has something to do with her father's punishment, as it relates to the blood and the liver has to do with processing and cleansing blood. He, because of his thievery, was tied up on a rock to be tormented by an eagle feeding on his liver, which grew and regrew daily as it was devoured. This is not directly related to her disease, but it is possible that her illness is a legacy of her father's punishment.

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Catalina (lena) Liakos, daughter of Prometheus
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