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 Kaladin Rekteil, Son of Athena

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PostSubject: Kaladin Rekteil, Son of Athena    4/29/2013, 2:33 am

Full name: Kaladin Rikteil
Any nicknames?: Kal, Alladin (which he really despises)
Years at Camp: 2

God and mortal parent:Athena and Arthur Rikteil
Date of birth: 19 September 1996
Place of birth: Seattle, Washington

Appearance:This is what his face looks like
Eye color:This is the COLOR of his eyes (Minus the bedazzling, of course)
Hair:Long, black hair. See "Style"
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.):Lean (skinny but muscular)
Distinct markings: his canines are a little longer than normal.
Personality: Kaladin is an extreme gentleman, but he has a fiery temper. He's not the perfect social charmer, but he values friendships highly.
Style:He usually wears dress clothes with a pea coat or a trench coat. He loves red for his ties and black for his coats. He has a wide variety of prescription glasses and sunglasses. This is his typical style and haircut.

Powers:As a son of Athena, he doesn't really have any powers.
Fatal Flaw: He is almost powerless without his glasses (he has terrible eyesight and relies on them for far more than just seeing)
Flaws: Extreme coffee addiction, sucks at using any ranged weapon, is only good at close-quarters fighting, strong set of morals (by this I mean that he'll get very angry when people aren't within these morals, and often pursue them until they amend their mistake. This is kind of an egocentric mind set that he has, and he basically has himself set up as the policeman of the universe)

Weapon(s):He uses a sword cane and two daggers.. He also makes many experimental weapons, and usually has one of his daggers in a wrist sheath-thing like from Assassin's Creed
Talents/Skills:Crafting special glasses with various abilities, he can fix just about anything, generally knowledgeable/smart, great at close-quarters combat. He's great at predicting behavior, whether it be human or not, and typically thinks a few steps ahead.

RP Example: I walked down the busy street with my Mist impairment glasses. It was so curious to be able to see how Mortals did especially when I knew things were happening that were out of the ordinary. Even though these glasses restricted my eyes, my brain still processed the way people walked or talked, and from that I could gather that some people just weren't people, but rather poorly disguised monsters. I laughed and hit a button on the side of my glasses, changing the lenses to the typical sight/mind-improvement lenses. These were fr maximum functionality; I could zoom in to increase my vision 100 times, I could see better in the dark, and my eyes transferred information to my brain more effectively. Additionally, they provided instant internet support and facial recognition systems. I could tell a halfblood from a mile away, and today, that was my precise goal.
Biography: Kaladin was a thought-baby of his genius father and the goddess Athena. His father, Arthur, created old-fashioned telescopes, microscopes, and glasses by grinding glass into lenses and forging the metal pieces. Kaladin learned how to do this very precise work by the time he was seven, and from then on made himself his own glasses. Kaladin soon began making more complex things, like clocks and wind-up metal helicopters (though they never really got good lift, the blades could spin). He made rudimentary automatons, but could never really give them any sense of sentience or life. They merely moved or did the same action over and over. He soon reached a point where he anted to do more. He didn't go to public school until he was nine years old, but had finished high school by the age of thirteen. He created many things to aid him in his schooling; metal spiders that crawled around his locker to keep people from prying on him or making fun of him, glasses which counteracted his dyslexia by arranging letters into random, new patterns constantly, glasses that let him see behind him or to zoom in on things, and all kinds of little traps he used to prey on his dull classmates. He moved on to college, where he changed majors every time it suited him; he did some mechanics, some architecture, some general history. He made money crafting things for his father's customers, or selling them on campus. He was so constantly surrounded by humans that his scent was lost amongst the crowd (college students are particularly smelly). However, by the age of fifteen he started to get really into the study of Greek mythology, and romanticized the idea in his head that because he didn't know his mother, she must have been a Greek goddess, and he a demigod. He pressed his father for more information, and learned who he really was. He immediately took off to Camp, bringing his assortment of inventions and spectacles with him. When he was claimed, he was absolutely ecstatic. He learned as much from his cabin mates as possible about as many things as possible. He realized his knack for building was well-suited to go alongside a Hephaestus child, and started to hang around the forge more. He perfected his building and designed all kinds of new things. He created new types of glasses: ones that could see through walls (but not clothes; he wasn't a pervert), see heat signatures, ones that read his mind and worked with it. Basically, he created Google Glass before Google did.

(Okay, my thoughts are kind of disjointed, so so is the biography. Sorry)

Once at camp, Kaladin took it upon himself to train as best he could physically once he felt mentally sufficient (though he still continued to learn things from listening to the other people in his cabin). Kaladin found the problems of demigods not always making it to camp very frightening, and took it upon himself to create all the resources necessary to turn himself into the guardian of all unclaimed half-bloods. He did research on how mortals perceived the Mist and eventually was able to create lenses that could allow people to either see through the Mist better or worse. He then studied the way satyrs determined if a kid was a demigod, and made several notes to assist him in recognizing who was simply mortal and who wasn't. He then moved on to monster recognition, and fairly soon, he learned how to move about cities inconspicuously (as far as avoiding monsters goes). He took monsters off as quietly as possible, though he wasn't that great at being sneaky.

This created a sense of morality and kindness that Kaladin keeps with him always. He's always set out to do what he perceives as best and most humane, and will fight vehemently to secure it.

Other Notes:

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PostSubject: Re: Kaladin Rekteil, Son of Athena    4/29/2013, 9:18 pm

Approved, you smelly person.


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Kaladin Rekteil, Son of Athena
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