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 Jade Tanaka

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PostSubject: Jade Tanaka   4/16/2013, 2:58 am

Full name: Tanaka Amelie Jade; Jade Amelie Tanaka
Any nicknames?: Tana-chan, Tana-hime, Jade-kun
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Years at Camp: 0; she hasn't been brought there yet. She has no idea it even exists.

God and mortal parent: Apollo; Greek God of the Sun. Tanaka Ryoza.
Date of birth: May 13th, 1995
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan.

Appearance: Image 1 Image 2.
Eye color: Golden brown.
Hair: See Image.
Height: 5'7"
Body type: She's all leg; has an hour glass middle, large hips, average chest. Her shoulders are a bit slender, and she has relatively above average upper and lower body strength. [ I'd go with Athletic/Well Toned, but still able to pull off a strapless dress- not that she'd ever wear one.]
Distinct markings: She has several tattoos. Leopard print on her left shoulder/collar bone. A pair of brass knuckles on her middrift below her belly button. She has two stars on her hips.
Style: Grunge/Punk.

Powers**: She has the ability to heal herself, and others. All she can heal on herself are fresh wounds, nothing that's occurred long term. (She has no idea she can't heal herself of long-term "wounds.")

When healing others, she can heal cancer, and other things; but it takes a lot out of her. She sometimes passes out from over use of her "gift." This gift, when used to it's full extent, forms a small pair of glittery gold wings on her back out of the healing energy she emits from her hands when she's healing someone.

Fatal Flaw*: She has Stage 1 lung cancer, but continues to smoke. She smokes Clove Cigarettes, and just cannot seem to stop. She also refuses treatment because of her "natural" healing ability; but even that cannot help her.
Flaws*: She has an odd obsession with picking on people. This causes her to not keep too many friends for long. She's harsh, a bit rude, and has a big mouth.

Weapon(s): Her fists, and a pair of kevlar infused gloves to pack a meaner "punch."

Pets: A cat named Joey. He's missing half of his right ear, and he's orange and white. He has white sock feet, and lovely orange stripes.

Talents/Skills: She knows how to sing, pretty well, and can even play guitar. She's writing her own solo album, and really wants to make it as a "Rock" star. She's also very street-smart. Her mother, Ryoza, was killed in a car crash when she was 14. She moved in with her uncle and cousin, but she wasn't going to mooch off of them. She wanted to make it on her own, so she "ran away." (See Biography for more information.)

RP Example*:

Personality: Jade is very head strong, and confident. She likes to fend for herself, and she's also a smarty pants. She sometimes loses her confidence, and spirals the drain of depression. It all depends on how the sun shines that day.

Biography*: Jade was born in the heart of Tokyo at one of the low-class hospitals. Poverty was her families main crutch. She was a beautiful baby girl, blinking her way into the real world. During her first moments of life, her mother was coding on the table. When Jade was finally able to let out her first small baby mews, her healing powers took over and fixed up her mother. The doctors, so busy, did not even notice the new born's talent.

Of course, time passed, Jade grew up, and so did her powers. Her gift. She was mama's little fixer. Whenever someone in the neighborhood needed a quick fix, Jade's mom would offer her gift to help. Jade enjoyed helping people, but really tried to look out for her and her mom.

Age fourteen. They were in a car together. A loan from a friend. Jade had a busy day. She was going to play her classical piece; her solo. The crowd was going to be huge. She was so nervous that she bit her finger nails to the quick. The other car came out of nowhere. Jade didn't see it. Her mother was killed on impact, but all she could remember was crying, screaming, and trying to heal her back to life. Nothing worked. The over use of her powers knocked her into a week long coma.

Once she had woken up, she was a different girl. She wanted to do whatever she wanted. Wanted to take life by the balls, and go hard. Carpe Diem. And so she did.

She got piercings, tattoos, cut her hair, and stopped helping anyone for free.

Despite her life being lived as a sort of nomad, she still managed to read up on things she liked; Mythology being one of them. Greek, to be exact. She also got herself through school, and graduated. All on her own.

She doesn't know who she is; that she's a Demi-God. She has no idea who her father is, and she likely never will.. unless someone finds out about her talent that may know how she has it.

Other Notes: Hope everything is filled out correctly. (:
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PostSubject: Re: Jade Tanaka   4/16/2013, 3:07 am

Very nice~ Approved~!


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Jade Tanaka
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