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 Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus

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PostSubject: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   3/28/2013, 10:54 am

Character Name: Sylvania "Syl" Summers
Gender: Female
Age: 13

Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Syl has dark brown, wavy hair. Her eyes are a light green color, but in the light sometimes it looks a faint blue. She is an average height for her age (because I don't know how to measure height) and she is quite slim for a daughter of Hephaestus. Her hands are rough and she likes to dress in clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. She's not exactly the "diva", though.

Personality: She usually tries her best to be really polite, but then am a little rough sometimes. Syl can get caught up on something really easily, and she can have a soft spot on demigods that are also enemies. She easily gets lonely, and... sometimes she's a little shy. Syl likes to be around people, and like to help. Syl prides herself for being kind, and she is a little predictable.

God and mortal parent: Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths and fire [father]. Karoliana Summers [mother].

Powers: Syl can summon small fires, but maybe if she concentrates really hard, she can create something large. Usually she gets headaches or minor diseases after using her powers, but if it's really small she might not. She could use the fire power about three or four times a day, depending on how big the fire is.
Flaws: Syl's fatal flaw as a hero is Honesty. She can hardly tell a lie, and sometimes she tells the truth by mistake. This is very dangerous in situations when she needs to keep a secret. Then, she is also very loyal, and prideful. Her loyalty could end up in sacrificing something to save a friend. Her pride could get her killed, because she sometimes underestimates things.
Pets: She does have an automaton kitty named Silver. It was a present from her mother. Silver doesn't usually help her physically, but she eases Syl's loneliness or guides her through places or confused thoughts.

Weapon: ειρήνη, Elini (a celestial bronze dagger)
Talents/Skills: Syl is good with metalworking and materials, and she is very good at concentrating. She can mentally take notes in her mind and memorize them, so she is often mistaken for a daughter of Athena.

RP Example:
Syl walked through the forest in time to see the automaton growl. "Lila, it's here!" She whispered excitedly. The automaton then turned to look at Syl with its beady, metal black eyes. It growled, making Syl's hair almost pull off. "Oh, no, no, no." She muttered, reaching for her dagger. "Oops." She said, running from the forest.
You left Lila behind, Syl chided herself. She mentally face-palmed herself and wanted to go back to help her. She hoped that the automaton didn't get her. Hopefully. Hopefully it came to its senses. Hopefully.

She has lived with dyslexia, and for some reason overcame ADHD. She was home schooled with her mother, and she had very few friends from her neighborhood. Her mother would be so protective of her, and she barely traveled. Her mother never told her anything about why her father would never come home, and it was always a touchy subject for her. Her mother wanted her to have a normal girl's life, but Syl refused. She stayed in home, though, because she loved to craft and experiment. Her mother was also making stuff and selling them for money. Syl was one of those people who was so fond of home, until a message came from camp and she was brought to a chariot that brought her to camp. She never had the time to say good-bye to her mother, though, so she felt a little guilty.

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PostSubject: Re: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   3/28/2013, 4:17 pm

Please use this site's character form, or at least add the sections from our form that we are missing.
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PostSubject: Re: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   3/28/2013, 9:14 pm

I think that this form is fine. It has most everything from our site's form, excluding personality, which must be added, and some minor details such as "style" and "distinctive markings," which are unnecessary. I need to revamp our site's form; I'm not a huge fan of its layout. Anyhow, this form is beautiful! Nice descriptions. Just a few questions: do her powers drain her, and how so? Does her automaton cat have any special powers or assist her in battle in any way? Also, add more flaws alongside the fatal flaw, and a brief personality description. You need at least 3 more minor flaws besides the fatal flaw. Thanks!

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PostSubject: Re: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   3/29/2013, 2:05 am

Oh. Okay. I'll work on that.
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PostSubject: Re: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   4/13/2013, 6:43 pm

How do her powers effect her physically/mentally? How many times a day can she do them? How long must she recuperate for before doing her power again?

You need three minor flaws.


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PostSubject: Re: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   4/13/2013, 8:25 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   4/13/2013, 8:39 pm

Good job, especially for your first form.


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PostSubject: Re: Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus   

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Sylvania Summers, daughter of Hephaestus
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