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 Alison Grey, daughter of Geras

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PostSubject: Alison Grey, daughter of Geras   3/17/2013, 10:38 pm

Alison [alice] Grey
This is a state of grace, this is a worthwhile fight. Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.

    Alison is fifteen years old, to turn sixteen on October 8th, 2013.

    Years at Camp:
    Alison is just arriving at camp, led by her half-brother Riley as they return from a war against an anti-demigod organization.

    God Parent:
    Alison is a daughter of Geras, the god of old age, and she is the half-sister to one Riley Peterson.

    Mortal Family:
    Alison doesn't remember much about her birth mother. She passed away when Alison was three years old in a freak car accident, and afterwards Alison was tossed back and forth in the hands of different social workers to foster homes and orphan sanctuaries. She had been living with one foster family, the Murphys, for about eight years with four other orphan "siblings" when she was taken captive by the organization.

    Place of Birth:
    Alison was born in a small town in California, maybe half an hour from San Francisco.

    Alison has never kept a pet.

    Physical Appearance:
    Surpisingly enough, Alison bears a strong resemblance to her brother Riley with his same shade of brown hair and a very similar skin tone. It is clear that she is not fully blood-related to him, with her different bone structure and facial features as well as with her startlingly blue-green eyes. She is also rather short and petite, maybe 5'3", whereas he is six feet tall and slightly built muscularly. She's pretty simple, wearing very little makeup- lip gloss, maybe- and sporting modest but elegant apparel. She is relatively pretty but not gorgeous, and she has learned to fade into the background easily during her time living in foster homes.

    Alison has a very interesting personality in that it can contradict itself depending on her situation. Obviously, humans by nature are quite dynamic, and so Alison, as a human, is dynamic as well. To start, Alison can be a relatively quiet girl, fading into the background when she wants to and not giving away much information about herself when she first meets a person. She isn't shy, but she isn't very forthcoming either. It takes a little for someone to earn her trust. She can be loving and loyal when there is someone who earns her trust, and she is very creative and emphatic when it comes to something she is passionate about, which is a trait that lead to her passion for reading and writing. She can act compliant and calm, but she is often rebellious if she feels something is not right. Again, she is not forthcoming and is cunning in her actions, preferring to plan things out before enacting them. She will stand up for what she believes in, even if she does not seem to be so passionate at first glance. She can be rather elusive, and she is actually very witty like her brother, Riley, but while he is very extroverted she is quite the opposite.

    Alison is only fifteen, and she seems very mature for her age, but she is not as mature as she seems.

    Flaws/Fatal Flaw:
    Alison is flawed in many ways. She has difficulty trusting people after her mom passed away and she had been strewn into different foster homes, but she is quick to love someone who shows compassion to her because she was not raised with loving family figures and bonds like normal children. She has a temper and will show it if one bothers her enough, and she can be irrational in her rebelliousness at times even though she spends time making plans. She is scared of being abandoned by people and can become reliant on others for her well-being at times, and she can also confuse people as to what she wants due to her introverted nature, causing issues at times.

    Her fatal flaw is her rebelliousness and the impulsivity that comes with it, which, while it is less profound than her brother's, she has difficulty controlling. Her rebelliousness is more temperamental and she can be irrational in her attempts to escape adversity or resolve a situation, and so her plans often fail even though she is cunning and tries her hardest. She has a lot to learn, at fifteen years old.

    Alison prefers to fight with a simple celestial bronze dagger or throwing knives, but she will fight with basically anything she can get her hands on at the time if she must defend herself. Her powers are also a very useful weapon at times.

    Unlike her brother, Alison has a pretty good grip on her powers and has learned to apply them in various ways, mostly due to the forceful training she underwent at the hands of the organization. Her powers are not set on by anything in particular besides her temper and anger, at which point she can channel her energy negatively through her powers against her desires. She can do many different things regarding old age and she is only beginning to discover the possibilities. All of these things drain her, some more than others, depending on their intensity. Some of these things include:
    -Physically shifting herself to be older than she is
    -Physically shifting others to be older in state, to degenerate
    -Assisting the elderly, granting them strength and helping them to survive
    -Slowing the aging process gradually, which is impermanent and can only occur if she is living with someone who is elderly (see bio)

    Alison is a big reader and also writes at times, but otherwise she isn't particularly talented in music or the arts. She is a decent cook, and after her time spent under the organization and with FBI training she is fairly good at fighting.

    You can say that Alison had a rough childhood. She was born to her young mother and was raised by her until she was three years old, when her mother was killed in a freak accident. Having no other living relatives that she is aware of, Alison was turned into the palms of the US foster care system and was tossed around between orphanages, halfway homes and foster homes for about four years before she found a home in a foster family with Mr. and Mrs. Murphy with various other foster siblings. Before she had landed her she had been rebellious, mourning the loss of her mother and acting out frequently, which made it difficult for her to stay in care facilities for prolonged periods of time. By the time she reached the Murphys; however, Alison had calmed down and she went to school and did fairly well, just skimming the surface of life. Here she learned easily how to blend in with the crowd, transforming from the rebellious, frustrated child she had once been into a mellow, contented teenager. Throughout her life she had discovered that she was different, often causing subtle, degenerative changes in people and discovering her ability to make herself look older, especially when she was experiencing a strong emotion. She ignored it for the most part and forced herself to learn to control her temper to stop this from occurring. She figured it was just something mental, something she thought she was doing but really wasn't, and so she kept it to herself. It was very apparent, though. The Murphys lived with Mrs. Murphy's 102 year old father who seemed to be healthy and lively, spry, and he often conversed with Alison. He intrigued her, and somehow he was kept alive by her constant presence and livelihood in his home even after his diagnosis with terminal cancer. His condition worsened and he passed away shortly after Alison's departure from their residence.

    Alison hadn't planned to leave the Murphy's, but one day when she was walking home from high school she was simply kidnapped straight off the sidewalk in broad daylight. She had been walked down a deserted residential street when someone had pulled up in a white van and grabbed her from behind, and while she struggled she was defenseless against the knife he'd held to her neck, which was made of an odd sort of bronze that she'd never seen before. She was transported to what seemed to be a hospital facility and later forced into captivity on a plane to be shipped to Italy, even though she had no idea where she was going until she arrived there.

    She went through a lot during her experience with the organization, undergoing medical tests and invasive examinations as well as power and defensive training. During this time her powers were honed and she learned to unleash multiple aspects of her powers, and she was trained for battle. Apparently the organization planned to use her as a pawn against an "evil" group opposing them, but Alison harbored hostility towards them for killing her and so she tried to utilize the things they taught her to escape. Eventually she realized that it was a waste of time to use brute force, as all of the faculty were knowledgeable of her abilities and sedatives could be used to forcibly stop her from rebelling. She knew she would have to be cunning and break out from within, and while she tried her hardest to formulate a plan, all of her plans proved to be too flawed to succeed and she failed in enacting them.

    What she didn't know; however, was that the United States FBI had caught wind of her presence within the organization's facilities and successfully managed to infiltrate their labs and kidnap her, along with many other demigods, from the organization and take them into safety. This was how Alison met Riley Peterson, her half-brother. He had been granted classified information, and as soon as he found out that he may have a sister he had been in on the case. She was hesitant at first, realizing that she was a daughter of a Greek god, but Riley was the only thing she had to hold onto and she let herself trust him. She confided in him, reliant on his capability to maintain her safety, and in return she began to explain how she could channel her powers instead of shifting uncontrollably. They were close by default, two of the same kind, and Riley was glad to have something to distract him from his girlfriend and the state of things back home at Camp. He promised to take Alice there after they succeeded in defeating the organization.

    It happened quickly. Someone on the interior made a plan to plant explosives within the facility, using spy workers to place the ammo. Riley and other "soldiers" were placed on a mission to take down the heads of the organization separately and effectively, either taking them captive or killing if necessary. Alison was also in on this plan, but she had a minor role. Riley was assigned the task of taking down one of the men right underneath the head officer, a man he had met before on a separate mission to save his girlfriend, Salone.

    The plan enacted. Alison went in and did what she had to do. Riley went in and just narrowly managed to kill his allotted person before he was hurt himself, but things went wrong and the bombs detonated at the wrong times. Riley tried desperately to escape the bombings, but he was affected by one of them and was badly injured. He was rescued but held up in Italy for days before he could be safely transported to American soil.

    They had succeeded in defeating the organization, but it didn't come without its costs. Riley had been injured irreparably, and while he would recover he wouldn't be the same afterwards. He was transferred to a rehabilitation center in North Carolina for wounded soldiers where his mother was able to help him recover, alongside Alison who assisted in his therapy. It was the least she could do, after what he'd done for her. It took a little over a month before he was finally well enough to go home, and afterwards he still needed continued therapy and time to gather up strength before he could return to camp. He recovered astonishingly fast considering, with the help of godly medicine. During this time Alison stayed at his side and they developed a relationship, she teaching him about Geras powers that he couldn't have imagined before and confiding in him about there life. It was weird for her to have a brother, and she liked to think that they were closer than most brothers and sisters given their circumstances. They formed an odd sort of bond, but it worked and it was strong.

    After about two and a half months away from camp- not long considering everything that had occurred- Riley fulfilled his promise to bring Alison to Camp Half Blood and they traveled there together after saying goodbye to his mother.

    Alison's playby is Alison Brie. Also, Alison is occasionally called Alice or Ali, but only certain people are granted the right to call her by those names. Riley is one of them.

These are the hands of fate, you're my Achilles heel. This is the golden age of something good and right and real.

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Alison Grey, daughter of Geras
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