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 Alexandria Von Jhelena (FINISHED)

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PostSubject: Alexandria Von Jhelena (FINISHED)   3/11/2013, 9:31 pm

Alexandria Von Jhelena 3rd

"I'm not lying; I just left out the bad parts."

Full name: Alexandria Von Jhelena the 3rd (Pronounced Hel-ay-na)
Any nicknames?: Most people call her Alexa or Alexis. However, she lets the people closest to her (Such as bestfriend, boyfriend...) call her Alex.
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Years at Camp: Alex arrived at camp just a few years ago, when she was 9.

God and mortal parent: God parent-Hephaestus- Disguised as Matthew Von Karl.----Mortal parent-Alexandria Von Jhelena the 2nd- The Queen of Liechtenstein. When Hephaestus came down to Earth, he wondered what it really WAS like to be a king. He followed Alexandria around all day, unseen, taking note of everything she liked and didn't like, as well as taking a look at her psychological test results, and other things. Once he felt he had enough information, he created a disguise for himself that would surely appease her in every way: Matthew Von Karl. Matthew worked his way into the Liechtenstein army, and after a few years, he became a royal guard! By that time next year, Alexandria started seeing him in secret, because a royal and a royal guard couldn't fall in love with eachother. So, they hatched a plan: Matthew would quit, so Alexandria could "meet" him at a popular restaurant, and invite him into the castle. A year later, they finally could marry eachother. Hephaestus was very tired from his hard work. They had a very big, bold marriage, which nearly half of the country attended. Parades, music, festivals, fireworks, confetti, you name it: It was there. Matthew offered to let his wife keep her maiden name, and he changed his name to Matthew Von Jhelena. Liechtenstein finally had its King and Queen...
Date of birth: January 6th, 2000.
Place of birth: Alex was born at the medical room at the royal castle in Liechtenstein, because Alex's mother started giving birth much earlier than expected, so they didn't have time to locate a good hospital. The medical attendants who had delivered babies before came to help, as well as Alex's aunt. Alex's mother died shortly after, though.

This is just an anime version of what she might wear to a special occasion:

Eye color: Blue, and it is a very shiny and pure blue because both her mother and her father had blue eyes.
Hair: Alex has soft, long blonde hair that flows down to her shoulders. She will make pigtails if it is a very special occasion.
Height: Alex is 5' 6".
Body type: Alex is very thin, especially around the waist.
Distinct markings: Alex can be easily recognized by the cape she wears most of the time, which, signals her as being the direct heir to the throne of Liechtenstein. She actually isn't anymore, as she was thought to be assassinated when her aunt took over after her mother died, but her satyr managed to smuggle it out. The cape is held on by shoulder guards that clip and unclip to take it off. Alex also has no right arm, though she desperately tries to hide it and has refused multiple offers for a prosthetic.
Personality: Alex isn't your typical super-spoiled mean-to-everybody princess, but she does try to be really nice, it's just that her pride blinds her sometimes. (Sometimes!? Psh, ALL THE TIME is more like it.) She can be very understanding and, like she was in her previous life, is the only one that understands Nick. She has a very open sense of humor, and tries to act normal, though sometimes she starts to feel like she is back in the castle, just a kid, but with her own personal butlers, and will ask things nicely, but after that she'll get very bossy. Another trait that can work both for and against Alex is the fact that it takes a VERY long time for someone to gain her trust. This is a result of her conspirative Aunt Margaret and her quest for power in Alex's early life. Alex is also very quick to judge.
Style: I'm sorry; After all that Life Before CHB crap I'm just too lazy to do this.

Powers: Hephaestus is the god of metals and metalworking, so Alex can manipulate metal just like Toph from Avatar, but not nearly as much at once. Of course, she must be touching the metal with her hand. The biggest amount of metal she can manipulate would be a piano-sized piece of metal at most. She can do this once or twice a day depending on the size of the metal, and the if she used up her limit of size at one time, her level of tiredness would be if, like, she just sprinted a full 1/4 of a mile (About the size of a middle-school track). She can rip out and control metal, but only if she is touching it, and also transfer the controlling energy. (Like, if she was touching a long metal pole at the bottom, she could make the top bend a little, but she couldn't do anything at the bottom of the pole simultaneously.) This makes her just as tired as if she was directly manipulating the metal.
Fatal Flaw: One of the few things Alex has left is her pride, which is her fatal flaw. Alex will always insist on being the first to do things, and this can be harmful in battle as well. In capture the flag, she might fight her own teammate just so she can hold the flag instead of them. In real battle, she might insist on being a leader in the front lines. She always plays the "I'm the heir to the throne of Liechtenstein" card as well, which she believes convinces others she is suited/deserves the task/authority. Alex's pride is the main reason she tries to hide her missing right arm, and refuses prosthetics.
Flaws: Alex can be very bossy if she gets too comfy, because then she feels like she is back at the castle (I.e, she might wake up in her bunk and yell out for her servants to bring her breakfast, and wake everybody up, and then suddenly realize where she is.). Alex can get very cocky sometimes, and is a bit of a bragger. She will also pretend to cry if someone older than her denies her something.

Weapon(s): Alex has a Celestial Bronze dagger called Thanasima, which is Greek for "deadly". Alex can summon her dagger at any time just by saying Mikro alla Thanatifora, which is Greek for "Small but deadly". The dagger's blade is 10 inches long, and the handle is 4 inches long, with a diamond-encrusted hilt and small hand-guard. The dagger can shrink to become a throwing knife. It was, in fact, the very dagger her satyr pretended to kill her with.
Pets: Alex had many pets in the castle, but as of now she has none.
Talents/Skills: Alex is a genius when it comes to problem-solving, and is normally the first one to decipher a prophecy. Alex has trained herself very well with her throwing knife, and almost never misses her mark, as well as running very fast. Every day she sits down and tries to think of at least one different way she can utilize her power.

RP Example: I looked over to see an extremely tall boy playing an old-looking video game. He had to bend down so far to reach the controls, even I felt short. He was laughing and giggling like a maniac as his fingers moved with lightning speed across the controls. "BOOM!" I heard him say a few times. He seemed like one of those insane kids who didn't care about getting in trouble and had an over-extensive sense of humor. I turned to walk away, but found myself unconsciously turning around, to walk over to him. It was as if an invisible magnet was pulling me closer to him, but not letting me free. I tried to change direction and head for the foosball table, where another boy, about my height, and rather shy-looking, was waiting for someone to play against him, but I somehow ended up drifting back over in the tall kid's direction. Eventually, I just gave in and strolled over to stand right next to him. I was only a head taller than him when he was bent, so I estimated that his standing size would be round 6 feet, maybe a little bit less. As I watched him play, I resolved to stay quiet, but was, for some strange reason, anxiously compelled to start a conversation with him.

"So..." I trailed off for a few seconds, thinking of a good conversation starter. "What're ya playing?"

"Pac-Man, duh." He replied, without even looking up from the screen.

"Cool." I nodded, and then said "What's it about?"

"You seriously don't know what Pac-Man is?"

I shook my head, no. I had never heard of such a game, possibly because of its old styling. The boy looked like he could've been anywhere from 14 to 20, though I knew if you were over 20, then you either became a mentor or left camp. However old he was, I still had no idea what he liked. As I observed what exactly was happening, I concluded that this must be a very strange game.

The boy didn't need to look up to know I had shaken my head. "Wow. Where are YOU from to have never heard of Pac-Man?"

"Liechtenstein." I replied, simply.

"Lick-A-What?" He said, showing his confusion with a humorous wording. Though I couldn't see his face, I could tell that he was smiling wildly.

I chuckled, and even though I was slightly offended that he would dare to make fun of my home country, of which I should be queen of, I couldn't suppress a small smile. He doesn't know, I thought. But if he did...

Pushing those thoughts away, I decided to change the topic before I got any angrier. "So... What's your name?"

"I don't know, what's yours?"

I rolled my eyes. "Alex." I gasped and immediately covered my mouth. I NEVER told people to call me Alex! Crud! I thought. I had meant to say "Alexa", but it was almost as if, he already deserved the right to call me Alex... I just didn't know it yet. I took a deep breath and pushed that down. I'd probably never see this kid again after this, so it wouldn't really matter. At the same time, a flicker of doubt ignited inside of me.

"Nice to meet you, Alex." Then, he paused his game, stood up straight, and looked down to me. "Hello, I'm Nick."


Biography: The story of Alex's life is very interesting, but before I tell you that story, I have to tell you this one:

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sarah Mabel Gustaf, younger sister to the heir of the throne of Sweden. Her older sister, Emma, was very cruel and abused her power. Because of her lust for power, Emma, age 18, hired a master assassin from a far-out village, in secret, to kill her father, the current king. (Of course, her mother was the god parent in this family!) Once the deed was done, there were no other family members closer than Emma... Who, now 18, was considered old enough to rule. Though monarchy in Sweden was not absolute, Emma was very cruel in the one place she DID have true power... Her castle. One of Emma's first decrees was that Sarah be exiled, after framing her for the murder of her father. Sarah was labeled a disgrace and exiled harshly from the castle. However, they did offer Sarah a choice: they would take her anywhere she wanted to be exiled, and Sarah chose New York, because she wanted to see what really was so special about it. Sarah, now 9, was taken there, and dropped off with 500 U.S. dollars to get a good start there. One day, a strange creature- A satyr, apparently, arrived at her home. He took her to Camp Half-blood, but there was another boy travelling with them as well... Nick. They became girlfriend and boyfriend, and showered eachother with gifts. Unfortunately, Sarah died during the Titan War, around a year after they arrived at camp. Way down in the Underworld, Sarah was allowed into Elysium, for dying a heroic death. But Sarah had greater ambitions. She wanted to go to the Isles of the Blest. So she jumped into the river Lethe, to be reborn...

Around the same time Sarah jumped in the river Lethe, another beautiful girl was born in the royal castle of Liechtenstein. Her mother, Alexandria Von Jhelena the 2nd, decided to continue her own mother's tradition, and therefore named the new baby Alexandria Von Jhelena the 3rd. Alex's father was Matthew Von Karl, a handsome man, normal until Alexandria the 2nd had proposed to him. These two were very happy together and were good rulers, with no lust at all for power... But that's because they were the ones with the power. Unfortunately, Alexandria's aunt, Margareta Jhelena, wanted the throne as well. She wanted to secretly assassinate the royal couple because, if she did, she would be the royal family member closest to the queen, and she'd become the new queen. Margaret saw the perfect opportunity to get rid of her sister when she found out Alexandria was pregnant. Well known in the castle as not just a nurse, but also an expert deliverer, Margaret volunteered to take the main role in delivering the baby. But when nobody was looking, Margaret pulled a shot of poison out of her pocket... And injected it into Alexandria.

The baby was now born, her mother unknowingly full of poison, and Alexandria was able to name the baby. Margaret left and immediately disposed of the poison shot. Matthew left his wife, still weak from birth, for a little nap with the baby. Matthew went on a little walk and when he came back, one of the royal guards was standing in front of the door as he approached. "Let me in!" The king yelled, and the guard bowed his head, opening the door. Matthew strode in to find his baby, crying. He looked down to see his wife... Dead.

Margaret attended the funeral, but her plan was not to grieve, but to eliminate the last loose end: Matthew. She came with another shot, full of stronger poison, that inspectors would easily be able to detect in Matthew's bloodstream- But by then, it'd be too late. Matthew, really being the omniscient Olympian Hephaestus in disguise, knew her plan, and was able to avoid being injected in secret, while he was sleeping. Unfortunately for him, he knew now what he had to do. During the middle of the night, Matthew turned back to Hephaestus, and returned to Olympus. The next morning, the guards searched everywhere, but they couldn't find any trace of Matthew. It seemed as though he had taken nothing with him, and there were no foot prints anywhere. This surprised them even more than the fact that Matthew was able to sneak out through their "Unavoidable" security! There were no video tapes from the security tapes, just nothing. Of course, they wouldn't have been nearly as surprised if they knew that Matthew had really been Hephaestus in disguise! Everyone in the castle grieved even harder... Except for Margaret.

Margaret, in fact, was happy. Another loose end, gone. All that was left was Alexandria. She waited a few years before deciding how and when to kill her. When Alex was 9, she was sent to sleep in one of the guard towers for a night. Margaret had an assassin placed in the tower to act as a guard, but when nobody was looking, he would secretly murder the child. As the assassin creeped up the stairs, sharpened dagger in hand, 9-year old Alex was soft asleep in her bed. The assassin unlocked the door, slowly pushing it open, and looked to the bed. He pulled out his knife... And then the deed was done. The assassin, successful, reported Alex's assassination to the new Queen: Margaret. Queen Margaret paid him, and the assassin left... But he is a much bigger piece in the puzzle than it would seem...

But how can I making this form if Alex was killed? Simple answer: She wasn't killed. The story above is what the assassin had told Margaret, but this wasn't true at all; he had actually failed. But how could this be? As anyone reading this form might guess, she was stolen away by a satyr, leaving the assassin with an empty bed. Well, you'd be half right, half wrong. She was taken away by a satyr, but the assassin never DID try to kill Alex, for one simple reason: HE was the satyr. When the assassin arrived, he sheathed his dagger, took Alex, snuck out of the tower, and hid her somewhere safe. The next day, he lied about killing Alex to Queen Margaret. After that, her quest for the throne had ended, and he could be dismissed. The assassin/satyr left the castle and found a surprised, frightened Alex, still in her hiding place.

The satyr quickly explained everything to Alex: What demigods where, the danger in their lives, and their only safe haven: Camp Half-Blood. The satyr finally earned the Alex's trust when he convinced her that he really HAD been forced to create a fake assassin personality that he had to develop for years just to save Alex. The way he did that: He gave Alex the very dagger he carried that night: The Celestial Bronze dagger Thanasima. They soon arrived at Camp Half-Blood, and Alex was claimed shortly after.

Soon after arriving at camp, she met a boy... A boy named Nick.

Notes: DUH DUH DUH...
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Alexandria Von Jhelena (FINISHED)
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