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 Nick (Finished now!)

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PostSubject: Nick (Finished now!)   3/9/2013, 4:06 pm

Nicholas Sprague
"Lucky me."

Full name: Nicholas Andrew Sprague.
Any nicknames?: He prefers to be called Nick, and that is what most people call him.
Gender: Male
Age: 14, almost 15, though.
Years at Camp: Nick first arrived at camp at the age of 10 years old; He is a rather experienced camper.

God and mortal parent: God parent: Tyche, disguised as Mary L. Wynter- The average-wealth city girl who practically lives in Starbucks. --- Mortal parent: Nathaniel Edward Sprague- The super-rich(Inherited wealth) player and philanthropist who just can't stop laughing.
Date of birth: April 1st, 1998
Place of birth: Nick was born in the best hospital his dad could find for him: St. Nick's hospital on 54th street, New York City. He is named after the hospital's name sake, partly because Tyche claimed it would be good luck. This is why they(His parents) did not name him James-Their original name for him.

Eye color: Nick's eyes are leveled and medium-small. They are mainly medium beige, which comes from his father, though there are also some specks of gold, from his mother.
Hair: Nick's hair is mainly dark brown, lighter at the top. It is spiked up about 1 & 1/2 inches, and is shorter near the front and back, because Nick trims it there often.
Height: Nick is just like both of his parents: He is very tall for his age. Nick is currently 5' 10". This, combined with his weight of 132, gives him a BMI of 18.9, just barely within the "ideal weight" category.
Body type: Nick is very thin, with a light shade of tan. Nick is content with this state, which he inherited mainly from his dad.
Distinct markings: Nick wears a golden bracelet on his left hand, given to him by his dad, who said his mom (Tyche, disguised as Mary L. Wynter) had left the bracelet with a note on it that said it was for Nick the night she left. Nick has many scars on his right arm, which are very visible (Refer to style).
Personality:Nick is sad underneath due to the many traumatic events that have occurred in his life, but masks it with jokes and an ever-lasting smile. He is an optimist who is very annoying, and brave to the level where he can do some REALLY stupid things. He always wonders if his mom really IS the goddess of luck, as he doesn't really consider himself very lucky.
Style: Nick always wears a red polo shirt with no sleeves, and ripped skinny jeans, which actually fits his look really well. Nick normally walks around barefoot, and always wears the Jamaican sharktooth necklace his girlfriend, who died in the Titan War, gave him. Once in a blue moon, Nick feels like a "Secret agent", and this is the exception to his normal style, when he tries his best to dress up in formal clothing and act like a secret agent.

Powers: So far, Nick has never exhibited any kind of powers, and is certain he never will.
Fatal Flaw: Nick is spontaneous- He NEVER thinks before doing something, and always rushes into things without thinking it through first.
Flaws:Nick's greatest fear is deep water, but not pool water: Lake or even ocean water that he can't see the bottom of, mostly because nobody knows what lurks down there that suddenly might decide "I'm hungry!" And attack him. This has caused him to pass out on various occasions, and Nick won't go into water that deep no matter what. Nick is normally very brave, but in a bad way: He can do some REALLY stupid things as a result of his bravery (Or foolishness, in some cases!) Nick has more ADHD than Leo has (Which really is saying something), and sometimes "Scares people away" with the impulsiveness that comes as a result.

Weapon(s): Nick has a Celestial Bronze shield (Regular size) with flat spikes sticking out from the rim, going up about 2 inches. Nick sharpens them every day. The shield's name is Virgo, though he just calls it VV. Nick also has a lighter named Bob, because he is a total pyro. He once started a "small" fire in the forest when he was 12 with Bob. Bob is made of Celestial Bronze, and has magical properties such as that it never runs out of oil and has purple flame which burns 3 times as fast as normal flame (Not Greek fire though, it burns the same things that normal fire does, but destroys it faster).
Pets: Nick once had a giant tarantula named Zach, until he took it bungee jumping and dropped Zach... Oops.
Talents/skills: Nick has lightning speed reflexes (I'm not talking normal demigod warrior reflexes-- I'm talking much faster), and when he stops playing around and actually tries to concentrate, he can be very cunning, convincing, and tricky. Nick has an amazing athletic ability, as well as advanced acrobatic skills. He wants to be like Robin(His favorite hero, from DC) when he grows up, so he practices his acrobatic skills every day. As a result, he has great balance and can do many other cool tricks, which he tends to overuse in battle.

RP Example: Bruised and beaten, I scrambled to get out of the flipped, broken car that, a few seconds ago, I had literally been sleeping in. I tried to open up the bent door, but it wouldn't open! I pulled myself back, put my feet together, and kicked the door as hard as possible, so that it flew out into the street. I crawled out, trying not to cut my hands on the glass. I ducked behind the car and looked over it. Walking towards me was an 8-foot, one-eyed monster with a horn that looked like something from a superhero movie, and was so buff it looked like it was on steroids. The thing looked really, really angry... And it was looking straight at me. I'm no superhero! I thought, How am I supposed to kill this thing!? Suddenly, I remembered what it was, for I remembered reading about once in a mythology book: A Cyclopes! I reached in my pocket, hoping to find something, anything, that could help me defeat it, but unfortunately, all I pulled out was my lighter. Wait a minute, not unfortunately... I had an idea! I looked inside one of the broken windows to see my bag of explosives, just sitting there. I reached in to pull it out, and opened the bag. In a haste, I tried to turn the lighter on: The Cyclopes was getting closer! Finally, I managed to make a little flame. I pulled out one of my homemade bombs and lit it, throwing it back in. I shoved my lighter in my pocket and closed the bag. The Cyclopes was getting closer. I started swinging the bag round and round. "So long, sucka!" I shouted as I threw the bag straight for the Cyclopes' face, and I started the countdown. 3... I looked around for a place to hide behind-- This would be one BIG explosion, if anything. 2... I dived for cover behind a rock. 1... I bent down, squinting and covering my ears, bracing myself for the explosion... BOOOOOOM!!!!! I waited a few seconds before looking over the rock. What was once a massive, angry Cyclopes was now a pile of blackened dust and ash. I stood up and walked over to the pile of ash, my love for explosions finally returning to me. "Take that! Oh yeah, uh-huh!" I sang over and over, dancing with joy...

Biography: Ever since he turned 3, Nick has had a particular knack for explosives, spending one day sifting through the trash for materials, the next day, mass-producing his own homemade explosives. In 2nd grade, Nick took to bringing his homemade explosives to school and selling them, mainly to the older kids(5th, 6th, 7th grade...), as well as detonating them in secret. Once, he even blew up the teachers' best bathroom, and the poor teachers were clueless as to who the culprit was! Nick never told anyone how he made them, though. In 3rd grade, Nick was caught detonating a fireworks set he had created with special materials he had bought using money made from selling lower-grade explosives. Nick was immediately transferred to a school much like the one Leo was at when Jason first woke up in The Lost Hero, where he still managed to maintain his secret business of selling explosives. Nick managed to get a back-home pass during the summer for "good behavior", as Nick had kept his trade secret. Finally back at home, Nick slept in a nice bed for the first time in a year. The next day, Nick woke up expecting a home-made breakfast from his parents... But nothing was there. He called for his dad, but there was no answer. Nick immediately headed up to his parent's bedroom on the second floor, and found his father, sitting on his bedside, reading a note. "Where's mom?" Was the first thing Nick said. His dad's reply: "I don't know. It's hard for me to tell you this, but she's... Gone." Nathan gave Nick the golden band with the note saying it was a good luck charm, and Nick put it on immediately, vowing to keep it for the rest of his life. Soon later, Nathan started drinking alcohol, but not just once or twice a week, as it had been before... Now, he was drinking every day. Near the end of the summer, Nathan had become an alcoholic, and was neglecting all of Nick's needs. Nick tried his best to take care of his dad and keep it a secret, until one day when Nathan was drunk, and punched Nick in the face 3 times, as well as kicking him several more times. With a terrible nosebleed, Nick ran away, taking his bag of explosives and a normal lighter with him. One day when Nick was sleeping in a hijacked car, the car suddenly flew into the air, doing a flip and crashing down! Nick quickly crawled out to see... A Cyclopes! Nick used his bag of explosives to destroy it, and regained his love for explosions. Shortly after, a satyr came to retrieve him, and took him to Camp Half-Blood.

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Nick (Finished now!)
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