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 Li-Mei, transferred from another site

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PostSubject: Li-Mei, transferred from another site   3/3/2013, 9:46 pm

Yo, I'm sorry that the form is a little different, but I'm transferring her from another site where I put a ton of color-coding effort n' crap into it and adapting the form would take 5EVER, so I hope this works. If not, I can change it over the course of the next fifty years.

Full Name: Jun Li-Mei (Chinese order), Li-Mei Jun (English order).
Nicknames: None.
Age: 17
Years At Camp: Six months.

Picture (Optional):
Hair (Length, color, style, etc.): Li-Mei keeps her hair short, barely long enough to twist into a bun. At first glance, many people mistake her for a boy. Her hair is black, with short bangs, and is usually messy.
Eyes: She has deep blue eyes, inherited from one of her godly ancestors.
Body Type (Height, weight, etc.): Li-Mei is a little shorter than average, at 5'5" 3/4. Her figure is naturally slender, but with her many years of intensive training, her body's become mostly comprised of densely packed muscle. Like a boss.
Distinct Markings (freckles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): Small scars here and there, particularly on her hands, but nothing major.
Style (Optional, use http://www.polyvore.com/ ):

That first set of clothes, with the black pants and awesome black shirt, is strictly fancy-wear. She only wears that if something important that demands a professional appearance pops up. Her normal clothes are a tad dressier than the average teenager, though, as she prefers to wear fabric other than jean. And she likes that champagne-ish color. A lot. BUT WAIT, THERE'S A PAIR OF JEAN SHORTS! Why, that's correct, reader! But Li-Mei only wears those shorts and that tank top while exercising and/or training.

Personality (friendly, mean, different, violent, etc.): Li-Mei is a very focused person. That pretty much sums up her entire being.

God Parent Ancestors: Li-Mei has three godly ancestors, actually. Her grandmother was Bia, minor goddess of force. Two of her great-grandfathers were gods, Kratos and Ares. That's 1/4 Bia, 1/8 Ares, 1/8 Kratos. In all technicality, she's a half-blood.
Mortal Demigod Parents: Song Lin, daughter of Bia, and Jun Yang, legacy of Kratos and Ares.
Date of Birth: April 3rd

Powers (optional): Li-Mei's already intimidating strength is enhanced by her bloodline, but she cannot currently control her only active power. She doesn't even know she possesses it. Sometime far in the future, she might learn to harness the ability to move things that she motions towards without actually touching them, with a similar effect as to if she touched the thing with the amount of force she motions towards it with. Until then, she'll just accidentally use that at the most inopportune of times, if at all.
Fatal Flaw: Li-Mei judges people very harshly when she finds something unsavory about them. Say, she walks past a person outside of a shop who's smoking. She'd judge that person as a delinquent if they were young-looking, or as irresponsible with their health, or even as a complete moron with a death wish if she's feeling mean.
Other Flaws (at least two others): She pushes herself too far, both physically and mentally, for no apparent reason. She's also a complete failure at romance, with her few feeble attempts at striking up a relationship ending in bitter rejection. For some reason, guys tend to feel uncomfortable dating girls who could whoop their butt.

Weapon(s): She's trained to fight empty-handed, but you can't exactly punch a hydra to death. Li-Mei was overjoyed when presented with celestial bronze knuckles, which have slight protrusions like hooked razor blades. Now she can punch a hydra to death.
Pets: None.
Talents/Skills: Um... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_72_Shaolin_martial_arts . Being raised in a monastery causes one to be epic at these things. She's far from mastering all of the stuff, though. Like the one where you poke your finger in the direction of a flame and it goes out. Or lifting a hundred pounds with one finger for an hour. Nope, can't do that.

RP Example: The flight from Shanghai to New York City was a long one. I'd made the trip before, to visit my grandparents, but never alone. Well, I wasn't exactly alone, stuck in a coach seat with an overweight American man on one side and an elderly, napping woman on the other. It was just my luck that I needed to go to the bathroom, and the fat man was sitting on the aisle side. I politely tapped him on the arm and asked, in English, for him to get up so I could walk past. He just looked at me with a blank expression. Perhaps I was wrong, and he was a fat Chinese man instead of an American? I repeated my request in Chinese, but he just looked more confused than ever. I sighed, and just looked back at the newspaper I'd been reading before. I'd pin this on negative karma if I didn't now know that it didn't exist. Anyways, I could probably hold it for another... how much time was left on this flight? Five hours? Damn.

Biography: Li-Mei was born and raised on the other side of the world, in the province of Fujian, China. It's a province of middling size, overrun with mountains at its borders. It is said that a Shaolin temple hides somewhere among those peaks, but no one has ever seemed to find it. No mortals, at least. Because I can, I am going to pretend that the Shaolin temple there is real, and that none have chanced upon it because it's magic, yo.

Neither of Li-Mei's parents were born at the monastery - heck, no one is supposed to be born there. Celibacy, yo. Her father was a grandson of both Ares and Kratos, and her mother was a daughter of Bia, so it seems natural that they would end up in a place dedicated to perfecting the arts of combat. Anyways, some things obviously ended up happening that weren't allowed in a monastery, and behold! A baby was born! Naturally, the parents were chided for their folly, and were only allowed to stay at the temple under one condition. The child would be raised by all of the monks collectively, not knowing who her parents were. It was painful for Li-Mei's parents to watch her grow up and not be allowed to provide any sort of parental comfort or love to her.

'Wait a second,' you may say, 'aren't Shaolin monks devoutly Buddhist? How is that supposed to work with Greek deities in the mix?' Well, shut your trap, and let me type without pointless audience-insertion. It was a conspiracy involving most of the monks actually being demigods, but feeling bitter towards their divine parents due to the fact that they were mostly cast aside (no CHB in China, yo) and thus living a lifestyle that spurned the gods. In case you are unfamiliar with Buddhism... Wikipedia is there for you, bro.

After sixteen years of leading a life in the monastery, the head monks finally told her the truth - everything you know is a lie, you are a descendent of gods you've never heard of. Li-Mei didn't take that too well, and abandoned her home, moving north to Shanghai. She lived there for nearly a year without too much trouble, and then caught wind of a place for strange semi-divine beings like herself. And that is a poor description of how she got to CHB.

Other Notes:
Have some maps, because lol Chinese geography.

Fujian Province:


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PostSubject: Re: Li-Mei, transferred from another site   3/3/2013, 10:23 pm


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Li-Mei, transferred from another site
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