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 [FINISHED] Demi titan #2 [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: [FINISHED] Demi titan #2 [FINISHED]   3/3/2013, 1:46 pm

Full name: Brock
Any nicknames?:
Gender: M
Age: 17
Years at Camp: 2

God and mortal parent: Chaos (he has no father because he was born of Chaos and so was just automatically conceived and appeared.)
Date of birth: February 29th (Leap Day but he is 17 YEARS old)
Place of birth: Washington DC

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank):
Eye color: Blue
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Blonde
Height: 6 feet and 1 inch
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): toned
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): a tattoo on his left bicep
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Calm at most times but he is often overwhelmed by his Chaotic forme and is then a metaphorical ticking time bomb. Really he is like most everyone in the sense that he is layered and a personality is just a way for society to peg you as this type
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it):

Powers**: Chaotic Powers are strange to pin down but he has a main two groups. He can use molecular kinetics and can teleport but this will be interesting.

Molecular Kinetics - So, Brock is someone who is a child of Chaotic creation and therefore has been imbued with a Chaotic forme and the powers of Chaos herself. Molecular structure was created by Chaos and with this ability, Brock can loosen his molecular form and can phase through solid objects or can make his molecule structure so strong that he can withstand the strongest of attacks. But this doesn't mean he is invincible. No, Brock is limited to using this power a maximum of 30 times because he has been training and stretching his mind and body to the limits for so many years. Around the 20th time of using the molecular kinetics, he is known to grow dizzy and it gets harder for him to control the structure of what he is doing. He is going to pass out for days on end after he has used his power to the full extent and will wake up in a Chaotic forme not knowing where he is for several minutes until he can sort through what has happened.

Teleportation - Brock can teleport by much the same as his molecular kinetics but it is different in ways unknown to even himself. The way he teleports is the structure of the world is formed up by many different weaves and structures that were created by his mother. So, he is able to take that weave and rearrange it long enough for him to basically step through into another area that is a Chaos-realm. This can only be done a total of 10 times and he can only go a distance of 30 miles in either direction. But this is known for its flaws to appear at times. Many times before, Brock has tried to go somewhere and wound up somewhere else randomly. For his most effective use he has to have a very good idea of exactly where he is going and he has to picture it in him mind.

Fatal Flaw*: Brock is a Chaotic forme, this means he was formed by something completely different than most others. He has a flaw where every now and then the Chaos from within him will overwhelm him and will take over his actions. This is known as his Chaotic forme but in society people call it blackout rage. Really all it means is he will do what his extreme emotions tell him and not remember what he did.
Flaws*(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.): Afraid of failure and afraid of cats

Weapon(s): A set of four katanas made of Stygian Iron. Two of them are traditionally long and two of them are half length.
Pets: A Chimaera named Forme
Talents/Skills: Sword fighting, acrobatics, several ancient martial arts formes that almost noone knows and have no names any more.

RP Example*:

Biography*: Brock was born of Chaos herself on February 29th. It was a strange day because the day is a Chaos filled day where the Primordial entity is given near free reign on the world. So, when he was born Brock was given to the authorities of the United States in Washington DC and was thought to just be an abandoned orphan child. Brock grew up for a couple years with no issues and then when he was two years of age, the President of the USA found out about him and thought about it before he was taken in as their child but not really accepted by the others. So, Brock grew up for several years as the President's adopted child. But it wasn't without issue. As he turned five, Brock's Secret Service guard was suddenly MIA from irrational and unexplainable ways. That was the first time something weird happened but noone knew what had happened so Brock was kept as a normal child and noone thought anything different. But when Brock turned six, the First family decided he should be taught all forms of martial arts they could get him in. So when he was attacked by the Cyclops child, Brock was able to kill it with his bare hands but not without raising suspicions.

Brock was eight years old when he was found in a room that had been forever locked and noone could tell how he had made it through the doors. And when he was eight he also was sent to a private school and was immediately attacked along the way but the Secret Service thought it was just an assassination attempt on a member of the First family. He was ten when the secret was released that Brock had been found in several other areas without any explanation of how he made it in there.

Brock was also ten years old when the satyr found him and they started discussing the ways he was different, but he didn't listen to him. So, the satyr became Brock's friend and the son of Chaos started to be pegged as a rage fiend when he was first taken by the Chaos forme. Yet, Brock wasn't in any true trouble until he found the Stygian Iron blades under his bed and then was attacked at the age of thirteen by another creature, this time a dragon of immense size and dark as night. He was able to fight off this creature as well but it was the first time he had been forced to use his powers a lot and therefore had passed out afterward. He was taken to a secret building where he would be safe, or so the humans thought. But Brock turned fifteen years old when he met Gary Reddings, a child of Thanatos as he had said. The demigod said it would be better if he went to the same place that he had been heading. So Brock left that day and went for Camp Half Blood.

Other Notes:
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PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED] Demi titan #2 [FINISHED]   3/3/2013, 9:07 pm



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[FINISHED] Demi titan #2 [FINISHED]
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