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PostSubject: Dryad   3/2/2013, 12:26 pm

Nature Spirit form:

Character Name: Leanna Martaek, known by most by Lea

Race: Dryad

Description: Leanna is tall and slender, standing at about 5'9 and weighing 130lb. Her beauty matches the beauty associated with the mystical creatures. Her hair is a rich dirty blond, and flows down her back when grown out. She keeps her hair trimmed to just above her shoulder blades. Her lips are small, and girlish. Her lips are similar to the shape called "joker lips" where the bottom lip is almost twice the size as the top one and her thin lips come to a point on the edges. Her eyes are large and almond shapes. Her eye color is a light Easter blue green. Lea's nose is long and thin. She is pale, with tiny light tan freckles covering her nose and her cheeks. Her hands and feet are small, making her look almost girlish.

Weapon: Lea doesn't believe in weapons, therefor, she doesn't carry them.

Pets: Lea is friends with a small finch, that is floating about her head or singing merrily perched upon her shoulder. She doesn't keep the brown and white bird in a cage, but rather lets it go free as it pleases.

Powers: Lea, being a dryad, has a special relationship with plants and nature. She can control trees as vines for a short amount of time, speeding up the growing process to allow the plant to grow into forms she chooses. If she is not near plants, such as in the desert, she is riddled powerless. Without the energy from the plants surrounding her she starts to grow weak.

Flaws: In addition so growing weak without plants around her, she is terrified of fire and thunderstorms. This fear directly ties to the causes of wildfires and the such.

Biography: Leanna has spent majority of her life roaming the forest just outside of camp. She had never went into camp for fear of the people there until a Faun came and lead her to camp. She hasn't been at camp for very long, under a year. While at camp, she usually sticks to the boundary, nearer to the area she knows. Up until recently, she hide from most people.

RP Example: Leanna leaped from a branch to the next tree. She slips and reaches out, a newly grown branch wraps around her arm and lifts her up. After climbing back on the branch she rubs the bark affectionately, thanking it. Leanna stands up and takes off in the trees, dashing away to escape the hellhound chasing her bellow the foliage.
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PostSubject: Re: Dryad   3/2/2013, 2:27 pm


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