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PostSubject: Twins.    2/23/2013, 5:56 pm

Demigod form:

Full name:

Aidan Michael Conners
Nadia Michelle Conners

Any nicknames:






Years at Camp:


God and mortal parent:

Hermaphroditus and Tilly Elizabeth Conners

Date of birth:

September 19, 1996

Place of birth:

London, Britain


Eye color:

Both siblings have startling blue eyes that dim slightly depending on their moods.


Aidan's hair is black and long for a boys. His hair is often falling in his face giving it a messy, tousled look.
Nadia's hair is black and straight. She has straight cut bangs that stop just below her eyebrows.


Both siblings are about 5'6-5'7

Body type:

Adian is slim but muscular.
Nadia is curvy and smooth. She keeps her weight so that she is slim but her muscles are hidden.


Aidan is polite and quiet. He doesn't speak unless spoken to. Aidan has no problem with talking to people, but he is often too busy making sure Nadia keeps out of trouble.
Nadia is friendly and outgoing. She is often dragging her brother around to speak to new people, mostly girls. Nadia is always worried about her brother and how he hasn't shown an interest in anyone.
The siblings are extremely close, hardly ever seen apart.


The siblings tend to wear dark colors.
Aidan wear a white t-shirt and his favorite black jacket. He mostly wears dark jeans or black slacks and all black converses.
Nadia wears light colored blouses and dark skinny jeans. She is normally wearing flats that stay on her feet even when she is in battle.


The twins do not have a power.

Fatal Flaw:

The two siblings are extremely close and would do anything to keep the other safe. If one is in danger then the other's judgment is impaired in trying to save them. Without being together, the two are virtually powerless. Their fighting style works best when combined.


Aidan is quick to anger and attack. His sister is often calming him down due to this. He is afraid of heights.
Nadia is slow to anger, but when she does she goes into a rage frenzy. In this rage she blacks out and is unable to control her actions. She is claustrophobic and unable to be in closed spaces or crowds without her brother with her.


The siblings have matching daggers, bows, as well as custom twin swords. Their swords are their main weapons. The swords are shaped almost like the top of a question mark but one is backwards. The two swords have the ability to hook together creating a bond between the two siblings. The combined swords create a circle shape. All of their weapons are celestial bronze.


Nadia has a small albino mouse named Marcy


Aidan is skilled at sword play and hand to hand combat. He is nimble and quick on his feet. He is talented at debating, writing, and politics.
Nadia is as skilled at fighting as her brother. She is slower but she punches much harder, using her entire body to back up each attack. She is talented at painting and playing the flute.

RP Example:

Nadia looks over to her brother in battle. The two were trying to fight separately up until this point. Nadia's hair was up in a ponytail and the two of them were in their armor. Aidan looks over to her, his hair caked to his forehead with sweat. The two were surrounded by their attackers, and they seemed to be losing. As a last resort, Aidan held out his sword towards Nadia, looking her in the eyes. Nadia clicks her sword together with his, locking it in place with a jerk backwards. Aidan swung the sword in a circle, slinging his sister around. She kicked the attackers as she was swung, giving the twins some room to attack. The two began a counter attack, but they seemed more to be dancing with each other then fighting. The two were graceful together, their moves in fluent motions perfectly aligned. It wasn't long until they were the last two standing.
"That was harder then I had expected, Aidan." Nadia says smiling to her brother as she unhooks their swords.
"Never underestimate your opponent." Aidan responded, but looked over at her with a small smile on his face.


Not long after the twins were born, their mother moved out of her home country, Britain, and into America. Aidan and Nadia grew mostly up happily in Sinton, Texas, which is just a small town near the heart of Texas. In their early teenage years their mother moved the family so they could be closer to camp. Their mother made certain that the siblings were healthy and always well trained in self defense. They started their training at the young age of five. By the age of seven they had earned their black belts and were surpassing their original teacher. Aidan and Nadia were taken to the camp after they were attacked at age eleven. They defeated the creature that attacked them, but their mother wanted to make sure they would always be safe so she sent them away.

Other Notes:

Both siblings are hermaphrodites, but take pills and has had corrective surgery.
Aidan was born three hours before his sister was born, making him technically the eldest.

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PostSubject: Re: Twins.    2/23/2013, 7:38 pm



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