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 Penny and Will

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PostSubject: Penny and Will   2/20/2013, 10:43 pm

Full name: Penelope Kendric
Any nicknames?: Penny or Pop
Gender: FEMALE.. Duh…
Age: 16 almost 17
Years at Camp: 2 1/2

God and mortal parent: Athena and Raymond
Date of birth: 3/15
Place of birth: Logan Utah

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank):
Eye color: Ranges from pale brown to dark brown , wide and faun like
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): She has gorgeous dark brown hair
Height: 5’9’’
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): Thin and willowy
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): She has pale skin that has no blemish what so ever
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Penny is slightly odd but in a sweet way. She loves people, very social, and very fun. But she is a night owl and incredibly smart.
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it): http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=73070700

Powers**:Adoptive muscle memory, also referred to as muscle mimicry, is the ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once by a living breathing person (T.V counts) . Only physical things like back-flips and such, not magical powers. Also sometimes this happens when she isn't paying attention and it can be rather embarrassing.
Fatal Flaw*: Penny is very, very, very clumsy
Flaws*: She is a self punisher (Beats herself up for everything) and is terrified of spiders

Weapon(s): She has twin broadswords that fit into one sheath, bow/arrows, and several daggers and throwing knives. ALL CB
Pets: She has a brown and white Martin. Basically a ferret with horns that can steal things from people. Said Martin is named Darwin
Talents/Skills: She has a photographic memory and is amazing at anything she tries due to her power.

RP Example*: The girl was fascinating while drawing. Her pale brown brows drawn together and a look of complete entrancement on her face. She seemed completely oblivious to the fact I was watching. I am not really sure how my power works its more of monkey see, monkey do. Without realizing it I am drawing the same thing the girl is on the back of my homework. A dragon with her wings out stretched facing the rising sun. A rather beautiful picture... and now mine was identical.

Biography*: Penny and her father have always gotten along great. She currently attends a High-school for gifted and talented children. When Penny was a child her father noticed she was different.They made this discover during the Olympics. Gymnastics to be precise. Penny just stood up in the middle of the family room and started doing what the gymnasts were doing on TV. Her dad only freaked out a little bit as her daughter had never done gymnastics before. When she was fourteen a satyr found her as he was filling in as a substitute teacher. Her child had been as normal as possible, with only about 1 or 2 monster attacks before that. Her martin Darwin adopted her on the plane ride here to camp as he had snuck into her luggage looking for some stashed chocolate. She currently attends a private school in New York.

Other Notes: Friends with William Henry and doesn't have dyslexia But she does have ADD

Full name: William Henry Jr.
Any nicknames?: Will
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Years at Camp: 3 1/2

God and mortal parent: Hebe and William Henry Sr.
Date of birth: November 6th
Place of birth: Honolulu Hawaii

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank):
Eye color: Blue
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): blonde and a naturally flipped out style
Height: 6'2''
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): He is fairly thin and has toned muscles
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): A small scar by his jawline from wiping out and cutting his chin on his surf board
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Describe Will? Bah, Will is one of those people who you can only describe by saying, "Will is Will and he will never change." He is charming, funny, very interesting, and very intelligent.
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it):

Powers**: Will can turn into a child (3 to 4 year old) not on purpose of course but when ever he eats chocolate. He doesn't realty like his power and its more of a nuisance. He turns back after about fifteen minutes. Will can turn other people into children too (Only with the other person's permission of course). He can only do this twice a day but this requires an hour long nap per person he turns and it only last for about fifteen minutes.
Fatal Flaw*: Will is arrogant
Flaws*: stubborn, he has a slight temper, and he loves chocolate... not so good for him considering his power.

Weapon(s): Hand and a half sword, 2 daggers, and a shield that doubles as a watch.
Pets: None
Talents/Skills: Sword play, hand to hand combat, fantastic with kids, and a great cook
RP Example*: William Henry propped his head on his hand. His strange blue eyes roving around the classroom, taking in all the new students. Absentmindedly, he pulled on his tie and loosened it.
"Class, please turn to page three hundred and ninety-four." His AP English teacher said while writing the daily assignment on the board. A ripple of laughter ran through the class. Will couldn't help but grin himself at the Harry Potter joke. Ms. Phelps was always quoting movies and such. He squinted at the whiteboard as his dyslexia kicked in.
"It says in class essay," The girl with long dark brown hair muttered. "It's on hamlet."
Will couldn't help but face palm at the fact it was Hamlet, Penny's favorite book.

Biography*: William Henry is a jock. He plays soccer, runs track, and cross country. Will also surfs, he loves surfing. Did I mention surfing? Since he is from Hawaii he does that on his free time. When Will was in first grade he had his first chocolate cupcake. He transformed into a four year old in front of all the kids. Several panicked phone calls later Will was transferred to a new school. A similar incident happened when he was fourteen (White chocolate) and that is how the satyrs found him. William has avoided chocolate in public places ever since. He was transferred after that incident to a boarding school in New York close to camp and became friends with Penny Kendric. Will also is a slight flirt, not by much. But he is a flirt. Will's father happens to also be a multi-million heir so that doesn't help.

Other Notes:

Anime's Stuff:

My name is Portia Mustangia Penelope Ariel Rapzunzel Haruka Gonzalez-Senior the Fourth (Ani has been named by Demi)
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PostSubject: Re: Penny and Will   2/21/2013, 1:04 am


riley and will totally have to meet LOL but they may clash

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Zahra Klein, artistic orphan daughter of Ptah,
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Penny and Will
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