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 A new character? From me? BLASPHEMY!

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PostSubject: A new character? From me? BLASPHEMY!   2/13/2013, 12:08 am

Full name: Anastasia Century
Any nicknames?: Ana
Gender: F
Age: 15
Years at Camp: Camp? Never been there before

God and mortal parent: Chronus and Shelby Century
Date of birth: February 7th
Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia

Eye color: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: 5'4
Body type: Clearly she is skinny
Distinct markings:
A Tattoo on her inner arm:
(Yes it's supernatural, so sue me :p)
Style: N/A

Personality: A loner by nature, Ana doesn't exactly get along with people very well and if she does it's because she actually opened up to you. Ana doesn't get along with or even talk to boys at all because of some bad experiences in her past, which is also why she is attracted to girls, yes she is a lesbian so what. Ana has a musical spirit despite her father being the Primordial deity of time and even though she is a loner, she can put out the look of a completely different person. When she is with her friends she is a happy go lucky person to a certain point but she still retains some of her lonely tendencies so there is a point where she stops being happy and just curls up inside of herself, drowning out the world by listening to music or playing her guitar, or both. Fair Warning as well, she has been known to display suicidal tendencies from time to time, careful.

Powers**: Anastasia has a simplistic power for a demi-titan of her heritage. He powers are an enhanced version of Hebe children's possible power and thus she can change what her age is at will to whatever age she wants, the downside of this is that her physical appearance also changes with it. So say she changed to an 80 year old, her face would become wrinkly and baggy. If she changed to a five year old, the same thing would happen in reverse to growing old, she'll look much much younger. This power she can use almost whenever she wants, but this doesn't come without a price. She gets tired bit by bit the more she uses her power and it's proportional to her own natural age. So, say she changed from 15 to 100 years old, she'd get super tired from this, while changing from 15 to 5 wouldn't tire her out as much. *Notice: Returning back to her natural age does not affect her because it's stopping her power*

Fatal Flaw*: Lonely/Suicidal. It's hard to get her to open up and because of this she has been known to be suicidal, but the suicidal thoughts are for another reason as well(look to the past friends).

Flaws*: Fear of boys and what they can do to her. She is a pacifist to a certain extent but she is not above self-defense also she has got a slight fear of snakes.

Weapon(s): She keeps two Cb daggers on her at all times, beyond that nothing.
Pets: No pets
Talents/Skills: She's got a good singing voice and she plays guitar

RP Example*: The sound of a guitar being played rang through the Ampitheater as Ana played her music on the stage. Well...it wasn't exactly her music because all she did was play random covers of songs all mashed together. Ana smiled lightly as the melodies poured from her instrument, but then a rustling ended the songs. She glanced up and looked around the place, there were people there of course. With a crowded camp there are people everywhere, however none of them payed attention to Ana and that was the way she liked it. But this rustling was very close by so it had to be someone that was paying her some kinda of notice. He looked around again and then a guy stepped out of a small underbrush. He was about the same age as Ana and it looked like just making himself known was very difficult to do

"Uh, Hi..I..heard you playing...you're a..you're pretty good." He struggled to get out but Ana was less than friendly about her reply.

"Go away...leave me alone..just go away.." She said to the boy, glaring at him.

"But I..." The boy started,

"Leave me alone!" She shouted and then boy ran away. Looking down at her guitar she felt kinda guilty for being so mean, but she just couldn't trust him or believe whatever he had to say...not after how she was treated those two years ago.

Biography*: Anastasia for the most part had a pretty simplistic life. It's her mother that had the strange stuff and passed it on to her. But, it'd be better if I explained a little bit first. See, Shelby was bisexual. A string of male a female lovers in her wake all through her life, like a runaway sex train so to speak. But then she met Chronus and everything suddenly changed for her. He was, well is short, her perfect match and made her feel the need to settle down and change her ways, and for the most part she managed to do that. Chronus and Shelby dated for quite a while, near about a year actually, this is because Chronus wasn't immediately trying to get her in bed and she accepted that he was taking it slow with their relationship. But then they did sleep together and not long after, Shelby found out she was pregnant. And with the pregnancy came the problems, Chronus started visiting less and less until 8 months in he told Shelby that he won't see her anymore, that he can't stay with her. He apologized, but Shelby couldn't help but to feel hatred towards the man. Actually she grew hatred towards all guys because of what he did. Kinda overkill, but she was so heart broken that she wanted as little to do with guys as possible. And so, a month after that Anastasia was born and Shelby moved on with life, raising her little girl. During Ana's infancy and early years, Shelby found a nice girl and they started to date, around the time of Ana's second birthday the two got married. And as that old story goes, Ana had a very good life surprising for a demigod of her..well..history. The problems, because with lesbian parents society is always a f*cking bitch about it, didn't start until she was about 8 years old. Bullies as usual were a problem that she dealt with, calling her a bastard, her parents bitches, (honestly where do these kids learn this shit anyway), and their parents did much worse. Those that were...overly religious, for lack of batter terms, thought her parents were abominations and that she was as well. She dealt with this all through elementary and 6th and 7th grade of middle school. In 8th grade, her being about 13 going to be 14 now, met some people that didn't care about her parents being lesbians. Their names were Elizabeth, Micheal, and Mary. Micheal actually liked Anastasia, wanted to date her, but Ana never really got the clue that he liked her. She just thought of them as her best and only friends, and because they were friends with her, they got bullied in some form or another, Micheal getting bullied by the football team as he was one of the players. Elizabeth and Mary got bullied in choir by the people they had to stand around in the class. Ana got bullied through her classes, but it didn't hurt as much anymore, now that she had friends. However...things changed.

It was the start of freshman year. Ana is 14 at the time and Micheal, has told her that he wanted to be her boyfriend, Ana excepting after asking her mother who was avidly against guys in general. They dated happily for a good month and half, but then Ana's demititan heritage surfaced and she was attacked at the end of September. A changling had come to the school and took the form of Micheal, killing the real one in order to make his secret safe. Then when he felt the time was right he brought Ana to a party...and there, when no one was around..he attacked her. First it was a sexual assualt, almost could be considered rape but Ana had called for help, only to have upper classmen come and beat Micheal away. They came back to Ana, her shirt ripped now and revealing a bit. The guys saw this, saw her vulnerable, and then their primal instincts took them over, and they actually succeeded in raping her. Elizabeth and Mary were at this party and after the guys came back, laughing, they grew worried and went to look for Ana, finding her curled up in shock and pain. Quickly Elizabeth and Mary got their dates to take them and Ana home, at least in this pile of hell some guys were level headed. Ana's parents were horrified to see her condition and Ana was in too much shock to actually say what happened, all she could get out was that it wasn't Micheal..not the real Micheal. The changling vanished after that and some time later, Micheal's dead body was found. Ana's birthday came and went and she was 14, her mothers deciding it best they move to New York, with all the pained memories left behind. Ana never wanted anything to do with boys after her rape, asked her parents about girls and what it was like, and they willingly told her the differences, made her feel comfortable with the idea of dating girls, and after that, Ana went on to be a lesbian herself from that time onward. Her new school wasn't much different from her old one, she got picked on for her sexual preference and her parents being lesbians. Though she made friends as well, much easier than usual, but little to no boys, she didn't trust them, not after what happened. He first semester of school was uneventuful to say the least, but then in hit February and then she turned 15. After that a satyr visited them and Shelby was told that Ana needed to be sent to Camp Half Blood, that she needed to know the truth. Shelby was less than pleased with the idea, but in the end she sent Ana to the camp anyway. Ana has just arrived at camp now.

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PostSubject: Re: A new character? From me? BLASPHEMY!   3/3/2013, 1:44 pm

Approvedededed! Nice form. Very Happy

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A new character? From me? BLASPHEMY!
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