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PostSubject: Blades.   2/12/2013, 12:16 pm

Im bored.

I know thats what alot of people say when they write a story or request a RP, but I am, really bored. XD



Razor-Son of Athena

Rio-Son of Hecate

Carmen-Daughter of Bia (Godess of Force)

James-Son of Khione

Leone-Daughter of the horae of Autumn

Collin-Son of Hypnos

Barth-The Satyr


Collin woke up, and pain overwlmed him. He was the fighting type. This was not happening to him. He told himself, and almost believed it. He rubbed his eyes and stood up, though his legs wobbled underneath his body. He bit his lip and shut his eyes, trying to remember the day before. No memories came whatsever, so he huffed and walked towards a large Van, he didnt know why. Apparently is was a trailer, a large trailer. He knocked on the entrance, and a boy opened.

The boy was wearing Military pants and a small shirt, which didnt really fit him, it was too large. He was very small, despite his long, spiky brown hair, which looked like he was in a anime movie. He was about 12, Collin guessed, so quite young.

The little boy grinned. "Collin! Finally!" He called in a squeaky voice.
"How do you know my name?" Collin asked. He knew it was a stupid question, but he found it was weird that this 12 year old knew him.
"Oh, well. Were both from Camp-half blood... and, Youre my biggest Idol!" the boy cried out.
Collin sighed at the thought of Camp. He finally remembered the boy.
"Yeah. Youre... Rio." Collin said. "The little boy who always chases me around."
Rio blushed. "Yep."

Another boy came out. He had pale blonde hair, just like Collin, and dark blue eyes. Not like collin. Collin had deep black eyes.
"James." Collin said. James was his best friend at Camp.
"Hey, you should better come in. We gotta figure out how to get back to camp. You usually got the best Ideas, bro."
Collin just nodded. "Wheres Carmen?" Carmen was his... half-girlfriend. They had kissed once, but he never asked her out.
"Shes...Somewhere. We dont know. Razors also gone. Barth, too." James said.
Collin breathed in. "Why? Okay, Is Leone here?"
James nodded, but paled a little. "Shes not so well. Got poisoned. Dont ask, its a long story."

Collin eventually found himself in the kitchen.
He got a mug, and poured in some coffee, that leone made.
He sat down at a large leather amrchair. The trailer was huge. It was long, so there were 4 rooms. The kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and a the dining room. Collin stood up again and got a donut from a box that was lying around.
He sighed and began drinking.

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