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 Conner Tyler

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PostSubject: Conner Tyler   2/3/2013, 6:57 pm

Death is feared but he only travels with Darkness.

Full name: Conner Lee Tyler
Any nicknames?:
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Years at Camp: Just arriving at Camp

God and mortal parent: Hecate and Kyle Tyler
Date of birth: December 25
Place of birth: New York

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank): Look above
Eye color: Greenish Blue but changes with his emotions.

Anger-Dark Red closer to black but has a red tint

Sad-Grey like a stormy sea

In pain-Pure silver like a full moon

Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Blonde
Height: Just over 6 feet and 2 inches but most people don't know this because he says he is just 6 feet tall
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): Rather muscular with a fully admirable body. If he were to ask anyone they would say he has a 6 pack abs and a chest that any man would kill for. His biceps are a good 12 inches around and he is often thought to be a child of Ares because of it. He has long legs that he knows makes him look like he is a track runner. Facial features would have to be a defined jaw that most girls have immediately said they love. Yet with this is the very faint spider webbing of scars along his left cheek that noone can see but is there because of a fight he had gotten into with an older guy who had been trying to take advantage of one of his friends.
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): As said above, he has the spider webbing scars on his left cheek from a small but very sharp pocket knife. He also has another scar on his right bicep where he had been caught by an arrow when running from a centaur who had sided with the Titans and hadn't been caught.

Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Just like Emerson, Conner is very smart and isn't really into dating. Yet he isn't a flirt like his sister. Unknown to him is the fact that every girl his age likes him and has flirted with him, but he isn't very good at reading body language like that. He has a great sense of humor though, but most of the time he can get too deep and his humor will grow dark due to his heritage.
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it):

Powers**: Conner can use most of the same powers that Emerson can yet he has spent many months and years enhancing these so that he is stronger than his older sister. He can use a semi transformation that is based upon other creatures body parts. This means that he can suddenly sprout wings from his back or he can grow fangs from animals long since extinct such as a saber tooth tiger. This comes with a great cost though. He can only use this power if he is willing to feel the pain from the transformation, because obviously suddenly growing limbs that weren't meant for your body will hurt like hell. Anyhow, things like wings will make him fall into a deep sleep for two to three days, depending on if he uses the wings of a normal creature or if he decides to use mythical wings. Conner is able to have full use of the transformation for as long as he needs so there is no pesky time lapse while he is in the air but it can't be used for longer than 12 hours without having to rest.

Conner also has some really badass, in his opinion, telekinesis. He can move objects or control the movement of these objects for several reasons. Anyhow, unlike Emerson, Conner can control objects larger up to the size of a boulder or a tree but this is extremely difficult for him to do. With this power he could control moving objects such as a car of normal size to move it from its path but he cannot fully stop the car. This does not mean he can move a truck since that is much larger and heavier.

One thing he can do that his sister never gained was the power to draw from darkness and form a veil of pure shadows around himself that at any point he can expel as a distraction in an area of up to 30 feet around him. This causes him to lose energy but will only stagger him and make him tired. He will still be able to fight but will more than likely not win.

Fatal Flaw*: Conner has lived in his sister's shadow and so he has dealt with her always being praised by their father. This caused him to go out of his way to prove himself and therefore he will push himself to the very limits and then beyond. Conner doesn't know when enough is enough.
Flaws*(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.): Terrible with girls, like you would think he would be a playa but in all actuality he is terrified of rejection. Also he is someone who speaks his mind and you will know if you upset him.

Weapon(s): A CB dagger that he always has strapped to his left thigh where he can reach it in an emergency. A Stygian Iron long sword that can turn into a cross necklace but he prefers to have it sheathed on his back under his kite shield.
Pets: A black feathered eagle named Hecate
Talents/Skills: Close Combat, Mixed Martial Arts, Sword Combat and great archery skills

RP Example*: Thunder echoed through the walls of the building as the cold shivering form huddled in the corner nearest the fire that wasn't warming even the wood it had been made from. Three seconds later a bolt of lightning flashed across the window and showed a winged human flying through the sky outside and calling for someone to appear. The undefined person wimpered and cringed as a thud resonated from just beyond the door that blocked out the sheets of rain. Then the door was busted open and the winged man walked through like the angel of death itsef. "Why do you follow me, Demon? I said I was sorry and that there was no reason to hurt me." The now obviously scared boy cried as he called to this figure stalking through the shadows. "Please! Go away and don't hurt me." Then a haunting laughter echoed from the shadows and a bolt of lightning flashed again. "I'm not going to hurt you, Stanley. I only came to thank you for the scars you left on my left cheek." Then the cold boy gasped and stood up shakily. "Is that you, Conner? I know it's your voice but I don't believe..." A wimper ended the sentence as a pocket knife blade slammed into the rotting wooden floor in front of him. Conner chuckled and then turned around and left, hiding the fact that his shoulder blades ached from the wings having been in use for two days while he hunted the pathetic gang banger. Some badboy, couldn't even look him in the eyes before crying like a little bitch.

Biography*: Conner was born in New York City, just outside the main center of the city. He was immediately seen as a strange person but he could be identified as someone who would be popular and very good looking. At the age of 5, the boy started in his first class of Muy Thai and was soon recognized as one of the most devoted of students. He was of course never good enough for his father because of his sister who was always smarter than he was. When Conner was 10, about the same time that Emerson discovered her powers, Conner started using telekinesis. He had been in advanced English and was leaving for a bathroom break when a dampened female cry alerted him and had made him walk to the alcove where the old library door was. As soon as Conner had come into view he saw his best friend Chrissie Faine being held down by an older boy. Immediately the 10 year old had dashed forward and shoved the boy against the opposite wall. Unfortunately, he had been met with a pocket knife that had cut his left cheek open several times. Conner had fallen to the ground bleeding and had to watch as Stanley again assaulted Chrissie. About the time she was about to be taken advantage of, Conner gave one last hope and had found that he had taken the door handle from another room across the hall and had knocked out Stanley. After that, Conner made it a good 5 years before another incident happened, having already discovered and developed his powers. Conner was attacked by a hydra who had been three members of the basketball team. If the son of Hecate hadn't been able to run from the hydra and by some weird mistake kill it on the way home then he would have died. Instead Conner made it home and found Chrissie there. She had turned out to be a satyr and she led him to Camp Half Blood.

Other Notes: Conner is the younger brother of Emerson Tyler
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PostSubject: Re: Conner Tyler   2/3/2013, 8:57 pm

Hnnng, you be careful with this one.



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Conner Tyler
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