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 Emerson Tyler

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PostSubject: Emerson Tyler   2/2/2013, 11:47 pm

Full name: Emerson Tyler
Any nicknames?: Em or Emery
Gender: FEMALE
Age: 17 ˝
Years at Camp: 3
God and mortal parent: Hecate and Kyle Tyler
Date of birth: March 6th
Place of birth: New York
Eye color: Green, vibrant and alive
Hair: her hair is a little past her shoulders but it changes color. Not at will, involuntary. The hair color reflects her emotions, her exaggerated emotions. Such as anger /romance/flirty makes her hair turn red, sadness turns it grey, fear makes it turn white and so on. Her natural color is auburn brown.
Height: She is five feet nine inches
Body type: She is willowy but has muscle and tan
Distinct markings: Three freckles across her nose and a scars on her shoulder blades
Personality: Emery is quite resourceful, not at all shy, she is not very boy crazy, But a flirt, funny, and very smart… scary smart…
Style: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=70563087 or http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=71094885
Powers**: Half- Shifting- The ability to grow animal parts out of one’s body. Very painful as your body is forming something that isn’t naturally there. This requires a very high pain tolerance. Apart from being ravenous, being in pain, and tired to an extent depending on what you grew (I.E. wings and flying mean a very longgg nap about three hours at least). Emery can have unlimited time with that body part, but the longer it is out the more painful it is to put away. Needless to say there are the powers that come with the body part such as wings come with flying and wolf ears come with ultra hearing.
She also has a case of telekinesis which enables her to move things with her mind (Not picking up giant rocks mind you) she is powerful enough she can use it for day to day things such as mopping the floor or sweeping but not powerful enough to stop boulders rolling down the sides of hills.
Fatal Flaw*: She has a very scary temper
Flaws*: Blunt to a fault, occasionally absentminded, and a hopeless flirt
Weapon(s): Bow , arrows, sword, dagger, and about ten throwing knives, all CB
Pets: None, but she does love animals
Talents/Skills: Acrobatics, close combat, and vey musical
RP Example*: Emerson Tyler’s muscles quivered as she landed on Logan’s balcony. She tapped on the glass of her friend’s window before leaning her head against it. Logan opened the balcony door and gaped at her.
“What happened?” He asked gesturing to her. Her beautiful caramel colored wings were twisted and blood smeared them. Her green eyes were glossed over in pain as claws receded back into her hands, she had apparently climbed up.
“Never mind what happened,” She groaned in pain, avoiding looking at him. He was only wearing a pair of pajama pants and that was something she found very distracting…
“I think my wing has dislocated.”
Logan stepped behind her placing a hand in the middle of her wings and grasped her twisted wing.
“I am going to count to three,” He said.
Emery gritted her teeth.
“One,” Logan adjusted his grip. “Two,” Then he made a jerking motion and Emery yelped, twisting away from him. Her wings snapped open to their full capacity, a wing span of about twenty feet.
What happened to three?!” She demanded in a high pitched voice. Logan just grinned crookedly and proceeded to pick sticks and leaves out of her wings and hair.
“Are you going to tell me what happened?”
Emery snorted and began to help clean her wings up, “Long story short, I jumped off of the top of the Statue of Liberty. There may be something on the news about aliens circling the statue.”
Logan’s eyebrows shot up, “What happened to not being reckless?”
“There was a hydra on top,” She offered a brief explanation. Her hair during this entire conversation faded from the midnight black of pain to the regular auburn color her hair was. Logan shook his dark blonde head.
“When are you going to stop looking for trouble?” He asked arching an eyebrow, running his callused hands over her wings.
“I generally don’t,” Emery answered with a soft smile.
Logan was about to retaliate with another with another comment on her nose for trouble when he heard his mother calling.
“Logan? Is your door open?”
“Err…” He turned his back to Emery. “I got to hot.”
“Okay. Just be sure to shut it,” his Mom called back.
Logan turned back to Emery but she was gone and her shrinking image could be seen against the moon.
Biography*: Emerson Tyler was born in New York, New York. She is a very fun person to be around with her sense of humor and love of books. At age six she started with gymnastics and quickly developed a love for it. She quickly rose to the competitive level by age ten. It wasn’t till she was at age twelve she discovered her telekinesis. She was sitting in class one day and a kid by the name of Tommy Middles was harassing her friend Logan. Somehow the chair he was sitting in magically pulled out from underneath Tommy. When she was fourteen she had managed to perfect her powers of moving things with her mind. At fourteen Emerson began having strong pains in her back and she began noticing strange things around school. How the cheerleaders would fall silent whenever she walked into the locker rooms. She waved it off until one day she and Logan were at the top of the school building, roughly three stories up. When Emery asked Logan how they got up there he said he had no idea. That’s when the cheerleaders appeared, without much surprise they were not humans. They were in fact Gorgons. Emery and Logan, were shoved off of the roof. Emery, in so much pain, sprouted wings and managed to save both of their necks and get away. Back at home their parents were going crazy and a cop was there. But this cop, happened to be a satyr. She explained to Emery’s dad what had happened and she needed to go to this place called Camp Half Blood . So Emery wound up at camp learning to fine tune her powers.

Other Notes: Wears reading glasses

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PostSubject: Re: Emerson Tyler   2/3/2013, 4:49 pm

Nice application. I approved

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Emerson Tyler
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