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 Ello,I'm new.

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Ello,I'm new. Empty
PostSubject: Ello,I'm new.   Ello,I'm new. Icon_minitime1/27/2013, 5:20 pm

Well,hello.My name is Kellin,im 13,I'm a girl.I love percy jackson and camp half blood....message me:roll:?
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Zwn (Zoe in Greek)
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Zwn (Zoe in Greek)

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Ello,I'm new. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ello,I'm new.   Ello,I'm new. Icon_minitime1/27/2013, 5:53 pm

call me fishy

ciao! i am holding on to you, better known to everyone as fishy. if it weren't obvious by the colour of my username, i am an admin, so feel free to pm me any questions you have and i will try my hardest to find time in my hectic schedule of crying over bands reading fanfiction not socializing... okay i lied i don't have a hectic schedule i'll just get back to you and i'll try not to ignore it because i'm lazy.

now, a little bit about me. i'm almost always online because i don't have anything else to do, and Ii'm often obsessing over a band. the only tv shows I watch are doctor who and bbc's sherlock, because they're flawless. i also am probably going to be sobbing over bands/fanfiction/my ships because pain. and i tend to use the fact that i'm lazy to not do stuff. i am a terrible admin what did i ever do to get this position. i'm also fabulous.

so, follow the rules and have fun! oh, yeah, try not to die, too. because that would suck.

also im calling u siren man i dont care that ur a girl u are sIREN MAN BC SLEEPING WITH SIRENS im sorry
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Ello,I'm new. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ello,I'm new.   Ello,I'm new. Icon_minitime1/31/2013, 10:16 pm

Hello, Kellin, my name is Draconic Lord. Since you are new here I will explain some things.

Here on Half Blood Mania we are all very busy with one thing or another at some point, so if we don't reply right away then just wait. Now that that is said, there are different groups of people on here that can do certain things. You will see at the bottom of the main site a list of colors with names that color. These are as follows:

Admins - These people are obviously the head honchos on the site and you should go to them if you need help and can't get any answers from another staff. They are Queen Elizabeth (head admin and awesome Role Play partner), Rachel (one of the few people that you will meet that has different sides to her, also someone you will talk to on the cbox), Fishy (I don't remember her current name but she is the third admin so go to her if you need any help).

Titans - They are the group right below the Admins and therefore have the next most authority on here. I believe the Titans on here are Carina (someone that almost everyone knows and you will get along with very well) and Alpha Wolf (he is the mercenary leader of the wolves and often aids the dragons. You will like him a lot)

There is another group here that I don't think anyone is a part of.

Minor Gods - Chatbox Moderator is the actual position of this group but there are a lot of us. I happen to be a Minor God and can say that we have authority on the chat box so don't break any rules.

Camp Counselors - These are the Approvers who will check any characters you have made. If you have questions on a form then go to these people. This group is harder to see because a lot of people from here up can approve characters.

From here down it is just those of you who have yet to receive a staff position. Don't worry for we always have room for you somewhere, even if it isn't as a staff. Now, I will say who I am.

My name as stated before is Draconic Lord but you will hear me called other names. Here are the most common.

Dragonfire - This was my first name on this site and therefore a lot of people know me by this.

Dragon - Shortened for the first one

DF - Also shortened

Brock - Okay, really only one person calls me Brock but this is still a name of mine.

If you have any other names to call me then run them by me but know that I will hold the rights to reject any of them. I am Draconic Lord for a reason, since I have proven myself worthy to my dragon subjects. I am the Overlord of the Dragon people but I do bow to one other person, Rachel is my Queen and therefore rules even I.

Now this is about it, so make a character, follow the rules, and have fun.
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Ello,I'm new. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ello,I'm new.   Ello,I'm new. Icon_minitime

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Ello,I'm new.
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