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 Adam Chrysler

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PostSubject: Adam Chrysler   1/20/2013, 5:56 am

Adam M. Chrysler

FULL NAME - Adam Marcus Chrysler

NICK NAMES - Just Adam

AGE - Fifteen, born March 18th


PLACE OF BIRTH - Manhatten, New York

MORTAL FAMILY - adam had a very short time to get to know his mother. jane chrysler worked as a clerk at shoppers drug mart.

GOD PARENT - Thanatos, God of death

YEARS AT CAMP - how many years they've been at chb

CLAIMED - yes or no

HISTORY - hen adam was young, his mother payed more attention to him than she did anything else. she loved her little boy. adam was too young to understand but, his mother was doing bad things. his mother sold drugs, stole, was an alcoholic and also did drugs. when adam was twelve, jane decided she wasn't good for him anymore. she sent him to a foster home, and thats where he met beth.

adam slept in the bed next to beth's. she was an adorable eleven year old girl. adam and beth use to stay up late and make shadow puppets while the other kids were sleeping. adam met beth upon entering the foster home. adam lugged his suitcase into the room he shared with 8 other children his age. quickly, beth and adam became good friends. adam was one to speak his mind, and that's why he didn't make much other friends at the foster home. he would yell at them often, which caused him to get many punishments, most just "time-outs" but, he'd gotten grounded and put in an isolation room for a week.

adam and beth never left each other side. over their three years they spent their nights coming up with the most logical plan of escape. and at age 13, they were finally ready. beth had come up with most of the plan because she was smarter than adam but, he provided the supplies. late one night, he snuck out of dormitory and down to the main office building. he stole food, water backpacks, clothes, and a couple blankets.

upon arriving back to the dorm, adam met up with beth at the bottom of the west hallway staircase. they exited out the back door, climbing the tall, black, metal fence. as they ventured down alleys and streets, adam grew more and more on edge. it was nearly three am and they were two kids wandering the streets of new york. rather dangerous.

after travelling for countless days and nights, adam and beth met a boy. he had an abnormal amount of facial hair and wore a fedora. no matter what, he would never take the fedora off. adam didn't like the vibe he gave off. beth seemed pretty happy about it though. like she knew something good was coming. the boy, gordon, turned out to be satyr. beth had already known. that's why she was happy. she knew gordon would take them to camp and they would be safe again.

and that's exactly what happened.

PERSONALITY - adam is somewhat of a jerk.

he is cold, cruel and distant. to people he's just met, he might come off as a complete asshole with a permanent scowl. adam enjoys skateboarding, sword and knife training, and down time with beth. they've become close over their years. don't tell anyone but, adam's had a crush on her since they were 12. he always thought of her a anchor for him. she kept him balanced. adam gets very attached to people, very fast. he doesn't exactly have a loyalty problem though. he has an arrogant vibe to him. adam is stand offish. he tries not to get involved to much in camp. he doesn't like the events that the directors put out or any clubs that the campers make. he likes it better if he's alone. him, beth and music. that's all he needs.

APPEARANCE - adam looks like an ignorant teenager. that's exactly what he is. he has multiple tattoos that he gave himself, wears spacers and dresses like he just doesn't care.

his hair is a very dark shade of black. he almost always spikes it or gels it back. he hates it when people touch his hair. its one of his pet peeves. adam takes great care of his hair. his hair is short. it's nearly buzzed on the sides. adam carries a comb with him. it's this weird thing beth makes fun of him for.

adam has olive coloured eyes. his pupils are larger than normal, taking up half of his iris instead of a quarter. he has tan, smooth skin. he is a girl when it comes to beauty. he has to have the best of everything. that includes hair, clothes, products and even his glasses.

adam wears polo's and jeans. he likes his black framed eyeglasses and his vans shoes.

FATAL FLAW - adam's fatal flaw is his jerkish attitude. he's gotten into trouble more times than you can count. he was sent into this isolation room in the big house a week into camp because he talked back to chiron and insulted mr.d several times.

TALENTS - adam takes great pride is his ability to sense different metals and rocks in the earth. he was so interested in metal detectors and the science of rocks and mineral when he was a young boy. when he discovered his power, he was elated. adam is also good with his throwing knives. he has a large set, stuck in canvas fabric, somewhat like a organizer to hold and store paint brushes.

PETS - he has a cat named ed. it's a grey tabby with milky green eyes.

OTHER - anything else you might want to add

RP SAMPLE - Adam smirked and set the stuff down. He layed the blankets out on the sand and set both pillows on them. He'd been planning this for awhile now. It was kind of a first date but, Beth was his best friend so he couldn't treat it like that. Adam smiled and pulled out all the junk food and pop. He cracked open a coke for Beth and handed it to her. "So?" He asked, shrugging. "We get to watch the meteor shower tonight and eat ourselves fat." Adam chuckled and sat down on the blankets. He propped himself up on his elbow and turned on his side toward Beth. He smiled at her, slowly, the memory of the first time he saw her came back to him.

It was during a rainy day in April. He wasn't allowed out of the home that day. So, he sat in the lobby looking out the front window. Couples walked down the street with umbrellas and children covered their heads with coats as the ran home. Adam had a sketchpad leaned against the window frame. He was drawing the trees and bushes infront of the foster home. Ms. Heinneth had left to go pick up two children so Mr. Carmine was in charge. Adam looked up from his sketchpad to see the minivan with the foster homes name painted on the doors pull into the parking area. He smiled as kids leaped out of their seats to greet the new kids at the door. Adam stayed where he was, sketching a pear tree that stood by the black fence. Ms. Heinneth stepped out first, her white tennis shoes hitting the wet pavement. She opened the back door and two children slid out. One had black hair, she was a small girl wearing a green shirt and black corderoid pants with black mary-jane flats. The other was a girl, much older than the other, wearing a pink t-shirt with a pair of white shorts. Adam waved at Ms. Heinneth but, it appeared she hadn't seen him.

The small group of children waiting at the door moved aside so Ms. Heinneth and the two children could get into the lobby. Adam remained where he was. Kids swarmed the three of them with hugs and "hello's" and "nice to meet you's". Adam didn't move from the chair. A sudden tap on his shoulder made him leap from his seat, dropping his sketchpad and pencil. It was the black haired girl. She muttered something but he didn't hear her. Adam's mouth hung open. He took her hand and let her upstairs. "You can stay in my room with me. My roomie just left." Adam said to her.

Adam blinked and looked back at Beth. He smiled and twirled a peice of her hair inbetween his fingers.

PLAY-BY - self explanatory

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PostSubject: Re: Adam Chrysler   1/21/2013, 12:21 am


Characters? (click here)
Zahra Klein, artistic orphan daughter of Ptah,
Matthew James Maguire, lucky irish son of Caerus,
Riley Peterson, son of Geras who turns randomly into an old man,
Catheryn Cade, stubborn unclaimed daughter of Psyche,
Alison Grey, yet another witty child of Geras, half-sister to one Riley Peterson,
and lastly, Catalina Liakos, the very intelligent, amiable, tough-as-nails daughter of Prometheus.
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Adam Chrysler
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