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 Mickey Markette

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PostSubject: Mickey Markette   1/20/2013, 5:54 am

Mikayla N. Markette

FULL NAME - Mikayla Naomi Octavia Markette

NICK NAMES - Mickey or Naomi

AGE - Seventeen, born November 21st

GENDER - Female

PLACE OF BIRTH - New York City

MORTAL FAMILY - Mickey was born into a foster home, and was adopted by Lily and Daniel Markette. After years with Mickey, when she was 13, they 'produced' twin brothers. Their names are Eric and Erin.

GOD PARENT - Limos, God of hunger and stravation

YEARS AT CAMP - Nearly a year


HISTORY - Mickey knows nothing about her original parent. In fact, people at her orphanage don't even know. They say a man dropped off Mickey, and then he left. Mickey was born being skinny. At the orhpanage doctor, they said that she was unnaturally skinny for a non-premature child. When Lily and Daniel saw all of the other babies at the orphanage, they noticed how cute they were. When they saw Mickey? Horrified by her weight, they wanted to treat her correctly. So, Lily and Daniel adopted Mickey right away, and she was only in the orphanage for a couple of months. Daniel and Lily pampered Mickey, and fed her much. Little did they know was that their adoptive child was always going to starve herself. When Mickey turned 3, her immortal parent found her and her parents. Limos told them that Mickey is their child, and that she has powers. Scared, Daniel and Lily started to work on everything they could to help their child. Mickey was teased and tormented all through her life. People, knowing that Mickey hated being called fat, called her this. She immediately became scared of her weight. When Mickey was going through-out this time (fifth grade - scary, huh?), Mickey started to starve herself. Not only was she naturally thin, but Mickey became Bulimic.
Around middle school, Daniel and Lily started to ignore Mickey, because they now had two children of their own. Mickey hated her life, but that's when she met Anna. Anna was also struggling with this problem, being underweight. They quickly became friends. Mickey, trusted with Anna, showed her dieting ways. Laxatives, drugs, dieting programs, etc. Though Anna doesn't like the pills, she takes them sometimes. About a year ago, when Mickey was 15, the two escaped to CHB. Mickey doesn't see any professionals about her Bulimic issue, because, *sings like Lady GaGa* baby, she was born this way.

PERSONALITY - Mickey is very quiet. She keeps to herself a lot. When talked to, Mickey tries to avoid conversation. She hates gossip, hates it. Hates when people talk about others. Mickey knows what they feel like, and she hates it. Though Mickey doesn't like the word hate, this is an exception. She has a good amount of friends, and is always eager for more. But Mickey doesn't approach people, she wants them to approach her. Mickey is very sensitive. When ever someone insults her or her past life, Mickey grows defensive. Same with her friends - she'll stick up for them. Mickey's personality is full of sarcasm and cheesy puns. It'll usually make people smile. Mickey, though. She's a tough one. It's hard to make her smile when everyone teases her and her weight. The teen never will self-pity, and is always telling people to stop with it. Even though she does, Mickey has told people that she might commit suicide. Though the chance of that happening is rare. Mickey doesn't do this to self-pity, but rather for people to stop picking on her. She is an eavesdropper. When things smell fishy, she'll go and 'spy' on what's happening. Most of the times, she'll keep these things to herself. But if it's a life or death situation, she won't. Mickey may be quiet, but she's a partier. If ever invited to a party, Mickey will surely go. To add on to her weight issue, Mickey will surely sip some beer. When she's hit the drunk stage, she'll know, and stop. Mickey is responsible, surprisingly. She'll whisper to people to shut up and stop, but only if they're supposed to.

APPEARANCE - Mickey is Bulimic. Society convinced her that she was fat. She takes special dieting pills and forces herself not to eat. Mickey is 5'5", but only weight a light 93 pounds. You can almost see her rib cage. It's frightening. Mickey almost never reaches the weight of 95, and if she does, she forces herself to puke. Sadly, this stuff makes her feel better, since of her odd Godly parent. She isn't very curvy, rather very bony. This teen is Caucasian, French, and Dutch. Because of her background, Mickey's skin is 'white'. Well, her skin color isn't white like this text, but that's what people would know her by. If you'd like to go into detail, Mickey has a palish skin tone. It's a pale color that blends well with Mickey. Her baby smooth skin looks silky with her skin tone. The only non-smooth part of Mickey's skin is on the top part of her knee. It's her birthmark, which seems to be a weird scar. Not Harry Potter scar, but a plain old scar. When Mickey picks it, the scar's dead skin grows back quickly, so Mickey doesn't pick it. She's had the scar ever since she was born, and cannot get it off, so declared it as a birth mark. Now, we'll discuss Mickey's gorgeous face. Her face is heart shaped with a non-poking-out chin. Above that chin is her peach mouth. Mickey does pick her lips, but not as much as she used to. On the (audience's) right side of her lips, Mickey gets cold sores (about once or twice a year). Mickey barely smiles, but she does have pearly whites. Then to her cute little nose, it's kind of small. Last on her face, Mickey's eyes. She has soft greenish-blue eyes that twinkle. They are big eyes, very round. The teen has some make-up that she uses, and it's eyeliner. Over her eyes are her thin, brown eyebrows. They hover directly over those big eyes. Thin, light blonde hair falls down Mickey's head. Her short hair stops at around her chin and framed her face. It's very silky and easy to handle, but some parts are tinier and stick out. Because Mickey's hair is short, when it's cold, she wears knit beanies to warm her head. Mickey usually covers up her body, so nobody sees her thinness.

TALENTS - She's very good at swimming and dancing. That's all, really. Her vocal chords aren't the best, and sports just aren't her thing. Oh, and she's an advancedbeastmuderfudger at Mario Kart. Well, Mario anything. She enjoys video games and computers, nothing more, really. Mickey, power wise, can make someone feel very starved, just by looking at them. They'll feel weak and hungry, like Mickey usually is. She can do this five times a day, and it drains her (not a lot, though).

PETS - Mickey has a baby turtle named Cactus.

OTHER - Adopted from Moo

RP SAMPLE - Mickey hated airports. Hated them. There was so many people, you were constantly smacking shoulders with people and germs spread like wildfire. Not to mention how loud it was. Mickey preferred quiet, isolated places. That's exactly why she was at the airport. Camp had gotten really difficult to handle since the battle in August. There was extensive training and always worry of other sudden battles. She need some time off. After borrowing some money from Chiron, Mickey bought a first class ticket to bahamas.

Pushing her way through crowd beyond crowd of people, she made it to security. Her bags were checked, and she moved on. It took her nearly 15 minutes to board the plane. She was there early of course, as Mickey would be. Slowly, she walked through the small aisles. Her backpack hit every sit she walked past, occasionally smacking the odd person in the face in which she whispered "sorry, my bad." And moved on. She found her seat, plopping into it and slouching. She was exhausted from waking up at five in the morning to finish her packing her get ready for her flight. After a couple minutes, or what she thought was a couple minutes of just closing her eyes, there was a voice over the intercom asking the passengers to put on their seat belts. Mickey gulped and strapped in. She hated flying but, how else was she supposed to get to the bahamas?

PLAY-BY - Lily Loveless

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PostSubject: Re: Mickey Markette   1/21/2013, 12:20 am


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Mickey Markette
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