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 Rebel Reese, Daughter Of Athena

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PostSubject: Rebel Reese, Daughter Of Athena   1/10/2013, 5:09 pm

Full name: Rebel Reese
Gender: girl
Years at Camp: 0 but a few days.

God and mortal parent: her grandparents were Ceila Cyclops and Poseidon
Her parents were Martin (Half cyclops, half mortal) and Athena

So, she's a child of Athena, but a descendant of Poseidon.

Date of birth: 6-6-96
Place of birth: Florida


Eye color: Grey
Hair: long, poofy curls, blonde.
Height: 4"8'
Body type: Skinny.
Distinct markings: She has a scar going from her knee down to her ankle.

Personality: She's mellow, but has a happy and angry side. Rebel is very friendly, but finds it hard to make friends because she has a hard time. She doesn't know HOW to be social.

Style: Rebel wears black combat boots, vans, or flats. She enjoys comfy t-shirts and She loves wearing dark blue/black skinny jeans and a necklace with a puffy/veryfeathery owl on it.

Powers**: She has a cyclops strength, which she gets from her Grandma/Dad. She can breathe underwater, and talk to fish and horses, but that's the Poseidon in her.
Fatal Flaw*: She doesn't have much common sense/Weakminded.
-She is hated by her mother because Athena didn't know Poseidon was her Grandfather.

-Weak Mind (she is in danger, she doesn't know how to make decisions. She usually stands in panic.) So- Anxiety, pretty much.

Weapons: Strength (could pick up a tree out of the ground)
Eventually, she'll have a Light bronze sword, with a black, leather writhed, handle.
Pets: None
Talents/Skills: She is intelligent, that's her Athena- in her. But, the lack of common sense is relevant.

RP Example*:

Biography*: Rebel was born like any other Athena child, but there was problems. Athena just couldn't get her to have normal strength, it stressed her out for hours until she wanted to eventually give up. But she decided to go with it and see what happens.
When Athena delivered the baby (in person), she was in shock. Martin had told her it was a horrible idea to make the child. Athena didn't know why- until- Martin told Athena. He was a cyclops, and his Father was Poseidon.
It all made sense now, the fact the child couldn't have normal human strength. But she ended up looking so normal.
Athena became angry, so angry in fact- she killed Martin. Realizing her anger took over her, she stared down at the dust that used to be Martin, and then her new daughter. What would she do with the pointless Rebel now...? She liked that name, Rebel. It belonged to the child, considering the problems she's caused. Athena didn't want anything to do with her, at ALL. She thought she was a worthless child, but she couldn't kill her- She was blood, and that was just wrong. The goddess had some decency.

Realizing- killing Martin may have been over the table. Athena did keep the child on watch, trying to figure out a plan for her. Athena, making up for Martins death had a small idea. She would get Rebel a father, a cyclops one at that.

She made a deal with the cyclops Polyphemus, asking him to trade her some information for- the help of raising her daughter and special protection during fighting. After a bit of arguing, he agreed. But he told her that he would treat her more as an assistant than a daughter, but he would raise her. Athena agreed that, it would be okay. Only if he doesn't hurt her, or harm her in any way. The deal would be off, annoyed, Polyphemus agreed once again.

Rebel grew up in the caves of Polyphemus's home, she hated how she smelled like a cyclops all the time. She also hated how he always wanted to feed her sheep, and cows and all this meat. Rebel was vegetarian and the smell of meat made her nauseous. Polyphemus would get her special veggies because he was suppose to 'take' care of her. Although, Rebel never thought of him as a father, just an annoying guardian who was fat and too tall.

About 3-4 years ago, Rebel saw her first human being in forever. He had orange hair, and pink eyes...alright.... He was riding on the belly of one of Poly-'s special sheep. He stared at her, wide eyes, hoping she wouldn't say anything. But he also looked confused, like 'why is there a half blood here?' Little did he know the actual truth.

"Who are you..?" The boy whispered.

"I'm Rebel.. yes, I'm a halfblood. My mom was Athena, I'm a descedant of a Cyclops and Posedion.- Athena got mad- Killed Daddy, and then felt bad and had me raised by this doof." I got this alot.

"REBEL. WHO ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING TO?" Polyphemus yelled loudly.



"Poly, I'm talking to nothing, and nothing is talking to me!"


"Nothing who?!"


"Nothing is here. Yes."


"Kill who?" Rebel tried her best to hold back laughing.


"You're crazy, I'm going to my room." I looked at the boy, who was escaping very quickly, I nodded at him. He nodded back, mouthing 'thank you'

Poly started to scream various swear words, but Rebel stayed hidden in her room. She knew there would be chaos, but she felt the need to hide in her room and away from it all.


Her life was like that, tons of yelling, tons of chaos. But last year- she had escaped Polyphemus, telling him she was done with him and hated him. He told her he hated her too, and that she was worthless.
She left.

She, and her backpack headed upstate, hiding from monsters, gods and all the crazy stuff happening through the states. When she entered new york city, she felt this pull towards Farm Road, Long Island, New York. When she finally got to camp, she talked to Chiron, who indeed said- Rebel belonged at this camp.

Other Notes: Vegetarian
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PostSubject: Re: Rebel Reese, Daughter Of Athena   1/12/2013, 6:29 pm

Alright, alright. Better now. Approved.


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Rebel Reese, Daughter Of Athena
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