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 Justin Allan Epperson, son of Hephaestus

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PostSubject: Justin Allan Epperson, son of Hephaestus   1/6/2013, 7:56 pm

Have you ever loved someone so much
You'd give an arm for her
No not the expression
Literally give an arm for her
You ask me what my name is, do you? Well all you really need to know is that I am a child of a god. Yet since you asked, and it may help later in life, I shall tell you who I am. My name is Justin Allan Epperson, but most people just call me the Shadow. Although I don't really know why.
Age is just a number, really, so why do you need to know this information? Oh really, you say that you have to know to decide if I am able to be here at Camp. Well I am thirteen years old but I really haven't been acting my age. Maturity wise and how I was raised makes me a really mature thirteen year old.
Is this really a question that isn't obviously answered? Well here goes, I am a male. If you didn't already know that then I feel sorry for you.
I was born in New Mexico, Dulce, to be exact. So if you want to know, my language is English, Spanish, Apache, and Ancient Greek. I can speak very little Latin but if you were to need me to know something, I could understand basic things in that language.
I am tall for my age and am often thought to be in my older teenage years. I am 6 feet and 3 inches tall and have broad shoulders that make a football player jealous. My muscular body type is built in the upper body with a lot of muscles and my lower body is built as well but mostly for running. When you look at me, you would probably think I am a budding body builder.
Really? Why the hell do you care how much I weigh? Oh fine, I'll tell you, but if I get any flak for it then I will kill you. I am 175 pounds of all muscle. Most people think I am over weight but they don't understand me at all.

[size=18]God and Mortal Parents:[/size]
I'm the son of Kay-leigh Maria Epperson and the god of the heavenly forges, Hephaestus. My parentage has been strange since my mother stopped working after she won the jackpot for the lottery. We started out in the lower class and now we are multi-millionaires, 295 Million to be exact. If it weren't for all of that money, I wouldn't have been able to forge my own weapons and armor and I wouldn't have my personal forge in a small remote hill in New Mexico.

My powers are as follows.
As a son of Hephaestus, I can withstand extreme heat up to 400 degrees F. This power has no known effect on me since it is mostly unnoticed by me unless others bring it up. I have heard of many children of Hephaestus having similar powers and they grow weaker if they use it but for some reason, my heat resistance does not weaken me.
I am also able to summon a godly fire that is a golden color like that of the godly ichor that flows from their wounds. This power does have many weaknesses and limitations though. I can only summon a flame up to 400 degrees, just like my heat resistance, and it can only be either a ring around me that has a diameter of 10 feet from side to side. Or I can summon a ball of flames the size of a small basketball. This can only be done ten times and with each time I grow weaker. The last time I used all of the times I ended up waking up in the park 12 hours later with a large charred area around me. Apparently the flames died as soon as I blacked out.

Just like every human, whether they are pure mortal or part god, I have flaws that get in my way. These are small and large. When I was told my fatal flaw, my mother told me that it is a natural instinct to protect those that I love. This is something that will get me killed if I don't learn to control it, and is the reason I have a bionic arm that I had to make and upgrade since the age of ten. I have three other small flaws that are rather ironic if you ask me. I am a son of Hephaestus but I am deathly afraid of burning to death, so I will rarely be seen inside a flame. Even though I can resist the heat, it has scared me that I might possibly die. That is the first of the three. The second is that being a demigod, I feel like I am immortal yet I still fear heights and deep waters, so I will not climb ladders of swim in the ocean. I am also very claustrophobic. It took me years to learn how to stay in my underground forge without screaming and running out the same way I came in.
Alright, I am the son of Hephaestus, so I can forge weapons of great power and anything that I want, really. Yet I am limited to five weapons that I really enjoy using. I have a sword that I forged from Celestial Bronze when I was ten years old. It is a basic weapon that when I forged it, I had discovered I was able to imbue the metal with poison. So it is a blade that looks like a Japanese katana but the hilt is much different. It is designed to wrap around my fist in a fashion that makes it impossible for the weapon to fall from my grip. My second and third weapons are twin hooks fashioned and thought up from the Shaolin Monks blades that are my favorite. They are Celestial Bronze and once again the hilts are fashioned to wrap around my fists so that they can't fall from my grip. The last two weapons are rather strange in design. Have you ever played the game Assassin's Creed? If so then you have seen the hidden blades that Ezio uses. Well, my weapons are similar to that but I call them the Fists of Hephaestus, since they are designed by a son of Hephaestus. They are Celestial Bronze and are actually modern day gauntlets that slip over the fists and immediately form to the hand so that they are skin tight. Then the gauntlets are equipped with sheathes that are nearly invisible to the untrained eye. There are three sheathes per gauntlet and are designed like so. Two of the blades come from the top of the fist in a matter similar to Wolverine's but there are only two. Then the last blade shoots from below the wrist and is a hookblade which is a blade that has a barbed hook added on. So that blade is much thick and stronger since these last blades are meant to help climb. Of course I plan on upgrading these weapons but right now that is all I have.
Now I should tell you about my armor as well. I am not someone to leave anything to chance. So, my armor is designed like a large battle tank. I have pure Celestial bronze plate armor that covers ever part of my body. The only problem is that I am still unable to guard the chinks in between each piece. The only part of my body that I do not have armored is my already metal bionic left arm that is designed to look like a futuristic arm cannon but to this day I have not added any cannon parts to it. Right now it is just a replacement arm.

My past history, hm, well I should start with my very first memories. I was two years old when I first could remember anything more than my mother's tit and all of the naps I had to take. Well, when I was two, I remember being in my room running around yelling in a child-like mannor about some Greek monster that I was slaying, yet there was nothing there. So, you could basically say that it was nothing more than a child's imagination, which is what every counselor ever told me, besides my school counselor in 6th grade, but we aren't there yet. Anyhow, when I was running around, at the young age of two, I noticed a gleaming line in my closet where the doors met, almost like a sun shining through, but it was darker and red. So, I walked over giggling as I picked up a toy sword. To me it seemed like a good time to play war. Anyhow, I made it to the closet and grabbed the door. The door busted open and out of the red light came an automaton that looked much too close to a Roman gladiator for my liking, yet I was holding the toy sword. So, needless to say, the robot attacked me and almost succeeded at killing me. As I fell onto my be crying from a small cut on my side, my mother slammed into my room with a large sword and cut the robot down, causing it to burst into ash.
That was my first memory of every meeting something not normal. After that, it was a few years before anything cool happened. I was 7 years old when I next had a run in with a monster, but this time my mom wasn't there to save me. It was a small hell hound, one that was obviously still a pup, but evil to the core. Anyhow, the thing charged at me while I was playing in the street, yes, just like a mother would say not too, and the beast made it to me. I fell to the dirt road with blood seeping from a shallow cut on my leg. This time, instead of someone killing the monster, it disappeared, as if being called somewhere else. I still don't know why it didn't finish me off, I mean I was young and wounded. There was no way I would win a fight that time.
I was ten years old when I lost my arm. It was at school, to a larger monster this time. Okay, count it up, this is monster number three, and I was well into my over due stage of losing. Anyhow, this time it was a rather large dragonling. One that was disguised as a dog, in the Mist, of course. Anyhow, I was playing with a few friends and the bell sounded to go back to class. So, I got off the jungle gym and was heading toward the door when I heard a growl. Me being a stupid child and not realizing that this was a dangerous situation, turned around and came face to face with the large doberman/dragon. I was surprised because I could see the vague shape of a dragon but it still looked like a doberman to me. So, I went to pet it and the fire shot forth, but it didn't hurt me. When the dragon realized that, I had to run because it came for me. I was only a few feet from the safety of the doors when the dragon pounced and landed on my back. When I fell, the thing had my left arm in its mouth and it ripped my arm off. I screamed and blacked out. It was a few days later when I woke up at the hospital and saw that I had a bandaged side that left me with only my right arm.
Okay, I'll skip the boring parts about how I designed my new arm and weapons and armor. Also, the part about my mom winning the lottery isn't real interesting. Now we are at twelve and I am at school. So, I was near turning thirteen and planning my birthday bash with my best friend, Greg Thomas. Anyhow, I was told that the counselor wanted to see me and so I went to the office. She was there and as soon as the door shut, she became a fury, one who hated me apparently. And I was able to escape, only because Greg, who was a satyr, appeared and we fled the state. Now I am living in Camp, since I arrived in December. You may know me but maybe not. Anyhow, this is my history, brief and to the point.
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PostSubject: Re: Justin Allan Epperson, son of Hephaestus   1/6/2013, 9:12 pm



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Justin Allan Epperson, son of Hephaestus
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