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 Melody Claire

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PostSubject: Melody Claire   12/22/2012, 3:57 pm

Full name: Melody Siera Clair
Any nicknames?: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Years at Camp: New Camper

God and mortal parent: Aphrodite and Darrell Clair
Date of birth: February 28
Place of birth: New York

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank):
Eye color: Blue
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Long, curly blonde hair
Height: 5 feet and 4 inches tall
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): Skinny with almost no noticeable muscle tone since Melody thinks that her body would look strange with muscles.
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): N/A
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Melody has a unique personality for a daughter of Aphrodite. She is someone who isn't obsessed with beauty and hates playing with other people's emotions. Although she feels this way, Melody is also someone who does admittedly look at superficial facts, such as, she would never date someone who is considered a geek.
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it):

Powers**: N/A
Fatal Flaw*: Beauty (This is often thought of as not a flaw but for melody it is. Every guy she has ever met, besides Dallas, has fallen head over heels in love with her and started getting in her way. This is a very big problem if she were to be in a fight with a monster or another wicked being and then some guy started getting in her way.)
Flaws*(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.): Melody can't use any weapon that has a blade besides a dagger. She is also not very good at athletic things.

Weapon(s): Two daggers and a Hunting bow that when a switch is pressed will turn into a necklace. The daggers are able to turn into bangles and the arrows for her bow turn into the charm on her necklace. (This is the reason why Dallas had no idea she is a demigod.)
Pets: A mid grown golden retriever that follows her everywhere.
Talents/Skills: Archery, singing, knife throwing, dancing, violin playing

RP Example*: "Dallas, why is it that everywhere we go, those boys follow you?" Melody was walking with Dallas in the hallway when she noticed that there were three boys around the corner and two others behind them. It pulled up in her mind a reason to fear what would possibly happen. She knew that fighting often occurred in school, but these boys outnumbered her and Dallas and they were all bigger and stronger than Dallas as well. "Melody, I can handle this if you want." Dallas was strangely calm compared to her feelings that raged within. Instead of replying in a normal way, Melody wimpered and clutched Dallas's hand. "Don't get hurt, please." Then she let go and backed up so that she was next to the girl's bathroom, in case she needed to get away fast.

Biography*: Melody was born in New York City to a woman that everyone had said was a famous model from around Italy. Yet no memories remained in the new born's mind as she was just born and then her mother disappeared. So, Melody grew up in a small part of New York where she could go to school and not draw attention to herself. Yet, Melody never had many friends. Every boy had asked her if she would date him, at the age of 5. And of course she had said no. Yet one day she moved to a different school and met a boy that was in her class. They were 8 and she had broken a pencil while the teacher had been talking, so Melody had asked him if she could borrow a pencil. Immediately, Melody had fallen in love with Dallas. Yet they were only 8 and so they couldn't date in the full concept and so they just stayed together until they were older. When Melody was 12 years old, Dallas had lost his mother and so they started hanging out more. Yet when he disappeared after her father had angered him, Melody grew sad and she yelled at her father and then ran away. Melody was 13 years old when she made it to Camp Half Blood.

Other Notes: Melody is still in love with Dallas but doesn't know he is also in Camp
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PostSubject: Re: Melody Claire   12/22/2012, 4:22 pm

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Melody Claire
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