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 Emery Macallister

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PostSubject: Emery Macallister   12/4/2012, 7:05 pm

Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm losing my mind losing my mind losing control
Name: Emery Freya Macallister
Age/Birthday: Emery was born on May eighth. She is thirteen.
Gender: Emery is a girl
God Parent: Emery is a daughter of Aura, Titan of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning
Claimed: Emery was claimed the moment she entered camp
Mortal Family: Macaulay Macallister is a carpenter. He works out the basement of his house in Sandusky, Ohio. Macaulay is forty-six. Macaulay is a witty and fun-loving man. He and Emery are very close.
Years in Camp: Emery has been at camp for a month

Brief History: Emery was born in Sandusky, Ohio. Aura lived with Macaulay and Emery for a month after her birth. One night, in early June, Aura told Macaulay she had to go back to Olympus. He became very mad. Yelling things like "You expect me to do this on my own? How can you leave me a month after? Don't you want to see your daughter?" Aura shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes. "You don't understand, Mac. I want to stay. Believe me I do. But I can't. I just can't and I'm sorry." And after that, she left crying. Mac threw plates and glasses at the kitchen walls. Emery was wailing in the nursery. Mac groaned and dragged his feet into the nursery and rocked Emery to sleep.

On Emery's first day of Kindergarten, Macaulay walked her out to the bus, gave her a kiss on the forehead and handed her, her Blue's Clues lunchbag. Emery had been waiting for this since she was three. She wore her best dress and shiny Mary Janes. But, her smiled faded when she got on the bus. Kids were laughing at her, pointing at her and on her way to her seat, an older kid tripped her. Her first day of school was just the start. All throughout middle school, Emery was bullied. She had only a small group of friends. A group the other kids would call "The Numskulls." The group was actually phenomally intelligent. Including Emery. All her friends were straight A students. But, the bullying led to the death of one of her friends. Emery's best friend Katherine killed herself in eighth grade. Emery is still mourning her death. After all, it has only been 2 months since Katherine's death.

A month after Katherine's death, Emery started to become depressed. Her marks dropped, she stopped talking to people, she even started skipping classes. It was so unlike her. Emery's friend ditched her and her teachers didn't notice how much her personality had changed. Macaulay was the only one that noticed. He took her to a specialist to get anit-depressants. She takes them now but, some of the different types of pills give her suicidal thoughts. Finally, Macaulay decided it was best if he sent her away. It would make her forget quicker. So, he drove her to Camp Half-Blood.
Physical Appearance: Emery has long, platinum blonde hair. She wears it different everyday. It has a natural wave to it. Her hair falls just past her breasts. She thinks its a pain in the butt to take care of. Emery has beautiful eyes. Her eyes are mixture of three earth tones: rusty brown, dark slate blue and evergreen green. Emery has ivory skin. She uses a aloe and green tea lotion that keeps her skin moist and healthy. She doesn't tan easily. Emery's lips are plump and rosy pink. She prefers not to wear make-up but, Burt's Bees chapstick is the only lip product she will ever wear. Emery has light brown freckles that take up a great deal of space beneath her eyes and on her nose. She has a small figure, only weighing 113 lbs. She is short and is only 5"3". She has a flat stomach and thin limbs. Emery loves to wear dresses and skirts. Her shoe of choice is flats. Whether it be classic Mary Janes or TOMS.
Personality: Emery is very meek. She is gentle and considerate of others opinions and feelings. She accepts anyone and if she hears someone being bullied or bullying someone there will be serious consequences. Emery is very responsible and likes to think of herself as a young, powerful, insightful women. She no longer thinks of herself as a child. Her maturity level has increased over the past two months. She's had to deal with things most teenagers her age don't deal with. Even though she's been mature about, doesn't mean it hasn't hurt her. Emery is depressed and often won't take her pills because no is making her anymore. She doesn't like the pills, they make her feel fuzzy. Emery is weak on the inside. She can't deal with people making fun of her, or when she gets mad, she starts crying.
Flaws: Emery is very easily effected by bullying. Through her depression she's had suicidal thoughs, attemped suicide once and also tried self-abuse. A few things Emery isn't good at are drawing, building, and being put under pressure.
Pets: Emery has no pets
Talents & Powers: Emery has always had a knack for sports. She loves soccer and vollyball. She isn't exactly the best with a sword but, a crossbow is another story. Emery's crossbow was the first weapon she ever picked up. Emery is very agile. She is excellant at all the stunt training and the climbing wall. As for powers, Emery has very little. She can make a gust of wind which would be like a breeze. The fastest she can make the breeze blow is 10mph. Emery can only do this twice a day. It tires her out if she does it more than four times. If she goes over 4, she will either faint or throw up.
Weapons: Emery uses a Celestial Bronze cross bow with extra slim arrows. She had a special set of arrows made for her that fly faster but make a whistling noise while flying.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round as of right now.
RP Sample: Emery cautiously opened the door to cabin 16. It was her first day at camp. She wore a nude, sequined dress with black ballerina flats. Her luggage was trailing behind her as she walked into her cabin. She saw an empty bed off in a corner. She immediately ran for it. Emery struggled to lift her luggage onto the bed. It was so heavy and the bed was like, 3 feet off the ground. Emery groaned and lifted the suitcase onto the bouncy matress. "Holy Hephaestus." She muttered under her breath. Emery un-zipped her suitcase and flipped the top open. She unloaded all her clothes into the plastic bins she brought for under her bunk. She put new sheets and blankets on her bed and threw her pillows down also. Emery was finally settled in. She smiled and bit her lip. She was so excited. Maybe people here wouldn't be so bad. She just hoped that the Ares cabin didn't mess with her. She'd been warned by Chiron already about Clarisse and her "welcoming party." Emery changed into a light pink skirt that reached her knees and a black tank top and left for the climbing wall.
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PostSubject: Re: Emery Macallister   12/9/2012, 2:38 am

Approved! Great character form! So sorry I didn't get to it earlier.

Characters? (click here)
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and lastly, Catalina Liakos, the very intelligent, amiable, tough-as-nails daughter of Prometheus.
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Emery Macallister
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