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 Kassidy Elois Indigo ;; Daughter of Asteria

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PostSubject: Kassidy Elois Indigo ;; Daughter of Asteria   11/25/2012, 3:14 am

Hey, that sounds like my luck,
I get the short end of it.
Oh I love to be,
I love to be the underdog.

Full name: Kassidy Eloise Indigo
Nicknames: Taleis used to call her Kass, but she hasn't seen Taleis in years. Some of her friends also call her Sid, which is a nickname Kassidy's been taking on more and more.
Age: Kassidy is eighteen years of age.
Date of birth: Kassidy was born on July fifth, 1994
Years at Camp: Kassidy is a brand new camper

God parent: Kassidy's mother is Asteria, the titan of nocturnal oracles and falling stars.
Mortal family:
    • Edward Indigo - Kassidy's father had always been in the Navy, and this had always been a problem when it comes to finding a steady girlfriend. They always say, "Oh, this guy could die because he's in the Navy, so I'll sleep with him." The conversation explaining why they didn't want to date him always went like, "Well, you could die..." He constantly moved around, living somewhere no longer than three years. While he was in Orlando, he met a girl named Asteria. She ended up getting pregnant with Kassidy. After Kassidy was born, Edward decided it was time to find someone who could take care of Kassidy full-time. Just as he was giving up, he met Carly.

    • Carly Indigo - Kassidy's step mother was a kind woman named Carly. When Carly met Edward, she already had a one year old daughter named Tracy. Kassidy had always been close to both of her parents, but she had this special bond with Carly, despite the fact that Carly was her step-mom. Kassidy always came to her mom with her problems before she went to anyone else.

    • Tracy Indigo - Kassidy has a younger sister named Tracy, and while Kassidy and Tracy aren't all that close, they still get along better than most siblings do. They're not like totally buddy-buddy, seeing as Tracy is five years younger than Kassidy, but they get along well enough.

Place of birth: Kassidy was born in Orlando, Florida.
Pets: Kassidy has no pets.
Biography: Kassidy grew up as what would be refered to as a Navy Brat. Because her dad worked in the Navy, she had to move around a lot. Not multiple times per year, but more like she'd move every two to four years. Kassidy had spent the first two years of her life in Orlando, Florida. At this time, it was just Kassidy and her dad. Kassidy's dad had been looking for a girlfriend for some time, although the girls never seemed to be all that interested in staying around. It was something about the fact that her father already had a child, and they seemed to think that he might end up going back to Kassidy's mother (even though he had no idea where to even find her).
When Kassidy was three, they ended up moving to Santa Monica, where they lived until she was five. This time was uneventful and consisted of much of the same things as Orlando; Kassidy's dad asking girls out, and them not coming back for a second date once they found out he had a daughter. Eventually, there was a robery near where they lived, and they were moved to Wilmington for safety purposes.
In Wilmington, Kassidy's father met Carly. She was the first girl to stick around, which made sense, seeing as she had a one year old daughter herself. After Carly had dated Kassidy's dad for nine months, she moved in with them. When they had dated for fourteen months, Kassidy's dad proposed to Carly. Kassidy was seven and a half at the time, and she can't remember feeling anything but excitement. She liked Carly, and she though Tracy was cute with her tiny fingers and her little nose.
They had their wedding on the beach, and Kassidy can remember her grandparents whispering about them rushing theirn marriage and not waiting long enough, which confused Kassidy. Her daddy and Carly obviously loved each other. Wasn't that enough?
When Kassidy was nine. they finally moved from Wilmington to...somewhere. Kassidy had stopped keeping track of where they moved. She was starting to get to the age where she was more annoyed than anything when they had to move, because she had to leave her friends behind. Still, this was around the time that Kassidy had started learning about email, so she and her friends kept in contact that way.
Really, there was nothing all that noticeable in life until Kassidy's dad had finished his time in the Navy. She was thirteen by then, and both her dad and Carly agreed it was time for something different and decided to move to London. Kassidy felt like she might actually be able to make a lasting impression there, which is what she did.
While she was somewhat naive and didn't know much about England, Kassidy's social skills blossomed. She quickly became one of the most popular girls at her school, and even caught the eye of one of the most popular boys in her class. Still, she had heard he was trouble and stayed away from him, as tempting as it was.
But when Kassidy was fifteen, well, she couldn't say she wasn't curious. The boy, Taleis, was fourteen at the time, but he was still the most popular boy, and Kassidy was the most popular girl, and didn't the most popular girl and boy date?
It turned out that Taleis was more of a gentleman than she had thought. Of course she saw the damage of his dates at school, but he was nothing like that once they started dating. He always showed up to their dates, on time, and sometimes even early. He'd invite her to sit with him, and he'd even sit with her. They held hands in the hallways and were late to class because Taleis wouldn't want to leave her, or Kassidy would want to leave Taleis. Everyone had been prepared to dub them the school's cutest couple, but then...well, then it turned out Taleis was worse than Kassidy had ever thought he could be. He ended up breaking her heart is as far as Kassidy will say, which caused Kassidy to withdraw from everyone.
She started hiding away inside herself. Her parents tried to get her to talk to a therapist, and her teachers sent her to the guidance counselor, and her friends cast her aside. Which was fne by Kassidy, because she wasn't in a state to talk abou frivolousthings such as which boy was more hot, and who was dating who, and all of their petty drama, really.
Eventually, Kassidy's parents got so worried that they decided what she needed was a fresh start. So they packed up their stuff and moved to New York City.
And really, a fresh start was exactly what Kassidy needed. She made a few friends, although it took her a while to really open up to them. Eventually, she told them everything - about not knowing her real mom and being a Navy brat and her dad meeting Carly and moving to London and dating Taleis and Taleis breaking her heart and just everything, really. And they listened and helped her move on.
Kassidy's grades started improving and so did her attitude and just everything, really.
But, of course, just as everything was going good, it got worse.
It started small; shadows out of the corner of her eyes, feeling people following her, watching her.
Finally, one day, a monster attacked. As it turned out, one of Kassidy's friends from school was a satyr. He defended her as best he could against the monster before taking her to camp.

Appearance: Kassidy has a round face, with naturally pink cheeks. Her skin isn't ridiculously tan, but it's not pale, either. It's this happy medium between pale and tan and it just looks pretty and natural. Her eyes are kind of narrow, but she tends to put on some black eyeliner to make them look bigger. Not because she doesn't like the way she looks, she just thinks her appearance can be...improved, she guesses. She has a button nose, which Kassidy thinks looks kind of weird and out-of-place, if she's to be honest. Her arems and just kind of regular. They aren't ridiculously skinny, and probably could be a bit thinner, but Kassidy's happy with them the way they are. She feels the same with her legs, although she does have knock-knees (or awkward knees, whatever you prefer). It's not all that noticeable, but it's there.
Eye color: Kassidy has borwn eyes, and for her, the saying about your eyes being windows to your soul are true. Instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, Kassidy wears her heart in her eyes. Her emotions are on display for all to see.
Hair: Kassidy has long, blonde hair that has a massive frizz-problem. When she was popular in England, she did try to straighten/tame it, but once she lost her status as school-royalty, she stopped bothering. There were some days then when she left her hair frizzy, and she eventually started doing that more often than not, because she practically took a shower on the way to school.
Height: Kassidy is fairly short, standing at a full height of five feet and four inches. Kassidy would put more of an effort into looking taller (shoes and pants matching in colour, high heels, and any other trick ton make yourself appear taller you can think of), but she really doesn't see the point.
Body type: Kassidy is fairly skinny, but not skinny-like-a-skeleton. Kassidy has curves, and she's very proud of her curves, thank you very much.
Distinct markings: Kassidy has five small birth marks that are mistaken for freckles by those who see them on the back of her neck. Depending on the way you look at them, they could either for a circle, pentagon, or a star. Kasdy prefers the star explanation.
Style: Kassidy has a kind of quirky style, something somewhat hispter-ish. She'll wear lacy blouces and modest skirts, or oversized t-shirts and ratty jeans with converse. It all kind of depends on the situation. Someties she'll dress as any regular girl would, but just more modest, while other times, she dresses more laid back and down to earth. One of her main rules is that the only thing she'll ever wear on her hair is a simple black beanie. She refuses to tame her hair with clips or hair spray. Sometimes she'll stuff it into a ponytail (very rarely does it even cooperate enough), but the majority of the time she just leaves it out in all of it's frizzy glory.

Fatal Flaw: Kassidy's fatal flaw is that she's far too honest. It doesn't take a lot of prying to get stuff out of Kassidy.
Flaws: Kassidy is ridiculously paranoid when it comes to the sound of people chewing. It drives her absolutely crazy. She also tends to chew on things, such as pens, pencils, fingers, fingernails, and pretty much whatever she has on hand. She almost always has a pack of gum on her, because she'd much rather not have bloody fingers, thank you very much.
Quirks: Kassidy holds a fork/spoon/knife in her right hand, although she's left handed. She literally cannot hold a fork in her left hand, but the only hand she's ever written with is her left hand.
Personality: Kassidey is a generally kind person, although she can be so, ridiculously stubborn when she wants to be. If she has a veiw on something, it's just barely short of impossible to get her to change her mind on it. So when she's mad at someone, she stays mad at them for a very, very long time. It's not that she holds grudges exactly, she just doesn't want to forgive them. She may stop being angry at them, but that doesn't mean she'll act any less angry. It's just a pride thing. 99% of the time, Kassidy will walk up to anyone and strike up a conversaqtion. She's just a nice and generally happy person. She'll include anyone, stand up for anyone, etc.

Weapon(s): Kassidy has a typical, standard issue sword. About two and a half feet long, celestail bronze, and double bladed.
Talents/Skills: Kassidy's really good at taking pictures, and she's also an excellent storyteller.
Powers: Kassidy has no powers.

Other Notes: The face claim is Linnea Jonsson, and the quote is from Underdog by Inmagine Dragons. And yes, this is my character Taleis' ex girlfriend Kassidy who supposedly killed hersef. The spelling may not be that great for this form, the computer I used didn't have spell check. It also may seem a bit rushed, seeing as the form only took one day to make, as opposed to my usual month or so >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Kassidy Elois Indigo ;; Daughter of Asteria   11/25/2012, 2:35 pm


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Kassidy Elois Indigo ;; Daughter of Asteria
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