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 Bringing Back two old friends

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PostSubject: Bringing Back two old friends   10/6/2012, 2:34 am

Character Name: Eli Harris

Gender: M

Age: 16

and he's 5'9, And he also carries a large gord of sand around like a backpack so he is always near sand.

God and mortal parent: Set and Tanya Harris

Powers**: Eli has the ability to control sand. He can do this 35 times a day and can use the sand for whatever he want(Sheild, Whip, etc.) This gives him headachs very often and after the limit is up he will immediately pass out. He can make 1 SMALL sandstorm a day. The sandstorm is just big enough to surrond a SINGLE PERSON. And he will immediately pass out from using it. He cannot use his powers unless he is near a large enough sorce of sand, hence the need for the gord on his back.

Flaws: Humorless, Spiteful, Recluse

Pets: N/A

Weapon: Sword
Two Daggers
Talents/Skills:Fighting and Controling sand.

RP Example*: Eli sat in the sand of the beach and stared out at the calm and peaceful state the water was in. He hoped that he would be left alone and so far he was getting his wish because everyone on the beach was purposefully leaveing him alone. He didn't mind cause he had a general idea of what they are thinking. They think he's a freak, a werido, an emo. Whatever it didn't matter to Eli so long as they didn't try to get on his nerve. However some was stupid enough to try. It was just some stupid punk bully trying to get himself noticed. He wasn't doing much just spouting out names and kicking up sand at Eli. But then he went and did the stupid thing. He picked up a rock and nailed Eli with it. Eli reached up and touched where the rock hit him then quickly brought his blood line finger into view. That was the final straw, he wasn't going to kill the kid just scare him. Eli stood up and quickly made the sand grabbed the kid and rise into the air. He let the kid hang upside down for a few minutes to freak out and let everyone take the time to notice. Soon after without even thinking he used the sand to throw the kid off toward the deepest part of the swimming area. After all there was no need to kill some random kid over throwing a rock at a stranger.

Biography*: Eli was born in Phoneix, Arizona on December 5th, 1996. His mother hated him and said that he was the reason his dad left. He was picked on in school, called a freak, an emo, and a b******. Eli just moved on ingnoring it. He felt like he should go to the desert but he wasn't sure why. But one day he got his wished. His mom told him that they were going to a little trailer she owned out in the desert. Needless to say they got their just fine, but Eli didn't come back. Tanya being the hateful, whiney, mother she was left Eli in the desert at the trailer. It seems like that was the only thing that was the truth in what she said. Eli survived though. He had the food from the trailer and also, not long after he was left he discovered his powers over sand. This was when he was 13. The next year Eli tried his best to figure out who his father was. Using the resources he had he started going through mythology after mythology until he read about who Set was. He figured that Set was his father but he wasn't so sure. About this time a satyr came nocking at Eli's door and told him that the monsters were coming. And just to prove the point there were the snarls, growls, and roars of a mass of monsters that weren't far away. Eli agreed to leave for CHB and while they were fleeing, the satyr confirmed Eli's thoughts on who his father was by telling him who he was and where the mysterious side of his origins came from. The next year Eli entered the camp and feels like it's not much of a change from where he was living before he was left at that trailer. He's been there for two years and is 16 now


Character Name: Sirius Blackheart

Gender: M

Age: 16

God and mortal parent: Mors and Haley Blackheart

Powers**: Being the son of the god of the dead, Sirius can summon up to 30 skeletons warriors a day. This causes him to have minor to major headachs depending on how any he summons at a time. Like say he summoned 1 he would have a minor headach but if he summoned 25 he would get a major headach. He can also shadow travel 5 times a day. He will get minor to major headaches, and his max distance is from San Fransico to Hollywood.

Flaws: Aimless, Intolerant of annoyances or smart a**es, In.sane but hides it by being Indifferent about everything.

Pets: A white and a black wolf that decided to follow him on his way to camp. After his year with Lupa he learned how to speak with wolves so he talks to them.
Names: Albin and Shadow

Weapon: IG Sword, IG Spear, and 2 IG Daggers.

Talents/Skills: Fighting, and speaking with wolves.

RP Example*: Sirius awoke in the barracks of Camp Jupiter only to find everyone else still asleep. He sighed and got out of bed and got dressed. Once done he left the barracks and headed up Temple Hill only to be joined by Albin and Shadow. The three made their way to Pluto's shrine and sat there in the graveyard conversing with one another for the rest of the night. As the sun creeped up over the horizon Sirius and his wolf friend's made their way back to the grounds of Camp Jupiter. Slowly Sirius completed his daily reutine whil Albin and Shadow watched. As the day drew to a close Sirius fought in the daily war game and then made himself ready for bed. After a few hours of talking with Albin and Shadow, Sirius fell back into a deep sleep, silently hoping that he will sleep all through the night.

Biography*: Sirius in short had a sh*t life. He was born to the abusive and b***hy Haley Blackheart and the Roman god Mors. Sirius was generally a nice kid at a young age but his mother beat him constantly, mentally abused him and slowly but surely drove him completely in.sane. He tried to stop her, tried to resist, but that only made things worse for himself and soon he was completely psy.chotic. So one day he killed his mother in a blind in.sanity attack and for this he was sent to an asylum to try and get help. However when he was 12 he escaped there and fled to Australia to find a new life. This new life lasted about 2 years before he wwas found and this time sent to an orphanage with weekly trips to a mental institution for check ups. The next year he escaped and made his way to the Wolf House. Lupa took him in and trained him to control his in.sanity and because of this he is now indifferent about everything and always has a calm look on his face, like he just doesn't care about anything. A few months later he made his way to Camp Jupiter and has been there for a year now.

Notes: Sword



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PostSubject: Re: Bringing Back two old friends   10/6/2012, 2:02 pm

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Bringing Back two old friends
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