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 Lucian Fangs

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PostSubject: Lucian Fangs   10/5/2012, 12:57 pm

Full name: Lucian Fangs
Any nicknames?: Nope
Age: 13
Years at Camp: New at camp
Theme :Matchbox Twenty - How Far We've Come
God and mortal parent: Ares and Aradia Fangs
Date of birth: 7th of June
Place of birth: New York

Normal-Wears a black hoodie with its zipper halfway open (you can see the orange camp shirt), wears dark jeans with black boots.His sword hanging from his belt with the dagger at the other side.
Armor:Black leather vest with a slot for a dagger. Same dark jeans with leather protection. Black boots. Sword hanging from his belt.
Eye color: Ice (Ice Baby!) Blue
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Black wavy hair. Short ( the same hair lenght as Luke from the movie)
Height: 1.80
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.):Tall, a little muscular. Normal weight.
Distinct markings: None.
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Really nice to his friends. Shy around girls. Gets violent and angry quickly when someone insults him or his friends (even if its a girl). Doesnt like meaningless wars/fights.

Fatal Flaw*: NEVER runs away from a fight. Even when he knows that the enemy overpowers him.
Flaws*: Scared (to death) of bugs (specially centipedes). Easy to anger.

Weapon(s): A celestial bronze sword (a basic one) at his right hand, a celestial bronze dagger at his left hand for defense .
Pets: None
Talents/Skills: Really skilled in using a dagger and a sword. Thanks to his father being Ares he can use whatever wepon he wants easily but not so great as the dagger-sword combo. Can do an almost perfect wolf stare, scaring most people.

RP Example*: Lucian grabbed his sword. He was nervous and scared. Hmph..an Ares kid getting scared. That was something to laugh at! He was a soldier goddamit! Not a general. He walked out of the tent. He gazed outside and looked at the half-bloods. Apollon kids were standing, readying their bows. Some Ares kids were standing ready in chairots with their spears at their hands. Hephaistos kids at catapults. There was a strong silence in the air. He put his hand on the handle of his sword. His fingers clenched on the handle. There was a stunning roar. The sound ripped troufg the air like a razor. Then they started running. Cyclops, Hellhounds, monsters even he didnt heard of. Lucian bit his tongue till he tasted the blood. Some soldiers were looking at him. Then He yelled.'FIRE!!' Apollon kid fired their arrows. He looked to the wave of arrows. Every one of them landed on a monster turning it to dust.'You should get inside...' An Athena kid whispered to him.'No! I will stay and fight!' Lucian yelled. He pulled his sword and dagger.'CHARGE!!' Lucian yelled as he started running , leading the half-bloods.

Biography*:Lucian had a troubled childhood, even by half-blood standarts. He was always picked on at school and due to his quick resort to violence he always got in fights. He sometimes got beaten up real bad. His mother always said that she was proud of him for standing up for himself. It all started when a kid cursed at his mother: 'Your mom is probably a fat *****!' The kid yelled. Lucian's eyes opened widely with a crazy look. His eyes searched trough the kids..there was like..5 of them?..He didnt know, he didnt care.'WHO SAID THAT!?!' Lucian yelled. He was growling in anger.'I did...What are you gonna do huh?' one of them said. Lucian quickly grabbed a rock from the ground,locked his eyes on the kid and ran. THey didnt even have time to react. Lucian grabbed him from his throat, pushed him down to the floor and started hitting his head with the rock. He could see the blood coming from his head. He didnt stop. He kept hitting until he was taken away by other kids. He threw the rock at one of the kids and they ran away pulling thier wounded friend with them too. He looked at his hands and saw the blood. He cleaned his hands on his jeans and went back to his home. He was attacked by a hellhound on the way. Luckşly he was saved by his protector: Damien. He went back home with Damien. Damien explained the things happend to her mother. She pulled a bronze dagger from her back. 'This was a gift to me from your father, I think you will need it more then I do...' She said and gave him the dagger. These words were carved on the bronze dagger :'Always watching you -Ares'. Aaand thats his story.

Other Notes: None

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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Fangs   10/7/2012, 9:29 pm

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Lucian Fangs
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