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 The Twins

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PostSubject: The Twins    8/27/2012, 12:08 am

The Twins

Full Name: Adrian Kendrick
Nicknames: Clone
Age: 16
Years At Camp: 1

Picture: Up above
Hair: See the picture
Eyes: Black
Body Type: 5'7, 136 lbs, Moderate build, skinny figure.
Distinct Markings: Well...these wouldn't really be markings...but he wears his goggles everywhere, no matter what the occasion may be. Now..if we want to get into that stuff, he's got scars on his back and a faint cut under his left eye.

Personality: The twins are like two sides of the same coin. Adrian being the crispy side that has seen hell and came out swinging. He has no care about who he fights so long as they give him a reason to beat the living hell out of them, even kill them if he has to. But that doesn't change the fact that he is a guy that can have a good time and be a nice person. He is an easy going kinda guy that doesn't really care what people think of his own personal being...but is protective of Quinton and his "sis" Bree.
Style (Optional, use http://www.polyvore.com/ ): N/A

God Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent: Diana Kendrick
Step-Father: Henry Moris.
Date of Birth: December 17

Powers (optional): Adrian is able to Shadow travel. He does this to make it look like he teleports around short distances and has a max distance of 500 yards. Teleporting short distances doesn't really drain him much at all but if he goes his full distance he will likely faint and be asleep for a good 3-4 hours. When he is only teleporting short distances it seems to be like he can teleport a near unlimited amount of times...in reality though he can only Shadow travel short distance 55 times a day. However he can only teleport long distances 3-5 times a day.

Fatal Flaw: While Adrian goes with the flow he can get easily pissed...and when he is pissed...just.....stay far away..
Other Flaws (at least two others): Kinda overprotective of the people he cares for, Kinda Go with the flow dude.

Each sword is CB:

Pets: No pets
Talents/Skills: Fighting

Biography: Joint Bio at the Bottom

Other Notes:


Full Name: Quinton Kendrick
Nicknames: Clone
Age: 16
Years At Camp: 2

Picture (Optional): See above.
Hair: See picture above and ask no further questions.
Eyes: Black
Body Type: 5'7, 136 lbs, Moderate build, skinny figure.
Distinct Markings: Like Adrian he wears his goggles everywhere. But besides that, he has scars on his chest and shoulders from past...incidents.

Personality: Now..Remember what I said about the twins being 2 sides of the same coin? Well here is the lighter more peaceful side. Quinton is a calm boy that doesn't really get into fights with people much. Mostly only when it comes to someone trying to hurt his family. He is a friendly person with a quite and peaceful sense of existence. He has a temper on him but is hard to piss off unlike Adrian. Hardly anyone will see Quinton pissed off unless it's Bree or Adrian. His calm postion on life has given others the false sense that he is a pacifist that wouldn't hurt a fly...but that's far from the truth.
Style (Optional, use http://www.polyvore.com/ ): -

God Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent: Diana Kendrick
Step-Father: Henry Moris
Date of Birth: December 17.

Powers (optional): Unlike Adrian, Quinton cannot shadow travel. Instead he is able to summon undead soldiers. But since he doesn't like using his powers he can only summon up to 15 a day..and he will get borderline migraines about half way through the limit.

Fatal Flaw: Too relaxed in a serious situation.
Other Flaws (at least two others): Deceitful, Kinda Clutzy at times

Cb Greek Xiphos:


Stygian Iron Greek Kopis:

Pets: No pets

Biography: Joint Bio Below

Other Notes:
Joint Bio
The life of the Twins is one with a lot of ups and downs. To start, let's look to their mother Diana. Diana was born in Nashville, TN but moved to San Fransico when she was 4 and started living with her Aunt and Uncle, two wealthy and well known people through California. This allowed Diana to have a good life and soon became the loving, young woman that Thanatos became attracted to and started to date. The two dated for nearly a year, Diana becoming pregnant in that time. Thanatos visited her on occasion after she became pregnant..but they became less and less frequent. By the time she was 8 months into the pregnancy, Thanatos stopped visiting all together and on December 17, Adrian and Quinton Kendrick we're born.

Once Quinton and Adrian, Adrian is the older brother by about 5 minutes, were born, Diana was the best mother she could be to them, the help from her Aunt and Uncle being well appreciated. About the time the boys were 2 Diana met Henry Moris and after a year of dating, Henry being oh so very sweet, they got married and settled down in an Apartment building not far from Diana's aunt and uncle's house.

Things were good for a decent bit, Henry worked at training female runners, and Diana was working at the Converse Shoe Company. Then the boys turned 9 and things got bad. Henry began to beat his mother and the boys, at one point even slamming Adrian on a table because the young boy back-talked him over nothing.

This continued for 3 years, at 11 Quinton also back-talked Henry and faced the same fate as Adrian...only he got slammed, chest down and Adrian got slammed chest up, when Bree arrived at the home. Shortly after this Diana snapped from the abuse and tried to kill Henry, failing at doing so and then being sent to a mental rehabilitation center. This caused Bree to be closer to Henry and not believe Adrian and Quinton when they tried to warn her of how abusive Henry was.

Despite the disbelief the three grew close and the twins accepted Bree as their sister rather than their "cousin". They grew to become good friends but Adrian and Quinton were still saw as pests by Henry and their step-father did what he could to try and keep Bree training and winning the races she won. Not long after the boys turned 12, Bree won a state championship and Henry took them all out to celebrate, this being the first time since the boys were 8 and younger that their step-dad seemed like an actually caring father to them. 5 months later Bree told the boys that she was pregnant and that it was because of fucking another athlete 2 times the day that she won state championships. However Adrian and Quinton weren't convinced that that was the reason why she was pregnant...especially since they both knew Bree long enough to know that she is smarter than that.

Though they did nothing about it and that proved to be a terrible decision. One day in the next year not long after the boys turned 14, Bree grew over confident and pissed off Henry. This resulted in him raping her with no care at all that the boys were watching this. This act just cemented every single doubt they had about Bree's tale of how she got pregnant. Then Henry dragged Bree upstairs and the boys just went to their room and waited for the chance to talk to Bree...and get their's and her revenge against that madman named Henry.

That night the boys and her talked and Bree spilled her guts about everything...even that she had lost the baby thanks to Henry. The boys listened to her and Quinton helped her get to sleep that night. Adrian and Quinton then agreed to what they would do. Henry was asleep when Quinton snuck in and handcuffed Henry to the posts of his bed. Henry woke up and screamed as he tried to get free. Adrian walked in and told Quinton to go back to their room and stay with Bree while he delt with Henry.

After a long night of tormenting Henry...Adrian took his step-dad's 6 shooter and then unloaded it on the man. This done Adrian walked back to the living room and sat their in silence till the morning came. Once Bree and Quinton awoke he told them to run...and not to look back...that he would take on the jail time so that Bree wouldn't be taken away from both his brothers and that he would meet them again soon and they could be the family that each of them should've had..and that Henry ruined.

It was hard to get them to agree but Quinton and Bree did run and Adrian called the cops and told them what he had done..soon they came and took him to juvey while Quinton and Bree were on the run...a satyr soon finding them and bringing them to camp.

Meanwhile Adrian sat in jail for one long year....getting in a lot of trouble from fighting with the older mindless apes that thought they could do something to him and he wouldn't stop them and kick their asses from one corner of the jail to the other. Really he shouldn't of even been able to be bailed out of jail...but someone somehow made it happen and he was brought to camp by the satyr that helped Bree and Quinton to camp one year prior.

Adrian and his siblings are now finally back together and he is happy to see that things are better now than they were then.

Joint RP Example
Quinton broke into a wide grin, almost laughing when he heard the news. He was surprised that Bree was so casual about this, but at the same time who could blame her. She had a miscarriage once. Getting pregnant this time is just her second chance to be a happy mother.

Adrian on the other hand had the opposite expression. He had a wide-eyed, jaw dropped look when they both confirmed it and then his rage broke through. He reached up and pulled out one of his swords when suddenly a skeleton appeared in front of him

Quinton groaned as he raised the undead warrior, Bree and Adrian both knowing that he quite frankly hated his powers with every fiber of his being.

Adrian tried to get through the thing but Quinton just so happened to summon one that actually some fighting talent
This form was orignially transferred from a site that didn't require an RP Example...so don't expect the one that in on this form to make any real sense

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PostSubject: Re: The Twins    8/27/2012, 12:51 am

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The Twins
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