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 Espio Nuris (Done)

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PostSubject: Espio Nuris (Done)   8/19/2012, 5:36 pm

Full name:
Espio Nuris

Espio is fifteen years of age.

Years at Camp:
Espio has been at camp for five years.

God and mortal parent:
Espio is a child of Akhlys, goddess of poison, and of Salvadore Nuris.

Date of birth:
Espio was born on December 24, 1996.

Place of birth:
Espio was born in America, New Mexico to be exact.

Eye color:
Espio has blue eyes.

Espio has straight, brown hair that is almost to his chin.

Espio is five feet and seven inches tall.

Body type:
Epsio's body is around the normal size for a boy his age, but he is a bit thinner and stronger. He is one of those people who have muscles but they do not show.

Distinct markings:
Espio has a sideways, jagged scar that runs across his left eye. The scar reaches from the middle of his nose to right above his eyebrow.

Espio is generally non-hostile. He always appears to be in a good mood, mainly because he is usually in a good mood. He can be secretive at times. He is good at talking to people, no matter the circumstances he is in. He does have a shy side, but he has learned to overcome it. Despite his efforts to keep it at bay, sometimes it just comes out.

Espio does not have powers.

Fatal Flaw:
Espio is blind in his left eye, leaving it hard for him to fight. The fact that he has a large scar across his eye generally gives it away, thus making enemies attack him from the left where he cannot see them.

Espio is afraid of darkness and he hates being alone.

Espio has a normal blue yo-yo that has a button on its side. When the button is pressed, Celestial Bronze spikes pop out from the sides, turning is into a..well..spiky ball. It is speciall built to automatically return back to normal yo-yo form when it comes close to Espio's hand. It does have a 'hold' switch that allows it to stay in spike mode, so Espio doesn't have to press the button every time he uses it.
Espio also has a deck of cards that were made to have Celestial Bronze edges. These are what he uses instead of a normal projectile, such as a throwing knife.

Espio is a good endurance runner, he is light on his toes, he is very good with technology.

Espio lived a good childhood for the most part. The only thing that was different was that he struggled in schooling areas, leading to him getting made fun of by kids. Espio usually ignored the other kids. He was in special classes at his school for reading issues. He was only expelled from one school before his dad decided to pull hin out of school and teach the boy himself. His father knew the truth, who Espio really was. Once Espio hit ten, his dad decided it was time for Espio to go to camp. Espio was told he was being sent to a better school that was built for kids with 'special' issues like him. He went to New York by plane on his own. He didn't think he needed any help. He thought he could make it out in the world on his own. His father gave him a slip with this camp's address on it, but nobody could tell him where the road was. Espio managed to find a demigod who showed him the way to camp.

RP Example:
Espio walked down the alleyway, the rain beating down on his exposed head. His hoodie was too thin to actually block out the rain, so he didn't even bother pulling it over his head. His black and blue checkered skate shoes squeaked as they cane into contact with the wet pavement. The boy had no idea where he was going; just following his instincts. He could barely see, his view only aided by streetlights every so often. He comes out of the small side road and onto a main road that was lit up so bright that he had to cover his eyes as he emerged. The sudden change of brightness was painful. Now the Son of Poison had to be more careful, there were quite a lot more people out on the side of the road walking. To hide his face, he pulls his drenched hood over his head. It helped conceal him a bit, but made him colder. As he walks, he recounts in his mind what had done in the past few weeks. They flashed by, but they were full of important things. He had found who he really was, but now he needed even more answers. He had to reach this camp.

(Sorry the rp example and biography are both so small. I don't really have much time to make something bigger, even though I could if I spread it across a month. I shall save my time for posting. xD)

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PostSubject: Re: Espio Nuris (Done)   8/25/2012, 10:14 pm

So how does the god parent fit in with the character. Espio has no powers and no talents that relate to poison so I'm confused. Other than that...I say yes. Remember, an admin can veto my decision and deny you this character. APPROVED
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Espio Nuris (Done)
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