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 Zelophehad Ahti Idver, son of Poseidon. Also known as Zel.

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PostSubject: Zelophehad Ahti Idver, son of Poseidon. Also known as Zel.   8/12/2012, 8:52 pm

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Full name: Zelophehad Ahti Idver.
Nicknames: He goes by Zel. Zel doesn't have any other nicknames. At first he considered going by Zelo, but then he thought someone might call him jello, so he decided against that.
Age: Zel is seventeen.
Years at camp: Zel's a completely new camper.

God parent: Poseidon is Zel's godly parent, the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses.
Mortal family:
    • Rose Eclestair Idver - Zel's mother was a young woman named Rose who always looked ten years older than she actually was. Well, except for when she was younger. She was young and beautiful and full of life and had lots of money. Everything about Rose screamed youth. That was part of what caught Poseidon's eye, the fact that she was so young and carefree. Rose's fling with Poseidon was very short, just the summer. it wasn't until after he was gone that Rose realized she was pregnant, and at sixteen. This appalled her parents, who promptly sent her off to live with her grandparents at Writesville Beach. This was the start of Rose growing up and losing her carefree edge. When her grandparents died, she was given their house.

    • Eglantine Erril Idver - Zel had one sister who was nine years younger than him, the youngest in his family. She and Zel never really got along, seeing as Zel had his kind of bad boy personality, and Eglantine had Justin Bieber posters on her walls. Still, Zel is very protective, and anytime anyone ever did anything mildly threatening towards her, he'd make sure they never so much as looked at her funny.

    • Eugene Fitzergald - Zel's stepfather was a man named Eugene Fitzergald, and his mother married him for the same reason Percy's mother married Gabe. His stench helped cover up the demigodly scent of Zel (or something). Other than that, he was a complete jerk, much like Gabe, except he was pretty much worse. Eugene was an alcoholic. At least, once Eglantine was born he was. They didn't know what it was, but something about this event flipped some sort of switch in his brain. Ever since then, he's been coming home drunk. Eugene and Rose often fought, but Rose stayed with Eugene because she wanted to protect Zel. Whenever Zel or Eglantine asked, she told them it was because she thought the divorce might mess them up. Eugene, he just liked the fact that Rose had money. Not a lot of it, but she still had money. Zel never liked Eugene, and Eugene never liked Zel, so the two never got along. He was always going off about how Zel was a problem child and how Rose should just put him up for adoption already and whatnot.

Date of birth: Zel's was born on October twenty fifth, nineteen ninety four.
Place of birth: Zel was born in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Appearance: All in all, Zel looks fairly feminine. Not too entirely feminine, but still pretty feminine. What with his long hair and slightly feminine build. He still looks mostly masculine, but there's still a feminine look to him. At first this got Zel bullied, but eventually he managed to make enough of a reputation as a kind of violent kid that he was left alone. His bright blue eyes kind of go against his reputation, as well as the way he attempts to look (dangerous and tough), but he's managed to make do with that. His hair is black and long, and so maybe he uses a bit of product in it so he can get it styled just the way he likes, that doesn't mean anything. Zel's skin is pretty tan from many hours spent out in the sun, and he's pretty skinny from one too many times not coming home for dinner and ditching school before lunch time. His tattoos give him a bit of a punkish look, which help even out the fact that he looks kind of feminine.
Eye color: Zel's eyes are a shocking bright blue colour. The rest of him has this kind of toughish look, although it still suggests that his family doesn't have the money to pay rent at the end of the month, but his eyes are shockingly clear and bright, kind of childlike, but still showing that he's seen some bad things in his time. Many people seem to expect that he'd be a stoner, but his eyes contradict that. He keeps them very well guarded, letting no emotion show, unless he's around someone who he trusts a lot.
Hair: Zel has pretty long black hair that goes down to the end of his neck. It's been thought that he dyes it, but he actually doesn't.
Height: Zel's surprisingly short for someone his age, sanding at a full height of five feet and five inches.
Body type: Zel is pretty skinny, and he has a slightly feminine build.
Distinct markings: Zel has various tattoos, mostly on his arms, although he has one on his chest (visible in the top image) that says 'Ode to My Family', which is a song by Matt Toka that you should totally listen to. Shut up this is my character form I'm allowed to promote musicians I like.
Style: Zel has a kind of 'I don't really care' look. Most of his clothes have been lying on the floor for several days before he puts them on again. He wears a lot of leather jackets and skinny jeans. He generally wears clothes that he thinks make him look tough. They all look pretty worn down, seeing as none of them are ever bought new - his family can't afford that - so he normally looks around thrift shops.


  • Water immunity - This isn't much of a power, just something that's a result of being a son of Poseidon. Zel can fall into water from very high heights without any damage.
  • Water resistant - This one isn't really a power, like the last one. Whenever Zel goes into water, he doesn't get wet. If he's very tired, he'll have to think about it, but if he isn't tired, then it just naturally happens. Unless he mentally focuses on getting wet.
  • Breathing underwater - Again, this one isn't exactly a power. Zel has the ability to breath underwater. Even before he found out he was a son of Poseidon, Zel could stay underwater for absurdly long amounts of time.
  • Communication - This one is also not exactly a power. Zel can communicate with sea and fresh water creatures, as well as equines. He also can speak underwater, but the conversation is one-sided unless it's with someone else with this ability.
  • Healing - This one is more of a power than the other ones, although it's still not quite a power, seeing as it isn't something he needs to think about. If Zel is injured, he can heal himself by going into water. It works with all kinds of water (pool water, rain water, tap water, river water, sea water, etc.), but it takes longer if it isn't ocean water.
  • Heat resistance - Yet another almost-but-not-quite power. Like Percy in TBoL, Zel is heat resistant. Not completely heat resistant, but more so than someone else, due to the fact that 'the sea is within him', or whatever it was that the water nymph had said.
  • Telekinesis - Zel has telekinesis to a very small degree. He can only use it on a boat of some type, getting the ropes to do what he wants them to do. He just has to speak the command and they do what he asks. It doesn't work if he asks them to get him a Coke or something, just to get the ship ready. This doesn't really drain any energy.
  • Water bending - Anyone who's seen Avatar: the Last Airbender will understand what I mean by this. For those of you who haven't seen it, this is basically the control of water. Zel can use it to pull water out of a source and bend it to his will. He can't do everything they do in the show, like freeze the water. This power is fairly easy for Zel to use, unless he's using it to do something drastic, such as lift an entire river, or a large portion of the ocean, or something of the like. If Zel does that, he passes out if he tries to keep it up for more that ten minutes, and stays asleep for up to three hours. That knocks out all of his chances to use this power that day. If he only does small things, he can use the power about fifty times with hardly any trouble. He has to wait about five minutes between use.
  • Water propulsion - This power allows Zel to move water around him to propel himself through the water. This power takes up a bit of energy. Not a lot, but still a significant amount. Zel typically feels a bit dizzy after using this power, and he has to sit down for a minute or two. This power can be used ten times a day, with a half an hour cool down period.
  • Water solidification - Zel can use this power to make water solid, and while he can do it twenty times a day, this is one of his more difficult powers. Not because it takes up a lot of energy, but because it takes a lot of focus, which isn't something Zel has a lot of. The longest he can use this power is to make a water ball and throw it at someone due to his small attention span. This power doesn't drain Zel al that much, he just needs to take several deep breaths. It has a cool down period of fifteen minutes.
  • Aerokinesis - Zel has a very small control of Aerokinesis (just one thing), but it's still very powerful. Zel can create hurricanes, but only in times of serious need, like if he's obviously outnumbered and could just possibly die if he doesn't do something drastic. It can only be used twice a day, and it leaves Zel very, very tired. Not so tired that he blacks out if he does it for his limit of like, ten minutes, possibly twelve, but even that's stretching it, but tired enough that he needs help walking, and if there isn't anyone to help him, he slumps down onto the ground for like, twenty minutes. If he uses it for past twelve minutes, Zel blacks out for up to six hours, and for up to a week after, he gets dizzy spells, nausea, chills, and weariness.
  • Geokinesis - Zel doesn't have much control over this power, seeing as it's his most difficult to access. Zel can use geokinesis to create earthquakes, but only in times of dire need. Like the last one, it can only be accessed if he's obviously outnumbered and will die if he doesn't do something drastic, although it's more like if he's very, very close to death - he doesn't have a plan and the enemy is right on top of him, about to kill him. That, or about to kill someone he greatly cares about. After using this power, he has enough energy to stumble around a little bit before passes out, from anywhere to a day to a week. After using this power, Zel can't stand on his own for long periods of time (like, fifteen minutes), he gets dizzy spells, nausea, and weariness for up to two weeks, possibly even three, after. This power has a cool down period of up to four weeks, depending on how severe the earthquake was.

Fatal Flaw: Zel is rash. He doesn't think before doing things, he just does them before he can lose his nerve. He never plans or anything, he just throws himself into it and hopes for the best.
Flaws:Zel is absolutely horrible when it comes to organization. He couldn't keep his room clean to save the world. He's also got a bit of a destructive streak and swears far too much. Zel is also pretty terrified of heights, being a son of Poseidon and all.
Personality: Zel's the type of person who doesn't care about anything, but questions everything. He's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, he'll do anything for the adrenaline rush. He's also the type of person who always just does things as they come up, never plans ahead or anything. He just lives in the moment. He's also not the smartest person ever, and he's pretty much the type of person who you'd expect to find in either prison or on the streets if you met him five years after he graduated. That's not to say Zel's not nice, because he can be really, really nice to certain people. Actually, Zel's pretty deep and thoughtful and he really cares about people, but he cares about what his friends think of him too much to let that show. Another thing about Zel is that he can be pretty snarky/rude sometimes, and he's a little bit of a compulsive liar, but just a bit. Sometimes he'll lie about his name, and he'd probably lie about his god parent. Zel's also a bit of a problem child. Well, not just a bit. He's truly a problem child. He'll find a way to mess everything up, he never follows instructions, gets into fights, goes to parties and come back at ungodly hours in the morning. He's kind of every parents' nightmare. Despite this, he somehow manages to also act very childish. He often pulls petty pranks on his friends, and he's very hyperactive. Zel has to be moving around and doing things.

Weapon(s): Zel has a standard issue Celestial Bronze sword that he found in the weapons shed. He also has a Celestial Bronze knife that's tinted blue and has waves etched in it. Zel has no idea where it came from, he just found it in the back of his cabin when he was settling down. Zel is also pretty nifty with a trident. He doesn't have on, but he's good with one.
Pets: Zel has never had a pet, and he probably shouldn't be trusted to take care one.
  • Fighting - Zel's pretty good when it comes to fighting, seeing as he's had to do it for most of his life, to protect his sister from his drunk step father, to protect himself from his drunk step father, to protect himself from bullies, to protect himself from a lot of things, really. eventually he started to fight for fun, and he's obviously gotten pretty good at it.
  • Sailing - Zel has a collection of sailing skills, seeing as his dad's Poseidon and all. It's like how Percy knows his way around a ship instinctively.
  • Guitar - Zel has been playing guitar since he was eight years old, ever since he wandered into a music store with his mom and saw the guitar sitting there. He started messing around with it, and his mom just had to buy it for him, along with some music books. He learned what he could from the books, and then started looking stuff up online, kind of self teaching himself.

RP Example: It was the middle of December, and Zel and Vic were out at the beach for some reason unknown to the two of them. Zel had just needed to get out of the house, and Vic was too afraid of Zel breaking something to invite him over.

"F***, it's cold out," Zel muttered, rubbing his arms in a feeble attempt to capture some heat. He kicked at the sand, attempting to get some of his anger out, but it didn't work. His blood was still boiling and he desperately felt the need to punch someone.

Vic just nodded and mumbled something incoherently in response, his teeth clattering too much for him to actually respond. Unlike Zel, he was used to spending most of his time indoors. The cold wasn't something he was really used to, especially down by the water.

After a few moments, Zel spoke up. "I really f***ing hate him." It was obvious he was talking about Eugene. Half of the time Zel was too disgusted by the man to say his name. "He was okay at first, I guess, but then he just turned into this f***ing piece of sh** who thinks he can sit on his lazy a** all day and get pissed, and then he has the nerve to get mad and us when we've done nothing f***ing wrong!" He was yelling by the time he had finished his rant, kicking the sand up in the air so it blew around in the cold, winter wind.

"At least you still have your guitar," Vic said a few moments after Zel's yelling fit, his voice calm. Zel was glad he had been around Vic this long. He didn't know what he'd do if he was forced to hang out around people who didn't get the fact that he sometimes got so angry that he had random yelling fits.

That was when the fact that his step father had actually broken his guitar. It was his only escape at home, as cliché as it sounded. With a broken sob, Zel said, "He broke it, Vic. He smashed it on the f***ing kitchen floor like it didn't mean anything!"

Zel wasn't sure if he was more angry or more sad about it. What he was feeling was a mx of the two, complete and utter rage mixed with despair. It kind of sucked, because Zel's vision was blurring with tears, but he wanted to kick someone until they couldn't even breath from the pain.
Biography: Zelophehad was born when his mother was very young, so he's never really had the best life. His mother had to work long hours every day, leaving Zel with a neighbour for most of the day. Zel didn't know there was anything odd about this until much later in his life, but we're not there yet. Zel never went to daycare, he was just taken care of by a kind olf woman who lived a few doors down from him and his mother. The old woman's name was Kallissa, and she practically raised Zel. Now, that's not to say that Zel didn't love his mother because she wasn't there, because he never has.
When Zel was about three years old, his mother had met Eugene. They dated for a while before Eugene moved in with them, which was when Zel was five. He had been in preschool for three months at that point, and he was kind of confused as to why there was a strange man in his house. It took hime a while to adjust. And even though he did adjust to having Eugene in the house, he never liked him. That much was very clear, even to Zel's mom.
When Zel was six, his mom and dad got married. He was still close to the old lady, Kallissa, and he spent a lot of time with her. Despite being only six, he understood his step father didn't want him around, so he did his best to make himself scarce. He spent time at friends' houses, with Kallissa, outside playing, just anywhere that wasn't his house, because, well, Eugene was a bit of a jerk.
At the age of seven, Zel's mother had tried to talk to Eugene about the way he acted around Zel. He made somewhat of an effort to be kinder to the boy, but all it did was made Zel uneasy. He knew it wasn't natural for a kid to call his step father by his first name, but he still did it. He felt it made him appear tough, and a week before he had started calling his dad Eugene, some kids had teased him about being girly. That was when the bullying about Zel looking feminine had started. At this point, it wasn't too much - just a couple of boys from his class teasing him every know and then.
When Zel turned eight, his mom got him his first guitar, as well as several music books. Zel had loved the guitar from the moment he laid eyes on it. And, alright, maybe eight was a bit young to have dreams of becoming a famous musician or something, but Zel still liked the idea of making music to get money. Eugene told him that he'd get nowhere if he did that, and his mom told him that it sounded like an amazing idea. He decided he'd listen to his mom. Also, when Zel was eight, his mother announced to the family that she was pregnant. Eugene was overjoyed, but Zel wasn't so sure - he didn't like the idea of having to share a house with someone else, seeing as he already had to let Eugene into his life.
When Zel was nine, Eglantine was born. This was when things had started going downhill for him. His step father started drinking, and no one really knew why. Eugene started yelling at Zel's mom, and he was pretty sure that Eugene hit her sometimes. There was no way the bruises had just appeared out of nowhere. Still, he didn't lay a hand on Zel of Eglantine. Zel was normally out of the house anyways, messing around on his guitar at a friends' house, or he was with Eglantine as Kallissa's. The bullying at school also had started to get worse. Now it wasn't just teasing, it was full on harsh words, verbal abuse from this one group of kids. He never said anything, though, because his mom had enough problems and Kallissa couldn't save him from this.
At the age of ten, Zel was getting good at lying and hiding his emotions from his eyes, keeping them heavily guarded. He was spending even more time away from the house, in fear that Eugene might turn on him, or maybe even Eglantine, who spent most of her nights with Kallissa. Also, this was the age when the bullying started to get a bit worse. Mainly like kinds throwing paper balls at him in class and giggling obviously over it, but still, it kind of hurt Zel's feelings.
When Zel was eleven, he started spending a bit more time at home. Not a lot of time, but just a bit more. Mainly just coming home for bed, maybe an hour or half an hour after school. Because, alright, he was young and didn't understand a lot of things, but that didn't mean he was clueless. He knew something was up, and when he told his best friend, Vic, his only suggestion was to investigate. Vic was also the only one who Zel told about the bullying. One day when Zel was at home, he heard yelling downstairs. He went down and saw his parents in the kitchen, and Eugene was yelling at his mom. Then Zel saw Eugene raise his hand, so, naturally, he yelled, "Don't hit her!" Then his step father turned his attention to Zel. This was the first time he hit him. Right after it happened, Zel ran to Vic's house to tell him. They hid out at the beach until the sun was about to go down, and then they had a sleepover at Vic's house, because, well, Zel didn't want to go home. The rest of the year passed relatively uneventfully, but Zel was more cautious as to spending time around his dad.
When Zel turned twelve, the bullying at school was starting to get a bit more physical. 'Accidentally' being pushed into lockers, being 'accidentally' tripped, you get the idea. He only ever complained to Vic, though. His mother had her own problems, and Kallissa still couldn't fix this for him. So he kept quiet for the most part. Vic, though, he told him he should fight back, let them know not to mess with him. He attempted to do this the first time by confronting the group of kids who bullied him. One of the kids threw a rock at him, and he walked out with a bloody lip. Vic and Zel decided that he needed a different approach on it, so they started plotting out what they should do. They thought of spreading rumours that Zel could beat someone up, but then they thought that someone might want to see if he could. In the end, they just decided on Zel going off to punch one of the kids in the face when he wasn't expecting it. And it worked for the most part. Even though it got Zel sent to the principal's office, he was left alone.
At the age of twelve, Zel started to get on the bad side of the tracks. Nobody really said anything, because, really, he's a twelve year old kid who spent hardly any time at his house. And yeah, twelve is awfully young for someone to really, truly get on the bad side of the tracks, but that didn't really seem to matter to Zel, nor the people he hung out with. His group of friends seemed to replace the kids who picked on Zel as the bullies, but nobody took any notice, as often happens at school. Kallissa had noticed, but she was getting too sick to be able to warn Zel against it.
Nothing eventful really happened to Zel until he was fifteen. At this point, his sister was six years old, and she had become friends with Vic's younger sister, Marry. It was a good thing, too, because Kallissa had been moved into a retirement home and couldn't take care of Eglantine, because even though she and Zel never really got along, Zel wanted to keep her safe from their step father. Eugene had been getting more violent, and Zel had the bruises to prove it. There was no way he'd let his father do that to his baby sister. Zel still visited Kallissa, but he could never stay for long. Her health was obviously deteriorating quickly, so Eglantine couldn't stay at their house. So Zel had her go over to Vic and Marry's most of the time. She didn't like it that much, but she still did it. This is where the tension between the two started to appear. Zel spent more time at home to try and defend his mom from Eugene, which usually meant that Eugene just turns his attention to Zel.
Despite this, Zel still had a bit of a childish personality. He'd act very childish around his friends, pulling immature pranks and telling stupid jokes. To everyone else, though, Zel was this rebel bad boy who didn't give a sh** about anyone or anything at all. His friends knew he wasn't like that at all, but it was kind of a secret, as was the fact that he played guitar.
Now, Eugene, he knew that the guitar meant a lot to Zel. So one day after a particularly bad fight, he ended up smashing Zel's guitar on the floor in front of him. This was the first sign that Zel could just possibly be a demigod. In his rage, the kitchen sink exploded. His mother was there to hold him back, but if she hadn't been, he probably would have causes some serious damage to his step father.
As if that wasn't bad enough, soon after that, Kallissa died. It was natural causes, just old age, but she had been a motherly figure to Zel. This kind of messed Zel up a bit, and he blames it for the reason why he was so violent. It was his way of kind of getting rid of any bad emotions, and, yeah, it wasn't the best method, but Zel couldn't think of any other way.
At sixteen, even more weird things happened. He got in a fight with someone while in the bathrooms at school, and the toilet exploded. Another time he got in a fight by a pool, and it almost seemed like there were waves in the pool. He went out boating and seemed to know exactly what to do, despite the fact that it had been his first time. Zel never mentioned it to anyone, just kind of went along with it. He didn't see the point in bringing it up.
By the time Zel was seventeen, he could have filled a book with all of the strange occurrences. They kind of freaked him out, but Zel never told anyone that, not even Vic. Zel's mother had picked up on them, though, and she tried to talk to Zel about it. He didn't listen, though, and ended up walking out, saying that it was absurd to think it had anything to do with him.
A few weeks later, though, a monster found Zel. It was shocking it had taken so long, seeing as he was a son of Poseidon and all, and his mom had been convinced that the man was just making things up when he told her he was actually Poseidon. Luckily, she remembered him mentioning something about a camp, so she sent Zel there as soon as she could. Zel was convinced she was shipping him off to some loony bin. They ended up getting in a huge fight about it, and Zel hadn't forgiven her by the time he arrived at camp.

Other Notes: Zel's playby is Kellin Quinn, and the quote is from Get Money by Matt Toka.

I'll never have to struggle
Or suffer like this.
I'll have servants for my servants
And a castle for a crib.
I'm gonna get money.
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PostSubject: Re: Zelophehad Ahti Idver, son of Poseidon. Also known as Zel.   8/13/2012, 6:41 pm


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Zelophehad Ahti Idver, son of Poseidon. Also known as Zel.
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