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 Harper Evans

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PostSubject: Harper Evans   8/7/2012, 5:43 pm

Harper Evans

Turn the crowd up now, we'll never back down
Shoot down the skyline, watch it in primetime
Turn up the love now, listen up now, turn up the love

Harper Evans

17 years old. Born on June 12th


God Parent:


Mortal Family:
Doesn't consider anyone to be her blood family. She never knew her father and just jumped through foster homes.

Friends She Considers Family:
Grayson Lark and Hemlock as brothers, Morgan Rivera as a mother, and John Howard, aka Jax as a father

Years in Camp:

Brief History:

Harper never really knew the meaning of "family" until she met her friends in a foster home in the heart of Cincinnati. She was jumping from the foster home to family homes and then back again for as long as she could remember. It's not that she meant any harm to the families who took her in, but she had become close to the people in the home, and didn't want to leave them, so she'd break house rules, sneaking out, stealing, and petty things like that to be sent back. She did this until she was 10, collaborating an escape with her friends so that finally they'd be able to stay together.

She, 10 year old Grayson Lark, 12 year old Hemlock(it was a nickname they made for it, he was voluntarily mute and never gave them anything to refer to him as), 15 year old John Howard, and 14 year old Morgan Rivera escaped into the night and took shelter in an abandoned factory. When a day or two had past and they ran short on the food they brought, the begged for money on the streets(on the other side of town from the foster home, since they would've been sent back if recognized), with little luck.

In and out of the home, they had always practiced dances of all sorts--krumping, jerking, cwalking, freestyle, and even a little b-boy and ballet. Each of them found dance to be their passion, and dedicated themselves to it day and night, so when they ran away, with little else to do in their immense amount of spare time, they danced.

It was by chance that they had been dancing at the mouth of an alleyway when somebody handed them two dollars. It was a kind gesture, an approval for what they did, and they realized that they could dance for the money. So they began taking turns dancing, choreographing group routines, and just did what they loved on the street corner. A steady crowd began to show up, and heads turned as people walked by. They scraped up enough money to feed themselves each night, and found this new free-lance path to be enjoyable. Until they were recognized.

Posters had been apparently put up, because one day while they danced a patrol officer approached them. When he held up the posters to compare each of the children, they realized what was happening, and made a run for it. They ran down to the metro station and dove into the swarm of people, who provided just enough cover for them to cash all their money for train tickets to New York. Then they hopped the train and made their way to the grand city.

In New York, they basically repeated the same routine. They found a street corner and danced on it, and this time, they were sought out by a peculiar boy with curly blonde locks and a stubbled chin. He came back day after day and watched carefully. Specifically, he watched Harper. One day, as she and Grayson left the home they'd made in a rundown home, they were ambushed. Grayson had been struck in the back by a stick, a crutch, specifically, and Harper was grabbed by the arm and shoved into a car. The doors were locked and the curly haired man got in the drivers seat.

When the man said he was a greek satyr and that mythological creatures weren't myths at all, she didn't believe a word of it. She was only focused on escaping the car. He kept talking about how her mother was a god or goddess as he drove farther and farther away from the city.

Eventually, they made it to camp half blood, where he turned her loose. She made a mad dash into the woods and unknowingly ended up in the camp. When she knocked on about half a dozen doors screaming for help, they all just laughed, and gave her the same explanation.

For the first week she was in camp, she'd make sudden mad dashes into the woods looking for an escape, but could never find it. After she'd been out there for a few hours, some campers would go out and bring her back with a snicker. And slowly, as she watched pegasi flying overhead and buffet tables magically covering themselves with plates upon plates of food, she came to realize that everyone was right, and this was real. Shortly after her acceptance, and her attempts to escape stopped, she was claimed by her mother, Iris, when her dinner plate glimmered vibrantly with every color imaginable--before stuffing it with food, of course. She's been at camp half blood ever since, but does make occasional trips back to New York in search for her friends.

Physical Appearance:
Harper is something close to beautiful, though she won't admit it. She's got straight brown hair with a dyed, platinum blonde under-layer. She's got the olive skin-tone classic to latina girls and deep-set, hazel eyes, with a lean, wiry build. The majority of her muscle is in her legs, and her arms are skinnier and weaker. The thicker legs are due to the muscle from dancing and springing about constantly. She's not particularly tall nor short, standing at around 5'6 and weighing in at around 130lb. The weight comes from muscle, not fat. She's got a small brown mole on her throat, about an inch above her collar bone that her friends like to poke and tease her about.

As far as style is concerned, she's got a surprisingly bright wardrobe. Despite her introverted personality, most of Harper's clothes are matches of neon to white and black, and pop in a crowd. She adores purple, sky blue, and lime green, and enjoys matching complimentary colors together to make her outfit stand out that much more. It's an urban style, generally with cargo shorts or bright sweatpants, and tank tops under hooded sweatshirts. She shows more skin than personality, generally, but less clothing makes maneuvering for some dances easier. On the other hand, baggy pants can make leg movements look smoother, so it mostly depends on what she wants to do on any given day. She's also a huge fan of hats, fat billed, hunting, or santa hats, it doesn't much matter. It's like her version of a blanket, and makes her feel more secure. When with close friends or at something formal she may not wear one, but usually she's caught in baseball hats.

Like her mother, Harper is very timid. She walks with her head down and avoids eye contact, having little self-confidence--with the exception of her dancing. Dancing is her best way of expressing herself, and when she's got support, she's not afraid of starting a dance in the middle of a crowd. Ask her a question when she's by herself, though, and she'll be dumbfounded with what to reply with--heck, she'll probably be wondering why someone is talking to her in the first place.

She's humble and generally kind, keeping to herself until fully comfortable with a person. She has slight trust issues, but they can be overcome. She's not good with second chances, though, and has a fragile heart.

Harper tends to be a follower, and due to her openness and need to fit in, she can be easily manipulated. Insults are taken very deeply, and sarcasm upsets her too. She does enjoy many things, but to get Harper to talk about herself or the things she enjoys is like pulling teeth. Only the persistent will manage to get through her outer-shell. The easiest way to get a smile on her face is through corny jokes or dancing. She's a sucker for a boy with a body that moves like liquid, and admires dancers by default, whether they're good or bad. She admires most people, for that matter, who try hard in what they love, regardless of if people tell them they're bad or good. She borderlines pessimist(when dealing with the things she does especially) but tends to get along the most with optimists and those stubborn enough to make her spill the beans and try new things. She's very nervous when it comes to things she doesn't know, and tries to stay in her comfort zone of music as much as she can. That being said, she's afraid of art. sports and socialization.

Fatal Flaw:
Her lack of self esteem makes her easy to mentally scar. Nasty words will render her broken and useless, and the right taunts and persuasion can make her do questionable things. Her mind is very easily changed by what people say.

How she came across this particular animal is a mystery, and Harper isn't keen on telling the story, but for a few years she has been accompanied by an Ostrich. This Ostrich is around 8ft tall, from head to feet, which is average for an ostrich, but has a weight problem of sorts. While the typical, healthy ostrich weighs from 290-300lbs, her ostrich weighs in at a whopping 450lbs. The extra weight, unfortunately, isn't muscle, and resides mainly in the bird's gut. Bloop, as Harper named him, is a rather fat bird. He has short, dark brown feathers covering most of his body, being absent only on the bird's neck, face, legs and feet, with ruffled white feathers on his tail and head. He has a long, flat beak and muddy brown eyes, with a natural scowl of an expression on. It fits his personality, as this bird has a sour attitude and a temper worse than his diet. The only one he's not extremely rude towards is Harper, for some reason. But she is constantly apologizing for his actions.

Dancing is easily one of her strongest and favorite talents. She sticks mostly to hip-hop based dances(though she'll use these moves to a number of different genres), and her favorites are popping, locking, cwalking, and shuffling. She also likes parkour, though this is a guilty pleasure of hers, and is moderately good at it, thanks to learning how to flip and balance through dancing.

Her demi-god power is a gift from Iris, in that she can deliver Iris messages from anyone she has met in person, to anyone she has met in person. It costs a drachma from the user wishing to deliver a message, including if Harper wants to deliver one, and the words, "Oh Harper, do me a solid. Show me (insert name of who the message will be delivered to)." Harper can do it as many times as she can stand--which isn't much, considering how dizzy she gets after wards. Transferring video message makes her feel tired and nauseous, and if done too much at once makes her throw up and/or collapse, so Harper isn't to be abused. She can refuse messages, but due to her want to help people rarely does, even at the cost of her well-being. She is essentially the rainbow line that connects people, so an actual rainbow isn't necessary when Harper is around. Just give the drachma to Harper and make the call. Plus, in this way, Harper gets to see and hear everything being said too--which keeps her up to date on gossip and troubles.

Another power that she never even told Grayson, was what she refers to as the Curse of Iris. She's still unsure if Iris is trolling her or if there is a way to make it stop that all the other campers know and she doesn't, but when she passes gas, a small trace of color is expelled from her butt. It lingers in the air for a moment before fading. That's right, Harper farts rainbows. Faint, but they're there. And she's incredibly sensitive about them. It started when she turned 13, and she has no idea why or how to get it to stop, but whenever she feels a need to pass gas coming on, she high tails it to the bathroom. So Harper uses the bathroom at usually once every two hours, solely to fart. When people asks, she just says she has bladder problems because she's too embarrassed to say anything about it. And if she ever meets her mom, she plans to ask why that happens. Personally, she thinks Iris is just trolling her.

Harper isn't a fighter unless severely provoked, and this means threatening the life of a friend, in which case she'll trash an enemy. When it comes to her own well-being, she's not quick to fight. But when she has to, for the benefit of the camp, she wield a steel baseball bat and just smashes wildly with it. There's no rhythm or style to it, she just swings. The baseball bat is purple and reads "Lark" in white paint, the name she gave it as a tribute to Grayson. Rivera, Howard, and Hemlock have also been written in small print variously around the bat with black sharpie.

As previously mentioned, Harper uses the toilet a lot. Irrelevantly, she gets emotional whenever the names of her friends are brought up, whether intentional or a coincidence.

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Harper Evans
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