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 Guess what? New charrie!(FINISHED)

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PostSubject: Guess what? New charrie!(FINISHED)   8/7/2012, 11:07 am


Character Name:
Willow Maynard
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required):
Willow has long, straight, black hair and bangs. She has pale skin, and is 5 feet, 3 inches tall. Her eyes are dark blue, and she is skinny.
Willow is kind of shy and withdrawn. She isn't necessarily antisocial, but she won't talk first to someone new. She gets very attached to people, and is sensitive. She is very loyal.
God and mortal parent:
Demeter and Calvin Maynard
1. Too loyal.
2. She is sensitive
3. She is afraid of spiders and any type of insect.
CB sword
Gardening, swimming, and diving.
RP Example*:
Willow turned around, just in time to see Anthony, the satyr, death. She froze, paralyzed with fear. The monster started heading towards her. Willow felt Jane's hand on her shoulder.
"Come on!" Jane yelled and they ran closer to the borders. Jane tripped on a branch. "Keep running, Willow!" She yelled. "No!" Willow went back about two steps to help her friend. She was too late. "Run!" Yelled Jane. She didn't want to, but Jane was already dead. She stumbled past the borders and collapsed.
Calvin Maynard was very unhappy when he found Willow on his doorstep. He would have given her back, but Demeter never told him that she was a Greek goddess. Even though Calvin didn't want a child, he didn't put her up for adoption. He felt like he needed a good excuse.

Willow grew up in their home in Miami, Florida. She always hated the city, and kept on begging her father to move into somewhere there was a lot of plants. Her father finally relented when she was 13. They moved to Brazil, where they made daily trips to the Amazon Rainforest.

About three years later, Calvin abandoned his daughter in the Rainforest. At first, Willow didn't think anything of it. She was thrilled to not have to go back to their home, where there was constant arguments. Willow's father had abandoned her where they journeyed a lot. She got back to the city before her supplies ran out.

Instead of going back to her father's house, she sneaked aboard a cruise bout heading back to America. When she made it back to Florida, a satyr guiding a group of demigods to Camp found her. They made it to camp, but only she survived. About ten feet away from the borders, several Empousa attacked. Willow was the only one fast enough to escape. She made to camp.
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PostSubject: Re: Guess what? New charrie!(FINISHED)   8/9/2012, 4:27 am

Just so you know, your picture didn't work. .


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Guess what? New charrie!(FINISHED)
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