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 Archer Williams

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PostSubject: Archer Williams   8/5/2012, 4:09 pm

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste

Archer Williams
17 years in counting
January 9th
Son of Hestia[God] and Ronald Williams[Mortal]
Step son of Veronica Williams[Mortal]
Half brother of Lindsay Williams[Mortal]

Archer does not allow his discipline to drop. He makes sure he exercises daily, and has the body to prove it. The boy's got a dark tan from constantly being in the sun, usually surfing or running, and has obvious muscle definition. It isn't over-bearing, but it shows in his sculpted arms, abs, thighs and calves. He looks like he could potentially be a model for some young adult brand like Hollister or American Eagle, if only he had the personality to fit. Archer is tall and lean, but he's still not particularly capable of looking intimidating.

He's got gentle hazel eyes and the beginnings of crow's feet wrinkles from all his laughing and teasing, and dirty blonde hair. At one time a mop of chocolate brown hair, his time in the sun has permanently lightened it. He's also got a constant wave to it--mostly wind-swept, like the stereotypical "beach dude." His skin is somewhat dried out from all the sun exposure, and his lips are pale and cracked, but that aside his complexion is clear.

Archer also maintains his dental hygiene, having warn braces for four years to get straightened teeth. And to celebrate getting the stupid metal out of his mouth, he treated himself to several teeth whitening sessions, giving him a pearly white smile, accentuated by the soft dimples at the corners of his lips.

While the rest of his face tends to be on the more attractive side(not without constant work, mind you) his nose is rather feminine. Small and round with a woman's curve upwards. Something of a pixie nose, but less pointy. So more like a child's nose. And his ears like a little to large for his head. He attempted to hide this by constant wearing snap backs, but this proved to be destructive. His ears became so accustomed to being pulled back that they actually grew to stay that way, so when he takes off his hat they resemble something like Link's but rounded rather than pointed. they look pulled back and stuck to the side of his head, and he tends to be extremely self conscious about it. So that hat stays on unless it absolutely has to come off.

Calmess has always been one of his stronger traits--Archer may not seem like it but in battle he is a strategical mastermind. He's almost always rational and level-headed, practically made of leadership material. Decision making is slow, as he tries to grasp all sides of the situation first, but this makes for logical, mostly satisfying solutions that benefit the majority of the involved parties. He's a gifted negotiator, and somewhat charismatic, while maintaining extreme discipline and humbleness. Needless to say, parents tend to love him. Or they think he's too good to be real.

But just because they think that, doesn't make it accurate. Inside, Archer harbors a great deal of resentment for parental figures and general authority, and has no problem lying to moms and, especially, dads. There are a few things that the boy is unable to grasp, such as how someone could put work over family. What he doesn't realize is that some parents work to support their families. This idea is foreign to him, and he often denies what he doesn't understand. Like love.

Love, whether with family or "significant others" is one of the biggest lies to him. He analyzes human behavior too much to believe in things like love, faith, or the soul, and becomes rather immature about those subjects specifically. He leans towards pessimism, and those topics bring about an unnatural, brash, immature behavior in him that is rather unnerving in contrast to his typical relaxed self. In a nutshell, if Archer can't find reasoning behind something, he has no idea what to do with it. So he's not very good at handling mature matters on life. His opinions are based solely on fact and logic, so he's not good at giving most people life advice, and struggles to think with his heart.

He also finds giving real advice difficult, mostly because of his blunt nature. If asked for the truth, he won't hide anything. If asked whether a dress makes someone look fat, he's going to tell how it is. He also isn't afraid to tell people they're over-reacting, although he's hypocritical in the sense that he can't tell himself that when someone unexplainable happens. It can sometimes make his general demeanor come off as rude, but he tells it how he sees it. And because he can openly blunt and honest, when he's not putting up a barrier of politeness towards strangers, it's difficult for him to make true friends and keep them. Getting close to Archer is not an easy task. It comes with irritation and demands patience--both likely to be returned by the boy himself.

As the child of the hearth, Archer's powers revolve around heat. He cannot truly be defined as warm or cold blooded, because, yes, his body has a default setting of 98.6 degrees fahrenheit like the average human, but he can control it based on his surroundings as well. So, he can warm himself up when the air is cold, or cool it down when the sun is scorching. Getting him to be hot or cold isn't simple when he can control that aspect of his body. Archer is almost always comfortable, even when people are sweating or freezing around him.

This has its limits though, of course. He can only only adjust his body temperature 10 degrees above and 10 degrees below his average temperature. So he can make his blood boil to 108 degrees(and fake sickness to ditch school), or 88 degrees(for when it's a blistering hot day.) If he's in the desert, obviously, he's going to get hot. Likewise, if he's standing on top of a glacier, it's going to be cold. But he does have some leniency regarding how hot or cold, and it won't be to the same degree that a normal person would.

This power usually initiates in a subconscious process--when the temperature lowers, his body temperature raises. He doesn't have to think about it or sacrifice some poor animal on an altar. It just happens. But he does have the power to manually control it as well, for instance, if he wants to give out a warm hug to heat someone up, or a cold one to cool them down, he can. Though, this is unlikely, as Archer isn't really the huggable type.

Because this is a natural occurrence in his body, there isn't really a certain amount of time he can do it--it happens constantly, even when he's asleep. It's a simple command that isn't even thought about, kind of like the act of breathing. The drawbacks come with manually adjusting the temperature. And they're obvious. If he's in 105 degrees weather, and chooses to increase his body heat(which is stupid and unlikely without motive), then he will be increasing his chance to overheat or cause stroke. If he's in the frigid arctic, and for some reason decides to lower his body temperature further, he risks freezing or hypothermia.

Unfortunately, Archer's only pet was left back home with his father and half-sister. It was a tan bulldog named Hammies, that favored Archer the most in the family. He'd like to one day take Hammies to camp, but he doesn't have the courage to go back home or see his "family" again at the moment.

He is infatuated with his weapon, though. And no, Archer doesn't use a bow and arrows. His enemies tend to become confuse when someone calls Archer, and Archer shows up with his four foot scythe. He isn't against throwing it, though, if it's any consolation.

The scythe has a strong, ashwood base about two inches in circumference. It stretches up four feet, and a curved, celestial bronze blade extends out about a foot and a half from the top. The center of the blade is adorned with cut sapphires so that in the light it gives a faint blue twinkle when moving. Despite the heaviness of the weapon, Archer can handle it with ease thanks to his work-outs and extreme practice with it. The creator of the weapon, a child of Hephaestus by the name of Grayson Bates, named it Merlin, after the wizard of Arthurian legend. Archer has no idea who that is, but he's fond of the name, and respects the creator's decision. So he calls his scythe Merlin and jokingly calls his use of it "magic." If he asks if you want to see a magic trick, it's safer to say no.

Scythe fighting aside, Archer is also a talented surfer. For a long time he dreamed of surfing in competition, but his dream of that was shattered when he was, as he says, "ditched by his family." He still does go surfing in his free time, especially when there are storms causing the waves to go wild. There is always a possibility of drowning or being pulled away by a riptide, but he's gotten pretty practiced in swimming as well--it tends to come with the job.

He's also a runner. Not long distance, but a speed runner. He can't keep going for long, but despite his size, he's fast when he wants to be. He can dash about in small spurts, and is pretty good at dodging things while he runs, thanks to his acute sense of balance.

And, although he doesn't like to admit it, he also adopted the gift of cooking from his mom. He's gifted with an oven, a skillet, a wok, a blender, and most other machinery you can find in the kitchen(with the exception of a microwave. For whatever reason, Archer is microwave impaired). And his baking is phenomenal, but he'd rather be thrown off a building than actually let someone see his cooking/baking side.

Tanks to his past, Archer has some...abandonment issues. His father, Ronald Williams, was the captain of a cruise ship that toured the world. So the man would disappear from the family picture all year, except for maybe two or three weeks. And when he was home, he was stern and quiet, spending most of his time in his studies doing gods only knew what. When Ronald did decide to be sociable, it was mostly with his daughter, Lindsay, who was Archer's mortal half-sister. Archer always hated that his father never spent time with him.

When Veronica, Archer's step mother, died of breast cancer, the boy was further devastated. And it was just icing on top of the cake when Archer was told he would be shipped off to private school. It seemed like a dirty joke. But he packed his bags for the semester, and followed his father into their old Chevy truck that used to belong to Veronica.

His feelings of doubt vanished when Ronald parked them in front of a prestigious academy, located a few hours away from their home by vehicle. In fact, Archer became euphoric of the thought of a new school and life where he wouldn't be reminded of his step mother's death. But when he walked in to register, leaving his bags in the car, the desk secretary told him there were no records of his transfer, and apologized.

Archer returned outside, confused, to ask his father for help to register, only to find that the truck was gone. All that was left in the place of his father were two envelopes. One of them was from Ronald, and the other letter was unmarked. Ronald's letter was brief. It read:

"Sorry to do this, Archy. It hurts me as much as it hurts you. But with your mom gone, I needed to quit my job to take care of your sister. I'm looking for a new one, but we're tight on money. But you know how it is, kid. Family comes first. One day, you'll understand."

Archer had been so full of rage, fear, and sadness that he read the note compulsively, over and over until he'd memorized it. Then, he tore it up in desperation and threw it until the air, where it was taken by the wind and scattered. Afterwards, he moved to the back of the building and curled up in the grass, crying for several hours.

It took a while, but eventually he realized he needed to get up and do something before it got late. He'd have to find a place to stay, someplace away from his home(he didn't even know where it was at that point. But he knew it was too far to walk, and he didn't want to see Ronald again anyway). Remembering the other letter, he tore it open, expecting some sort of compensation for just being abandoned. It wasn't quite what he thought it would be.

In the envelope was an assortment of wrinkled post it notes and a small amount of cash. He stuck the cash in his pocket and read what was written. The first post-it welcomed him to a certain "Camp Half-Blood" in hard-to-read chicken scratch writing. The next several notes explained how to get there from his exact location.

Without any other options, he followed them, not really caring what happened to him from that point on. Archer was in a bout of depression, and if he got kidnapped and killed, then so be it.

Early the next morning, after walking for hours on end, callouses growing on the soles of his feet, he arrived at a large house. He moved up onto the patio, exhausted, and was eventually greeted by a man with the body of a goat, who grinned like a maniac and jumped up and down ecstatically. He rambled about knowing that Archer would arrive and being proud that he had used the orange paper instead of boring old white...something about the color giving him motivation. Archer didn't really listen. Instead, he let himself drift off on the ground. When he woke up, he was in a cabin with several unfamiliar faces peering down at him. The all welcomed him when he came to, and told him he could stay for as long as he wanted. He's been there ever since, with no desire to leave.

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I....guess this is approved....but I wish that everything was labeled so I know which part I'm reading....

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Archer Williams
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