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 Alice Raine Faulkner

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PostSubject: Alice Raine Faulkner   7/28/2012, 4:57 pm

Character Name: Alice Raine Faulkner
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Alice has light brown hair, probably described better as copper-toned. She stands at 5' 5 1/2" inches tall, and has the semi-soft figure of an athlete who's dropped out of their sport. Her eyes are a pale, washed-out green, and she has a dusting of freckles across her nose and cheekbones. She's missing her left leg from the knee down, and uses crutches rather than a prosthetic limb.

Personality: Alice comes across as bitter, even angry. Well, she is pretty bitter. Cynical, even. Because of events in her past, she's wrapped herself in a state of depression that's becoming steadily worse. But underneath that thick layer of negative emotion, she really does have a kind heart that wants to believe in the good in the world. I've never filled out a form with this personality section, so I'm probably doing it wrong. Eheh.

God and mortal parent: William Faulkner is her father, and her mother is Epona, goddess of horses. I have a book that states that Epona was at first a Celtic deity, but was adopted into the Greek pantheon and worshiped in Ancient Greece. But Wikipedia says that she was taken in by the Roman pantheon... so... I'm going to trust my book over Wikipedia, and say that Epona qualifies as a Greek goddess, and Alice will attend Camp Half-Blood.

Powers**: Alice's primary power is rendered pretty much useless to her, but I will describe it anyways. She has the ability to run with the speed and endurance of a horse, up to 45mph for several minutes when she's at the peak of her physical strength. It's a somewhat passive power, so it just takes the energy from her that an equine would use running like that. Since she's in less-than-ideal condition at the moment, she could probably only manage 30 mph if she had two legs to run on. But since she walks using crutches, this doesn't exactly work out.
The only 'power' left to her now is emotional sensitivity to horses. It's not exactly a power, really, but I should mention it and it seems to fit in best in this section. It's not a telepathy-type thing like what Poseidon characters have with horses, but rather just an increased ability to read a horse's body language and an intuitive understanding of how it's feeling.

Flaws: Alice is, as I mentioned, rather bitter, which is obviously bad. Her expressions never look too happy, even when she's smiling, and people often feel as if they're being held in contempt when she looks at them, even if she isn't expressing any emotion at all. If she has one fatal flaw, it's that she's too hard on herself. She inevitably blames things that go wrong, even pure accidents, on herself. It doesn't help her depression in the least.

Pets: She had a black mare named Tempest who perished nearly a year before Alice left for camp. She'll most take a liking to a horse in the stables, eventually, and steal adopt it.

Weapon: Since arriving at camp, Alice has taken interest in learning to use a bow, as well as the acinace: a shorter, dagger-like sword often used as a secondary weapon. She has procured both from the weapons shed. Everything except the bow is made of celestial bronze, of course.

Talents/Skills: Alice rather enjoyed running when she could walk, but never could run track because it would have been painfully obvious that she had powers beyond those of a pure human. So instead, she took to riding horses. She was a very talented rider until the accident that claimed her leg, and though she is still skilled, she has to re-learn how to ride this way.

RP Example*: Early autumn, two years to the day before the accident, in the orchard. I was trying climb a tree to pick an apple for Tempest, holding onto her reins at the same time. I didn't want her to wander off, but like most eleven-year-olds, I was a bit of an idiot, and didn't realize I could just tie them to a branch.
Tempest tossed her head and snorted when a stray leaf fell on her nose, nearly pulling me from my precarious perch, several feet in the air. If I had fallen, and at the wrong angle, I could have died that day.

Summer, 2010. I was twelve. A storm rolled in on a windy day, and I was home alone, flying a kite out in the pasture. I was still a moron, obviously. Predictably, lightning shot down the kite, traveled through the line, and would have coursed through me as well if not for the thick rubber lining on the grip of the little reel that wound in the string. I honestly should have died that day, and spared the world my idiocy.

But today, I was fourteen. I sat in a wheelchair, half a leg bandaged and sore from the operation. Amputation, actually, was the correct term. In front of me was a mound of dirt, marked only by a unadorned wooden cross. Ironic, since my family wasn't even Christian. How could we be, considering my mother? My mother... this somehow had to be her fault, if only because she hadn't prevented it. My horse, dead. My mother was the goddess of horses. Shouldn't she, shouldn't I, have the power to reverse this? My hands clenched over the armrests of the chair, knuckles turning white. I knew it was my fault. Why was I trying to blame her for it? She wasn't the one who went riding last week in the rain.
Honestly, I wish I'd died too, that day.

Biography*: Alice grew up in a small ranch-dominated town in the west. Her father owned a large plot of land, where they lived in their fancy lower-upper class home, and they raised many animals with hired help. Cattle, sheep, goats, but mostly horses. Alice's favorite animal was, of course, Tempest, who she raised from a foal. She was home-schooled, and the only friends she had were the children of the workers on her father's ranch.

The day before her fourteenth birthday, in the fall, it started to rain in the afternoon while the sun was still shining. Eager to make the most of the beautiful weather, Alice went out riding with Tempest, even though she knew the decreased visibility from the rain would make it more dangerous to do so.
They were hit by a car, a woman who was trying to do her makeup while driving. Tempest was killed on impact, and Alice's left leg was mangled beyond repair. The decision was made to amputate the now-useless appendage.
It's been a year since then, and Alice now walks with crutches braced to her forearms rather than sitting in a wheelchair all day.

Notes: I'm really tired, for some reason, so I probably derped something or made things nonsensical. Sigh.


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PostSubject: Re: Alice Raine Faulkner   7/28/2012, 8:51 pm


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Alice Raine Faulkner
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