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 kacey april lawrence;;

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PostSubject: kacey april lawrence;;    7/26/2012, 12:52 am

kacey april lawrence

    Name: Kacey April Lawrence. Though, her father gave her a nickname when she was younger. She was The Wicked Witch of Staten Island.
    Kacey's age is sixteen and she was born in March on the seventh in 1996.
    She's female.
    God Parent:
    Kacey's god parent is Hecate.
    Mortal Family:
    Father; Jeremy Blanc: Jeremy is a very important part in Kacey's life. He's always been there for her, always. He always backed Kacey on whatever she did. No matter what. Jeremy Blanc loved his daughter more than anything else in the entire world and would do anything for her. Jeremy Blanc owned a car dealer-ship and loved his job. One night on his birthday, his friends decided it would be a good idea to get their anti-social, awkward buddy out. Of course, it was a horrible idea. There was a reason Jeremy stayed inside and at work all day; he couldn't dance, he couldn't drink, and he couldn't flirt. But, he was fairly good looking, so when he tried a drink, he became instantly ten points more attractive. That's how he attracted the attention of the lovely Hecate. The two danced and talked and eventually went how with each other. From there, that's where his relationship with Hecate began. And then there was Kacey. And then Hecate left shortly after Kacey was born and shortly after she told Jeremy who she actually was.
    In the depression leading up to Aphrodite, Jeremy was a quiet mess. He didn't do much with his friends anymore, only taking care of Kacey. He was like that for about three months after Kacey was born, but then his friends again, realized that something was extremely wrong with their friend. So, again, they took him out for a drink. Now, Jeremy at this time picked up the tequila and didn't put it down the whole night. Little did he know that he'd wake up in the morning with a tattoo and a girl in his bed. She wasn't just any girl, no. She was the goddess of love. Quickly, through the course of a few months, they fell in love while Aphrodite was carrying his child. Jeremy had no idea, though and within a few months, his son was born and yet another love had left him. Though this time, his heart was not able to be fixed. He'd never love again thanks to the goddess of love herself.
    Half-brother; Liam Lawrence:
    Liam is the son of Aphrodite, also the brother of Kacey. After Hecate left his father, his father went into a depression and then met Aphrodite who fixed him up and then broke his heart. He's never loved again. Liam knows this, too. He knows that he's a son of Aphrodite, but he's never been to camp because the monster attacks aren't frequent and he can stay in school without too much attention... well, negative attention, anyways. Liam's always brought home many girls, but Kacey never approves of any of them. Liam and Kacey are actually quite close, unlike some siblings. Even though Kacey is his older sibling, he often ends up taking care of her and telling people off for her since she can't do it herself. Liam's extremely protective of his sister and will do almost anything for her.

    Years in Camp:
    Kacey's been in camp for a total of two years.
    Brief History:
    Kacey was born on Staten Island to a normal, quiet and conservative family. Her father loved to work but he made sure that he was there enough for his daughter and son. Kacey had a very normal childhood, overall. Her elementary years were great. There wasn't any fighting involved at all. No problems, no nothing. Kacey was clean and free of problems. However, it was when Kace hit middle school that all the problems arose.
    The first day of sixth grade, Kacey showed up for class wearing a new outfit, a little bit of makeup, and a new bag and every boy was suddenly interested in her. Kacey had no idea what was happening so for the remainder of the school year, she "dated" those boys. The same thing happened in seventh and eighth grade, too. But when Kacey was in ninth grade, all those girls started getting jealous. They were becoming increasingly pissed off with Kacey and why she could get so many guys.
    A few girls started a hate club for Kacey and put hate mail in her locker. Kacey would find it and get so confused as to why girls didn't like her. Kacey's new hate club started spreading horrible rumors about the poor girl, they told the teachers about Kacey and how her "home life" was, they gave "anonymous" tips to the administration about Kacey's "drug problems". None of what these girls were saying was true. None of it.
    So for a while Kacey kept to herself, and really didn't speak to anyone except her only friend, Rosie. Rosie was a kind-hearted girl who stood up for Kacey no matter what. Kacey always told her friend to not bother but Rosie didn't listen. She was always there for Kace. Well, at least she was until the one fateful night of The Party. In mid-summer of the year before her sophomore year, Kacey was invited to a party. Well, she got invited on accident. One of her guy friends let it slip to her and she instantly wanted to go. She loved parties and hadn't been to one in ages. However, she didn't tell Rosie. She feared that if she told Rosie, Rosie wouldn't let her go and would tell her that it was a horrible idea. So Kacey kept it a secret from her best friend.
    Kacey smiled, a soft laugh escaping her lips as she shivered in the moonlight. Although the bonfire was still burning strong and emiting warm heat, she was still freezing from the earlier dip in the pool. Kacey's hair dripped down her back, making her thing blouse cling to her neck. Kacey felt a gentle caress at her neck and she looked up, not sure what to expect. A very handsome, happy looking male was peering down at her. "Oh, hello," Kacey said, a bright smile forming on her lips and in her eyes.
    "Hello," the guy replied quietly, perching next to her on the log. His eyes remained locked on the fire as he said, "Are you cold? Would you like my jacket?" At the end of his question, his gaze flickered over to her. Kacey could see something in his eyes and she could feel a pull in her gut, but she ignored it. "Yeah, that'd be nice, thanks," she answered, taking the jacket from his hand. "I'm Kacey," she stated, her eyes also on the fire.
    The two teens talked for two hours, the boy--Brandon-- getting her multiple drinks. By the end of the night, Kacey began to feel woozy, her head spinning. She tried to get up and leave the fire, stumbling, but Brandon pulled her back into his arms, where he held her close, his beer breath breathing hot down her neck. She was uncomfortable, but she couldn't say anything. In a few moments Brandon said, "Want me to take you home?" In response, Kacey blinked and nodded. She was having trouble speaking. She couldn't seem to form her words.
    Brandon pulled her to her feet, pulling his keys out of his pocket and leading her into the woods. "Come on, we're just taking a short cut," he replied easily. Kacey nodded once again, her lungs tightening with fear. Something wasn't right. She could feel it. Kacey opened her mouth, her words coming out slurred as she tried to tell him that she wanted to go back. Brandon kept an iron grip on her wrist, bruising the heck out of it. She pulled and pulled, finally becoming free only to turn to run and tripping on her own two feet.
    That's when Brandon grabbed her ankles and things went from bad to worse. A few hours later, blood was spilled and police found Kacey naked in the woods, huddling under a jacket with her eyes blackened, her wrists bruised, and a broken rib.

    After Kacey was raped, Kacey's father went to press charges, but the charges were dropped when Kacey begged for a low profile. After her request, Kacey moved to camp to forget about everything.

    Physical Appearance:
    Kacey's short. She stands at about five foot two inches and she's thin, too. She's always been fairly thin and frail. She's stronger than she looks though. She's always been told that she's undeveloped and petite and maybe even a little underweight. Kacey's never really payed attention to what she weighs or whatever. She's one of the very few girls in the nation that doesn't care about their weight. Given she is small. Kacey's arms are thin and long just like the rest of limbs. The way she's being described you'd think she looks like a little girl. And she does, she definitely looks younger than she actually is. But she's still beautiful.
    Kacey's face is soft and shaped like a heart. She's got a small, pointed, delicate chin that has a scar on the underneath side of it. From the empousai attack. Kacey's smile is fantastic and she's got these dimples on the sides of her mouth that are rarely seen. Kacey doesn't exactly socialize with people. On the higher side of her face, she's got a nose that's just a nose. It goes straight down. It's a bit small and she wishes it were bigger. Though, it's not a Voldy nose or anything. Underneath her nose are her lips, which she often wears chapstick on. She's a bit obsessed with her Eos chapstick and always has one in her bag.
    On both sides of her nose are her eyes. Kacey's got large, luminous green eyes. Her eyes are always bright and shining, with either tears or whatever. But usually they're shining. In the iris of her eyes, the green is the most dominant color, but there's flecks of brown and gold near her pupil. Kacey's pupil is often big, which is why so many people as her if she's high. Framing her eyes are very average, brown eyelashes. Kacey likes the look of mascara because she likes the pretty, feminine look it gives her, so she wears a bit of mascara and occasionally some eyeliner. Above her eyes, are tiny, thin, arched eyebrows. They didn't get this way naturally though, she has to wax and pluck a lot. But it's worth it.
    Kacey's hair is down to about her mid-back, being long and straight. She always keeps it styled somehow. Either half up and half-down or tied back into a bun thing on the top of her head. Sometimes, but only sometimes, she'll braid it. Rarely will she curl it. Her hair is extremely thick and she has long layers in her hair, and her hair is all the same color.
    Kacey doesn't have a style. It's a bit of a darker style with quite a bit dark pieces in her wardrobe but, also slightly hipster. She doesn't like fringe, but she likes classic rock band t-shirts, though. Kacey also likes to pair those things with various pairs of shorts. She's also slightly chic. So, yes, her style is more hipster-grunge-classic-chic. It's a weird style, but it's her own.

    Kacey's kind of quiet around camp, slightly afraid to be outgoing around the other kids. She's a bit afraid of what they'll think of her. Kacey tries to keep to herself most of the time, avoiding the other demigods from other cabins. The other kids seem to think that she's condescending when in reality, she's just shy. She doesn't like to talk to the other demigods in her classes, unless they're her siblings or something. Kacey really doesn't like a lot of the other demigods at all, for some reason. So, really, Kacey's condescending without meaning to be. When Kacey's around her fellow , her true personality comes out.
    Kacey's true personality is loud, fun, and overall pretty hysterical. She's funny in a sarcastic, slightly dark way, though. When Kacey's with other people, she tends to shut down and do what she's told and that's it, but when she's around the ones that she loves, she's very vocal and open with them. Kacey's very big on personal loyalty and family.
    Kacey's very devoted to the things she does and she's very determined. When Kacey was in her seventh grade year, she tried out for her school's soccer team. Though she didn't make it, she was persistent with the coaches until they let her try out again, this time astounding them with her talents. However it's hard to get Kacey motivated sometimes. But with a little bit of rewarding, she'll do almost anything.
    Kacey's the type of girl to always accept authority and the law. She doesn't like to break rules unless she has to.
    Kacey's definitely not the social butterfly type of girl you're looking for. In fact, she's quite the opposite. Since she finds it extremely hard to trust anyone, this makes it even more difficult to make friends and just simply talk to people. Males in particular. Though, Kacey's lacks the true quality of an introvert. Instead she possesses the qualities of a scared, young girl. Everyone just tells her to get over her past and forget about it and move on. They'd don't know what it's like, though. Because of this, it leads Kacey to having extreme insecurity and she lacks faith in herself. She's always second-guessing herself, making her extremely indecisive.
    As stated above, Kacey's extremely insecure and unsure of herself which leads her into sometimes making bad decisions. She often regrets the things she says and does later in her life, being extremely unhappy most of the time. As well as that, she's just extremely unhappy and almost a completely negative Nelly. Though she tries to be upbeat and positive, she just can't do it sometimes and ends up being broody and sad.

    -Witchcraft books.

    -Loud noises.
    -The Salem Witch Trials.
    -People who aren't tolerant.

    Fatal Flaw:
    Trust. Kacey lacks trust in others because of what happened when she was younger.
    Kacey has a small, orange she-cat that has adopted her. Kacey calls the cat Root. She's not sure why she calls her that, but it was just the first thing that came to mind when naming the cat.
    Curses - She's not very good at cursing, but she can curse better than she can jinx or cast spells. Usually these curses are nothing major, they're usually just simple curses such as a scratch or an itching curse or something along those lines. She doesn't really spend much time practicing so when she performs curses more than a few times in a row, she becomes dizzy and needs to sit down or she'll pass out on the spot.
    Necromancy: Necromancy is her favorite power and the one that excels the greatest at. She's often raising dead cats to do her bidding. She's become very good at raising dead things. Though, she's never raised a human before. She believes that humans died for a reason and that they should stay dead for a while. She says she's building her powers up to raising her dead grandmother. But she's just joking. Her necromancer powers used to take a buttload out of her, but now they only make her need a powernap.
    Aura Reading: Often an aura is a type of magic that floats around a demigod, whether it be weather magic, death magic, sea magic, lunar magic, solar magic, or even fire magic, Kacey can sense it. It's not an actual sense, it's more of a smell. While each type of magic has its own particular smell, it's a mixture of different things. Say for Death Magic, it's a mixture of dark things such as death, age, darkness and such. She's always been able to smell the different types of magic.
    Seeing the Dead: While she doesn't actually see dead people -- har, har reference to the Sixth Sense -- she merely sees ghosts all the time. Just the spirits. Not the actual bodies. It's not something that every demigod can pick up on. Only children of Hecate see ghosts. It's just something that happens. It's not like it's a special power that takes her physical energy away, nor does she have to exert energy. It's just something that happens. She's not particularly bothered by ghosts, though, because usually they're quite peaceful in nature and don't bother anyone.

    Kacey has an ash wand with a magical core of something. She can't figure out what's inside of it, but it was given to her as a gift from a boyfriend she used to have. They dated when they were fourteen and they were pretty sure that they were in love. But, he died in a manti-core attack and Kacey was broken-hearted. She's used the wand ever since. She mostly uses the wand to channel energy into it to form spells.
    Year-Round or Summer:
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PostSubject: Re: kacey april lawrence;;    7/26/2012, 10:39 am

Is the wand CB on the outside?
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PostSubject: Re: kacey april lawrence;;    7/26/2012, 10:45 am

The wand doesn't need to be CB because it's used to channel her powers, Mason.

In Necromancy. Since she doesn't raise humans from the dead, what's the largest animal she is able to bring back to life, even for a short time. Also. What's the highest number of dead things she can raise before passing out.

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PostSubject: Re: kacey april lawrence;;    7/26/2012, 11:17 am

Erm, a deer I suppose? I'm thinking something in the 150 - 200 lbs. (68 - 90 Kilograms) Also, I dunno. Maybe three to five?
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PostSubject: Re: kacey april lawrence;;    7/26/2012, 11:19 am


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kacey april lawrence;;
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