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 Halp (Done!)

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PostSubject: Halp (Done!)   7/23/2012, 12:21 pm

            Character Form

halpisn cody nitell

I wish there was more to me

the basics

    name and nicknames: This person's name is Halpisn Cody Nitell, but he prefers to be called Halp.
    age and birthday: Halp is seventeen, born on May 6th, 1995.
    gender: Halp is a male, and always will be.
    years at camp: Halp has been at camp for about a half of a year.
    year rounder or summer: Halp hasn't determined that yet. For now, he's a year rounder.
    claimed or not: Halp is claimed.

the physical

    height: Halp is 5'11", pretty tall. In matter of fact, he is probably the tallest out of his old band, One Way. That's right this clown is in One Way, a.k.a. the band that I made up in Cane's history/parody of One Direction.
    hair: Halp has blonde hair. He is often called "Blondie" by his friends.
    eyes: Halp has warm brown eyes.
    piercings: Halp has no piercings.
    tattoos: Halp has no tattoos.
    distinguishing features: Halp's distinguishing feature is his style at times. Sometimes, he just throws something on without even looking at it.
    style: Halp's style is just a rocking style. He tries to look unique, too. Whenever Halp has a concert, he usually combs his bangs to the side. But, at other times, he leaves his bangs long. Halp also likes to wear new shoes. He never wants to walk around with dirty shoes. This guy could go through literally eighty pairs of shoes a week.

the psyche


    • Donuts - Halp's favorite snack is donuts. He loves every kind of them. Back when he was in One Way, all he brought to their parties and concerts were donuts. But, if Halp had to choose, his favorite donut would be chocolate with raspberry filling.


    • Cats - For some reason, Halp hates cats. It might be that they lick themselves, or the fact that they scratch. His aunt used to have one, and man they didn't get along. Halp would've tried to kill that cat. He thinks of overall, that's the reason.


    • Key Lime Pie - Just one bite could get Halp super active. One day, Halp ate a piece and he had so much energy he ran two miles. I am probably Fishy's favorite for this. xD


    • Candy Bars - It seems that every time Halp eats candy bars, he gets sick. He tries not to eat them, but sometimes his friends think he's chicken and make him. Halp will never be a fan of any kind of candy bars. He has discovered that maybe he's allergic to any kind of them. Probably not, but yeah.


    • Needles - Halp is terribly afraid of needles. Twice before he has gotten blood taken, and both times he has passed out of being afraid. Halp will just freeze even if he sees a needle on TV.

    • Being alone - Halp is a ladies man, like the rest of One Way (excluding Cane). He has cheated very many times before, be he's afraid of them finding out and leaving him. If Halp was alone, he wouldn't ever be the same.


    • He's a cheater - As said in 'Being Alone', Halp is a cheater. He doesn't like just having one girl, so he cheats. One time, Halp dated five girls at one time.


    • Being a knight - Halp has always dreamed of being a knight. He wants to fight bravely to help people. This will never happen, but Halp says he might become an army guy someday to protect people, even if he couldn't have armor on or have a sword or a horse.


    • He likes cheating - Mentioned for the third time, Halp is a cheater. This is a quirk because most boys only like one girl, and stays with them for a year to...forever. But, Halp doesn't do that. He believes one lady is too little. Who would want to stick to only one lady when he can have about ten more?

    personality: Halp is very nice at times, but a jerk mostly. He can get very mad. Halp is a secretive kind of guy, always doing things that no one else is aware of. Such as cheating, going off the parties on his own, ect. He also acts as nice as can be on stage---so nice that people call him the nicest in One Way--- but backstage he's a bit of a jerk, as said in the first sentence.

the family

nationality: Halp is British-Irish.
birthplace: Halp was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland.
hometown: Halp lived in Mullingar for a short while, but moved to England soon after.

  • Agrenoidisn "Ag" Nitell - Ag was a very simple man. He worked for the FBI, tough, so that part wasn't so simple. He left Halp with a babysitter very many times. But, going back to before Halp was born, he just got his job, and shorty met Eris. Of course, becoming close in a couple weeks, they had Halp and then Eris left.

  • Ellisn "El" Nitell - El is Ag's father. He died before Halp was born, and not much is known about him, except he married Lissa Quenfro (maiden name), and of course, once again, is Ag's father.


  • Eris - Eris is the goddess of strife. She married Ag when he was twenty-seven, and is Halp's mother. After Ag and her had Halp (they only knew each other for about three weeks), she disappeared, so Halp never met her.

  • Lissa Nitell - Lissa's maiden name was Quenfro. She has an unknown history, also her dieing before Halp was born, and she was married to El, Ag being her son.

    Halp has only one sibling:

  • Alison Nitell- Alison Nitell was born Alicisn Befrodo, but she was put up for adoption after her parents were murdered. She was adopted by Ag Nitell, and became Halp's sister. She is currently nine years old.

pets: Halp has a dog named Buttercup. He is a beagle.
  • Ages zero through four - Halpisn Cody Nitell was born on May 6th, 1995 in Ireland. He was raised by his father, Ag. Halp was taught many things, including music. He had quite an interest for music. Halp started playing the drums at only two years old. He also started singing. One day, a raid came to the Nitell household and told Ag to give up the land or let it be destroyed along with them. Ag swiftly found a house in England, and him and Halp moved there.

  • Ages five through nine - Halp found a school in England. He started going there. Halp made many friends. He grew very much over the years, developing a British-Irish accent. One day, Ag adopted a daughter, Alison. Halp had just turned eight. He got along with his baby sister. Halp soon had his first crush. Then another one. Then the cheatng began. Also, Halp got a couple of friends. They formed a mini-band on Halp's ninth birthday exactly.

  • Ages ten through fourteeen - Halp and his friends called the band One Way. Halp's best friend out of the group would've been Cane. Cane was always there for him. Anyway, a huge opportunity came. If they went to America and got the roles, they might become famous. They all moved to America. At thirteen, they became famous. Also, Halp officially started cheating with girls, and he got claimed by Eris, but didn't tell anyone. His friends knew about this, and didn't like him doing this. One time, Mr. Dare offered for them to come to one of their dinner parties. Yeah, didn't go well. Halp and everyone else but Cane hit on his daughter, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Let's say it got "messy".

  • Ages fourteen through present - Halp and the rest of one One Way kept on having more and more concerts. Finally, he started getting more curious about that "claiming". Halp asked his dad about this and he explained about CHB. At sixteen and a half, Halp went there.


    powers: Halp has no powers currently.
    role-play example: Halp walked in swiftly to the camp arena. He looked for a sword and a knife. Halp sighed at his failing at finding them. Suddenly, a monster came from behind the cages. He screamed and ran away. Okay, maybe Halp was a bit of a coward. He screamed again and ran away, but tripped on a knife. Halp saw it and grabbed it. He charged at the monster.

    weapon: Halp has a cb sword.
    play-by: Halp's play-by is Niall Horan.
    extra notes:

coded by jules @ caution 2.0.
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PostSubject: Re: Halp (Done!)   7/23/2012, 3:46 pm

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Halp (Done!)
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