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 Scarecrow (Completed)

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PostSubject: Scarecrow (Completed)   7/23/2012, 3:44 am

~~There is nothing to fear~~

~~But fear itself~~

~Jonathan Crane - Phobos~

Character Name:
Jonathan Crane, he doesn't care if he's called John or Jonathan, he's sometimes known to victims as 'Scarecrow', but he doesn't call himself by that alias, he's not silly enough to give himself a nickname like he's some super villain.

Jonathan is a male of the human species.

Jonathan is 18 years old, he was born on July 1st, 1994.

Physical Description:
Jonathan is a very thin man, possessing very small muscle in his body, though he appears very thin in structure due to his height. He's around six feet, one inch tall, making his build very slender and thin. He has long arms and legs with are sometimes very helpful when he is left to deal with combat, hand-to-hand. He has thin, messy, and somewhat greasy dark-brown hair that falls down to his upper-neck area. His eyes are a very dull and dark shade of blue that seem to burst with curiosity, intelligence, and various...fear-inducing emotions. His posture is very formal, standing and sitting up straight as if he has a pole shoved against his spine so he has to have his back in that position. Though when he puts on his little mask on and decides to have a little...experiment, with someone his posture is very more relaxed. He tends to hunch over, his whole body somewhat loose. His eyes also become much more dark and a lot more frightening.
Here is a picture description of his appearance, one of him normally:
And one of him with his mask on, which is simply a burlap sack with holes for his eyes, nose, and mouth cut out, the holes have a very ragged appearance also

The people who have encountered Crane have described him as a psychopath, pure evil, or a combination of the two. Regardless he is a very disturbed human, having been so since early childhood. One sign of his mentally unstable nature that was shown during his childhood was the fascination of torturing birds and other small animals. He also has a somewhat formal and intellectual style to his voice and and attitude, using this as a sort of mental mask when confronted in public. He also has a vast vocabulary and is able to manipulate people with his words, if talked to long enough, well depending on how easy they are to trick.

God Parent:
Crane is the son of Phobos, the Greek personification of fear and phobias.

Mortal parent:
Jonathan's mother is a woman who's identity is not known to anyone besides him.

Jonathan has the power to emit a very deadly kind of gas that when entered into a human's respiratory system, causes their brain to receive horrible visions of nightmarish scenes, their worst fears, and other things that send victims into a world of fear. Granted this gas is very weak when coming from his hand, to have it work properly from that source he would have to place his hand over someone's nose and mouth, like a cloth soak with chloroform. This gas can quickly make him become drowsy and cause him to pass out if he is to release the gas for too long, five minutes is the longest he can go without any effects, at ten minutes he has always passed out. He also has a natural power that has him radiate a kind of frightening or unnerving emotion into nearby people when they are around him, it does not require his attention for it to happen.

One of the most notable things that can be noted as a flaw in Jonathan's personality is that he is an outcast of sorts, very loner-like, doesn't like talking to people. One look at the guy and you can pretty much assume he has no friends. He is also very mentally unstable, due to past events such as childhood bullying. Finally he enjoys fear, he finds positive feelings festering in himself when he makes someone fall to the ground, writhing in agony, because of the fear he has brought upon them. He also enjoys when he himself is sometimes afraid, kind of a thrill seeking feeling, though he is not one that can be easily scared.

Scarecrow has a very large arsenal of weapons that he has created through out his teenage years, most of which revolving around his fear gas that he can produce. He is very skilled in the arts of chemistry so he is able to mix his gas with other chemicals to create preservatives for the gas and liquidized variations of the gas so he can use it in his syringe glove.
His most noticeable weapon is a explosive device that he throws at his targets. It's essentially a ceramic ball around the size of a softball that contains tiny cherry-bomb like containers that hold the fear gas. When it makes contact with a hard surface all the little containers inside explode, releasing the gas. Another weapon he has that contains the fear gas are simple aerosol spray cans that he sprays in the face of his targeted victim.
Crane has two different close combat weapons that he uses in battle, his more notable one is his syringe glove. This device is basically a cloth glove with three containers attached to it by iron cuffs. Each container holds a liquid form of his fear toxin, which can be injected into the blood stream and cause the horrifying effects. Each container has tubes that lead the toxin into syringes, one placed on each finger besides the thumb. The main container feeds the index and ring finger, the right container feeds the pinky finger, and the left container feeds the middle finger. Below in the spoiler is a example of what the syringe glove looks like:
Jonathan also has in possession a scythe with a curved celestial bronze blade that he had crafted by himself at the forges in camp.
Here is a picture of it:

-Crane is Well-educated on the psychology of fear.
-Crane is able to develop various tools which induce crippling fear.
-Crane is skilled in chemistry, being able to create various chemical weapons that he uses in fights.
-Crane is trained in crane-style kung-fu close combat, which is pretty coincidental, he is also skilled in normal hand-to-hand combat, his long arms and legs are an advantage to him in close combat. Despite this he rarely relies on his hand skills, only using them as a last combat resort, along with his natural fear gas emitting powers.

RP Example:
I opened my eyes slowly as I awoke from a very disorienting nap. I glanced around the area to remember where I was at. 'Ah yes...now I remember, the forest.' I had thought to myself as my vision became more clear and I sat myself up more straight. I was on top of a tree, it had a fair height, probably around fifteen to twenty feet. I was on the lower part of it, just where the big branches were starting to form, and I had managed to place my self on the branch carefully enough where I wouldn't require a harness, a strap, or some sort of device to keep me still on the branch. I hoisted myself around so my legs were dangling in the air and then began climbing down the tree. As I reached the ground I looked down and saw that I had my syringe claw on, I went to feel my face and felt that I also had my mask on. I grinned with malice in my eyes as I started walking, I already had everything essential for me to do some hunting tonight. I glanced around quickly and saw someone near the edge of a clearing, perfect. I walked slowly towards the person, the fingers of my syringe glove twitching maniacally as I got closer and closer.

Jonathan Crane was born on the dark night if July 1st, 1994. His Biological mother, not having enough money to raise the baby, put him into an orphanage a week after he was born. His life was pretty average as a child, he was a fairly normal kid for elementary school. Though as middle school turned around the corner and people became more aggressive in life Jonathan found himself become more lonely. Other kids thought he was rather weird, creepy, and a stain in society that was painful to look at it. The words hurt Jonathan at first, somewhat sending him into a mild depressive state. But as the days of social withdrawal went on he got a little bit better, but he seemed to have lost his sanity, on the inside at least. He didn't talk to anyone so it wasn't like he could verbally show his insanity. On the few times he would talk, such as when he would answer a teacher's question, he could manage to fake a sane answer. He was still able to make himself look okay on the outside so no one questioned it, like the wanted to anyways.

As he went through high school, Crane started excelling in the likes of chemistry and other forms of science. He became smarter and smarter in each passing grade and he was able to graduate with a nearly perfect GPA. He had big plans for his life ahead, going to a fancy college, getting a great job around chemistry and what not. He felt like he was ready for life ahead of school. Then one day as he was preparing to leave the orphanage, as he was able to live on his own now, he got a call. The caller was a woman, a woman claiming to be his mother. She said she had things to tell him and that he needed to visit her soon. As he arrived at the address she had told him, Jonathan felt sudden rage and other negative emotions run through him. How dare she just arrive out of nowhere eighteen years after just abandoning him at the orphanage. He had entered her home angry and instantly demanded answers as to why she had left him. She was confused at first, but understood the random rage shortly after. She managed to explain to him that money was short and he was to much of a burden to take care of, that it was for the best. She then explained to him his parentage on his father side. She told him all about the short fling she had with his father and how he was a god of ancient Greek mythology. She told him that his godly scent was getting stronger and that he wasn't going to be safe soon, that he needed to go to a haven called Camp Half-Blood. Jonathan pondered on this for a moment, if she was right...then he was going to have to get rid of all the dreams he had planned, the leisurely life...gone. This sent him into another fit of rage that caused him to attack his own mother. This assault ended with him shoving a kitchen knife through his mom's stomach. He only mourned for a few seconds before getting out of the building and taking her car.

Thanks to directions he had received from his mom and mental instinct he arrived at the base of Half-Blood Hill a few hours later at night. As he walked up the hill and crossed the border, a claiming symbol appeared above him, the symbol of Phobos. He didn't care much of it at that moment, he only learned of who's symbol it was later.

Around two months of living at the camp had changed Crane slightly, he had received some martial arts training and was a somewhat skilled fighter, he also managed to make himself a fancy scythe as a weapon. But he had become a little less sane and more cut off from the world around him. He had discovered powers that he had, his ability to emit gas that could induce fear into those who inhaled it. He had managed to visit the mortal world a few times so he could steal various chemicals for experiments he wanted to do at camp, and thanks to his knowledge on chemicals and his guesses on how his fear gas worked, he was able to create concoctions that would strengthen and extend the effect of the gas. He also made a liquid form of it and made a makeshift syringe glove for combat, liquid fear chemicals injected into the glove. He was also able to make various tools that used the fear gas as a weapon as well. He sat in his room one day and pondered on what he was going to do with all these objects, then his insanity gave him an idea. Why not use this fear gas on other campers here and see what it would do to them. He didn't care about recording results or anything, the scientific front was somewhat of an excuse to himself to say that doing this was right. But deep down he knew that he just wanted to watch anyone and everyone to suffer for the torment he went through in life. This is where the current tales of his story begin.

Though not mentioned, his mask was created around the same time he was busy creating his little toys.
Also the person used as his playby is Cillan Murphy.

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PostSubject: Re: Scarecrow (Completed)   8/13/2012, 6:46 pm


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Scarecrow (Completed)
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