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 Bassy Von Monroe

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PostSubject: Bassy Von Monroe   7/22/2012, 12:11 am

Character Name: Basilisk (Bassy) Von Monroe
Gender: Female
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Bassy has tiny feet,(size 4) and she has black hair that's bangs were dyed purple. She also has deep blue sea colored eyes. Her hight is 5'8 and she is skinny/fit since she is a hunter of Artimis, Bassy is fairly flexible and can fight just as well as the next guy.

Personality: She is very michivious, and doesn't get involved in comotion unless she has something to gain from it. Bassy is one of the more intelegent individuals who can tell stupidity from reason, and can't tolerate ignorance.
God and mortal parent: No God parent; hunter of Artimis. Mortal parents; Mark and Rita Von Monroe
Powers**: none.
Flaws: Can be too self absorbed at times, and end up being completly of track. Will trust anyone with intelegence or has a good reason too, good or evil. Bassy doesn't cope with people too well.
Pets: A white snow owl named Crass
Weapon: A Silver bow and bronze arrows.
Talents/Skills: Hunting, running, anything athletical, hand - to - hand combat.
RP Example*: The air was cold when Dawn broke out from dusk. The maroon purple skies fading as the sun came up. Bassy wanted a peaceful day, one without interrogation or being bothered. She sat at the old brown bench near the edge of the water bank of the pond. You could hear the sounds of ducks quacking and dragonfly's flying. She started to read Hamlet by Shakesphere. When she read all of the outside world went away.
Biography*: Bassy was raised in a rural town in Kansas. She spent most of her time in the woods, teaching herself to survive on her own because her parents could not afford school. Also, she never interacted with the outside world or other people, since she is an only child. She swore herself to Artimis and joined her in the Hunt when she was 15 and recived eternal youth. Along with her vow to Artimis, she learned to hate men.
Notes: She tends to listen/ interact with people with evil/ bad intentions more than others.

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PostSubject: Re: Bassy Von Monroe   7/22/2012, 4:53 pm

Approved! Also, as a side note, Hunters of Artemis have silver arrows, although it's not really much of a problem that you don't have it in the form. We'll just pretend, kay?
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Bassy Von Monroe
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