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 Venom Cezar

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PostSubject: Venom Cezar   7/21/2012, 12:14 am

Character Name: Venom Cezar

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Description: she has a slight limp in her left leg because she hurt it on her skate board. She has brown eyes and velvet dyed hair that is turning back to her brunette hair color. She is around 5'6 and has size 7 feet.

Personality Description: Venom Cezar has an eccentric personality, and she loves dubstep so much that that's what she talks about constantantly. Venom is great at dancing and is a hard style head(hard style is a type of electronic music, this term means hard style fan). She is the biggest skrillex-wanna be. She has dyslexia and doesn't enjoy reading at all. She prefers being hung than being in a library. Her lip ring piercing doesn't fit her correctly and she adjusts it constantly. Procrastanation is like her main fault. Putting things to the side for later is what she does, considering she is kind of lazy. Example: "I'm going to go dance later today around hmm last say 9 in the afternoon." 9:00 in the after noon. "NOPE, not today, to lazy doing nothing."

Mortal parent: Lara Cezar

God parent: Apollo

Powers: she can talk to birds through song, about once a day for about 20 minuets tops. This causes her voice to fade or break. This tires her out.

Flaws: Venom is very insecure, talking, or being around other people (even like her) is not her top priority. She has ADHD and has issues focusing. When expossed to stress she becomes emotionly unstable.

Pets: none

Weapon: bronze dagger that she keeps strapped to her left leg.

Talents/Skills: Venom is great at dancing, singing, and sleeping.

Role Play Example: Venom strutted into the courtyard, and blasted Bangarang by Skrillex on her iPod, which was in her pocket. She danced for about 2 minuets until she had to adjust her lip ring. She laid down on the cobble stone and stared at the piercing, blue sky. "No rain today, please." she whispered to her self. About 5 minuets flew by, listening to dubstep more or less, until she heard footsteps against the cobblestone floor. "damn." she thought to herself "people are coming." The very last thing she wanted to happen today was have a conversation. Struggling to her feet, Venom grabbed her iPod out of her pocket and paused the music escaping from the device. She ran with a limp out of the courtyard.

Biography (including time spent at camp if they've been there for several years): Venom was born in New Jersy, a single child. Her mom was way to busy to spend time with her so she turned to music, dubstep in particular. A dancer/singer was what she wanted to be when she grew up her life dramaticly changed when she turned 13.When she turned 13 her mom shipped her off to CHB without a word. She hangs out at her bunk most of the time and dances in the courtyard with her iPod. She absolutely hates rain, and when it does rain she stays blocked away in her bunk. Most of the times she would settle being in public would be at either the mess hall, or the showers.

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PostSubject: Re: Venom Cezar   7/21/2012, 12:45 pm

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Venom Cezar
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