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 Illiana Marie Porter

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PostSubject: Illiana Marie Porter   7/20/2012, 11:49 pm

Character Name:
Illiana "Lily" Marie Porter


16 years old - Her birthday is August 13th, 1996

Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required):
Her hair is a light shade of golden blonde and her eyes are a stormy grey. Her skin is a creamy pale shade and her lips are full and a light sakura pink. Her facial feautures are soft and smooth, with a straight button nose and a soft chin.
She is 5'7" tall and weighs 121 pounds. Her physique is thin, but she is very curvacious and seems slightly wider then she truly is.

She is a very headstrong individual, courageous and thoughtful. She rarely acts without thinking first, but once she has a plan she has no hesitations about following through with it, no matter how dangerous. She's a focused individual, but she's rubbish at multitasking. She's a bookworm and secretly a hopeless romantic, but has a habit of flushing in embarassment when caught with a romantic novel. She prides herself on being an open-minded individual towards races, people of other sexualities, and people with parents that are Roman, Egyptian, etc. She's a scholar at heart and stubborn as can be - when someone tries arguing with her she'll be reasonable for a while, btu once she gets annoyed she acts more like a child throwing a tantrum than anything.

God and mortal parent:
Her mother is Athena. Her father is Eric John Porter, a moderately wealthy man who writes non-fiction articles about the economy for a well known magazine.

As a daughter of Athena, she doesn't have any powers.

Lily, among other things, is always late. For everything. A big battle? She'll be late. Someone needs help? She'll be late. In addition to this, she becomes easily defensive and is known to become rude and hostile when cornered. She's very controlling and hates being bossed around. And first and foremost; she's incredibly clumsy. She can walk over a flat surface and fall on her face.


She has a normal, plain old unmythical pet ferret named Ceasar.


Her main weapon is a typical Greek shortsword made of celestial bronze. The only customized thing about it is an inscription on the blade itself stating, "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus." Yes, it's latin. Why is it not greek even though she's a greek? She likes latin better and she studied it when she was younger.

Her talents include her writing abilities, her ability to fall up stairs (that takes talent, no?), and her ability to speak English, Ancient Greek, and Latin. Her skill's include her competence with her sword and her strategic planning.

RP Example*:
The night sky was sparkling like millions of diamonds, I noticed as I gazed up from out my window. All I could hear was the sounds of crickets singing, hidden amongst the gardens beside the average two story house I lived in. Dad was working late, leaving me alone thankfully - he never seemed to understand that I was always the most inspired at night, and no I couldn't write as good in the morning! So, no, I don't want to go to bed at midnight. When he worked late I could stay and write and actually make some progress in my novel. Lazily turning the page of my notebook, I smiled slightly to myself, breathing in the comforting and familiar scent of paper.

Illiana "Lily" Marie Porter was born from the mind of Athena - her father found her in a golden cradle on his front lawn in Maine. Eric John Porter was a budding journalist when he met Athena - they saw each other for three months before she left. During that time Eric knew that the goddess was just that - a goddess.
During Lily's childhood she was shown to be a very bright girl. She even looked it once she got glasses for her horrid eyesight... until she broke them (and her nose) two weeks later. She was a very clumsy child, and the only graceful thing about her was her handwriting.
She studied latin from a very young age, skipping grades with ease. Despite her smarts, she was a very socially awkward girl who preferred writing (like her daddy, though she liked fiction better) and always had her nose in a book. She spent msot of her years up until camp half blood alone.
When she was eleven, her dad was loathe to take her to camp. He had never remarried and Lily was his little girl - how could he bare to be lonely in there house? But after she managed to run into a rather angry hellhound who's tailed she tripped over. Getting a deep scratch on her back that later ended up scarring, her father sadly decided to drive her to New York where she's remained at camp. She's a year rounder, but occasionally goes on vacation with her dad.

-Lily's goal in life is to be a published author.
-She was born without Dyslexia, but with terrible eyesight - she wears contacts.
-Lily is rarely seen without either a book or her notebook.
-She's kind of miffed about not getting super-cool powers like the other demigods.
-Lily's blood type is O-.
-She's allergic to bees.

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PostSubject: Re: Illiana Marie Porter   7/21/2012, 12:35 am


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Illiana Marie Porter
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