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 Steve Rogers

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The Doctor

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PostSubject: Steve Rogers   7/20/2012, 8:52 pm

"I'm loyal to nothing... except the Dream."
- Steve Rogers

Character Name:
Steve Rogers II

See picture (About 5' 7")
There are three qualities that form the core of who Steve Rogers is: courage, loyalty, and a sense of fair play. Each of these manifests in a number of different ways, but the majority of who he is as a soldier and a man comes back to one of these qualities.

God and mortal parent:
Joseph Rogers and Nike
None, other than being strong and a taste for justice
He'd sacrifice anything to save anyone, He's not the brightest crayon in the box, he will always play things by the rules.
Being awesome...Yea it runs in the family...

A shield, made after his grandfather's

RP Example:
I run through the compound. I suddenly stop, placing my back to the wall as I pull out my shield. I raise it and look around the corner. As I thought, two goons running up the corridor. I jump out around the corner and throw my shield at them. It first hits the in front, bouncing off him hitting the ceiling, rebounding hitting the second, back to me. I sliding it onto my back, and run down the corridor. Two down, 198 to go. I smile. Colonel Fury was the best.
Many know that before Captain Steven Rogers was sent on his last mission in World War Two, he and Agent Peggy Carter...Fondued. 9 months later Joseph Rogers was born. The serum was not passed along the blood line so he was a crippled, having to always wear a leg brace. He grew up in London with Agent Carter, but when he was 12 ran away to America. Having had his father's taste for justice, he tried to get into the police force. They turned him away. Depressed Joe, worked as a janitor at the LAPD. Nike sensed his sense for justice and cured him of his disease. He began working out and finally made it into the LAPD Police Force. 5 years later Nike and Joe had Steven Rogers the Second. Steve was also strong and mental fit. He was instantly accepted into the popular kids, but he decided to protect the other kids. He lived most of his grade school life helping kids against bullies. One day, he beat up a bully who had a dad in the LA Mafia, who then took out Steven's dad. Before Joe died, he told Steve about Camp Half Blood and that he needed to go there. Steven Rogers has been at CHB for 3 years.

Notes:Kinda big picture sorry:P
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PostSubject: Re: Steve Rogers   7/22/2012, 6:19 pm


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Steve Rogers
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