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 Charity Lessard

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PostSubject: Charity Lessard   7/20/2012, 3:31 pm

Charity Sara-Tamsin Lessard
Back To The Basics

Name: Charity Sara-Tamsin Lessard
Nicknames: Char is good but, She preferes Charity
Age: Fourteen
Birthday: Charity was born on the dry, windy day of August seventeenth at 11:11pm
Gender: Female, duh
Year-Round or Summer: Year Rounder
Pets: A husky named Carmela. Charity found the husky wandering the streets on her way to camp. She took her in and they've been loyal companions every since.
Send Me To Camp

God Parent: Hermes, God of Mischief, Theives, and Money.
Claimed: Charity was claimed the moment she set foot on Half Blood Hill.
Years in Camp: She's been here for 4 months
Talents: Charity was a track star at her boarding school. She is also good at pranking, pick pocketing and bribery.
Powers: Charity's power is her speed. She doesn't have superhuman speed or anything close. She's just small and very fast. I mentioned she was a track star right? 'Nuff said.
The Outter Beauty

Overall: Charity's eyes. There's not much to say. Her eyes are hazel. She doesn't really show emotions through them like other people. Charity tends to wear A LOT of eye liner and mascara. It's not because she's insecure, it's because she is punk. Charity has long, dark brown, wavy hair. She's not one to use tons of hair products. Though, she dies it sometimes. Just colorful streaks here and there. She wears it different everyday. One day, a long braid, the next, a messy bun high on her head. She has pale skin with dark brown freckles splattered across her cheeks, forehead and nose. Charity burns easily, so she uses a lot of sunscreen when she trains. She is 5"4" and weighs 130 lbs. Charity thin and has muscle that not exactly visible. She trains a lot so, she's got good muscle. She also runs lap of camp at five in the morning. Charity dresses, kind of rebel like. It's her style. It goes along with her music and attitude.
Quirks: She has smaller than average lips. Well, actually its just her upperlip thats thin.
Example of Clothing: http://www.polyvore.com/charity_lessard/set?id=52145377

The Inner Beauty

Overall: Charity is quite the basket case. She gets on everyone's nerve, challenges people so often she makes a new enemy everyday. Charity can be nice but, only to siblings or people she actually thinks are worth her time. She has a very low tolerance for "Goodie Goodies". She can't stand "Rats" or "Tattlers". Charity is deffiant and doesn't follow most camp rules. She hates orginization and routine. Charity is a very trustworthy girl, depending on the secret. Relationships stuff? She could careless. If you killed another camper and buried them in the woods? She'd spread it like wildfire. One that that really pulls on Charity's heart strings is when people talk about their parents. She hates her whole family, except for Noah and Katherine, their sweethearts.
Quirks: She has a terrible sense of humor. She couldn't crack a good joke if her life depended on it.
Fatal Flaw: Charity's fatal flaw is her defiance. She gets into a lot of crap with that little attitude of hers. She challanged a dracaenae to a arm wrestle when she was 13. Another one of her flaws is over-faulty of confidence. Or boldness.
Fears: Charity has an odd fear, Ice. She does not like ice. She won't drink anything with ice, won't skate, she will never go near ice.
Likes: Writing, Running, Track and Field, Pranking Aphrodites, Pizza, Rock Music
Dislikes: Ice, Slime, Rock Climbing, Heights, Pop Music, Techno, Baseball
In Olden Times

History: Charity has a simple, normal life. She went to a normal school, had normal friends and was a normal kid. But, just as she was turning nine, her mother told her about her father, Hermes. Jenivive put her up for adoption, saying she was too hard to take care of anymore. Charity was living in foster care for four years until a middle-aged couple adopted her. Fae and Jonez Lessard were very excited to bring home Charity. When they got home, they treated Charity like she was a gift to Noah and Katherine, literally. When they walked in the door, they walked Charity over to Noah and Katherine and said, and I quote, "Here is you guys' Christmas gift! It's not exactly a PS3 but, we think it's better. How 'bout her?" Charity was stunned and asked where her room was. Months past, and life was normal. Charity lived a normal life, going to a normal middle school. After 8 months of living with the Lessards, Fae and Jonez sent Charity to a boarding school in Manhatten. They lived in San Francisco. Charity knew that they didn't like her attitude or her beheavior towards the two of them. So, she agreed. She met a new friend Hunter Stroud, who turned out to be a Nymph of an Willow Tree on the school campus. Hunter took Charity to camp after 4 months of surveilance. And that's that.
Mortal Family: Charity was adopted at age 9 to a new family. Her birth mother is Jenivive Rossi. Her Step-mother is Fae Lessard, along with her Step-Father, Jonez Lessard. She has a Step-Brother named Noah and a Step-Sister name Katherine.
Hometown: San Francisco
Distant Relatives:
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Charity Lessard
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