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 Idril Rae Aspen ;; Daughter of Iris

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PostSubject: Idril Rae Aspen ;; Daughter of Iris   7/19/2012, 11:13 pm

idril aspen

i am the red in the rose, the flowers on the blankets on your bedroom floor. and i am the gray in the ghost that hides with your clothes behind your closet door. i am the green in the grass that bends back from underneath your feet. and i am the blue in your back alley view where the horizon and the rooftops meet. if you cut me i suppose i would bleed the colours of the evening stars.

the basics
    name and nicknames: Idril's full name is Idril Rae Aspen. She lets some of her really close friends call her Iddy, though.
    age and birthday: Idril is eighteen years old, born on July twenty third, 1994.
    gender and sexual preference: Damaris is a straight female.
    years at camp: Idril has been at camp for half a year now.
    year rounder or summer: Idril's a year rounder.
    claimed or not: Idril is claimed.

the physical
    height: Idril is fairly short, standing at a full height of five feet solid. She often wears a pair of nebula wedge heels, which add about three inches to her height.
    hair: Idril's hair is a medium brown colour, not too light but not too dark. She wears her hair over her right shoulder, with the hair on the left side of her head pinned back so it stays in place. She also uses a ton of hairspray, so it stays in the exact style she likes it. Her hair is curly, but not too curly. If Idril's in a really bad mood or she's really worried about something, she tends to sleep with her hair in the style, which causes it to get all messed up and whatnot.
    eyes: Idril has chocolaty brown eyes which have this sparkle of happiness in them almost all of the time. It's easy to tell how she's feeling by looking at her eyes. They tend to give her away.
    piercings: Other than the classic ear piercing, Idril has no piercings.
    tattoos: Idril has no tattoos.
    distinguishing features: One of Idril's distinguishing features is her hair, which is normally noticeable because of the style Idril wears it in, plus the curliness of it. Then there's the fact that she's so short, which is noticeable if she's in a crowd that's kind of spread out.
    style: Idril's a bit of a fashionista. Her outfits need to be color coordinated, and if she has just one thing that doesn't match with her outfit, it has to go. It doesn't matter how much Idril likes it, that thing cannot stay. She tends to wear things of bright colour, too, but they still have to go together. She has her outfits matched down to the colour of her cell phone case, or even her headphones. If she has gum, it also has to match her outfit. The clothes she wears have to be designer, too. She refuses to wear anything else, because they tend to not be made of the best material if they aren't designer.
    overall appearance: All in all, Idril is very pretty. Her skin isn't all that tan, and she's pretty skinny, too. She has dimples which show up when she smiles, and they make her look younger than she really is. Idril has full, soft pink lips, although she often wears bright red lipstick, maybe a bit of blush, and then some mascara and a bit eyeliner. She's pretty specific with her makeup. She has a really defined jaw, and have face is a mixture between a heart, oval, and a square shape.

the psyche
    • Colour - Being a daughter of Iris and all, Idril really likes colourful things. It just kind of works.
    • Sparkly and shiny things - Idril loves anything that sparkles or shines. From diamonds to pieces of mica lying in the sand, Idril just adores anything sparkly or shiny.
    • Pulling pranks - Idril and her sister, Inaz, used to always pull pranks on people. Whether it was dressing like eachother (Idril would wear a pair of slight heels to make her look taller) or dumping a bucket of water on the chef from the terrace, they always pulled pranks on people.

    • Seriousness - If there was anything that Idril couldn't stand, it's seriousness. She never knew how to act in a serious situation.
    • Bullies - This one explains itself. Because, really, who likes a bully?
    • Sporks - They're practically useless, anyways. Besides, Idril can recount many a time when people have thrown sporks at her (whether it was on accident or not) when her school tried to help the environment and save money by using sporks instead of spoons or forks.

    • Fashion - Idril isn't sure if this counts as a strength, but she counts it as one, anyways. She has an amazing sense of fashion, and she sometimes even will have to give a stranger fashion tips - even if that's considered rude.
    • Sneaking - Idril considers herself to be the queen of sneaks. She's practiced creeping silently through the shadows to pull a prank on someone so many times that she's got it down to a science.

    • She has no filter - Idril has no thought-to-mouth filter. If she thinks something, it doesn't matter how rude it is. She'll say it, just because she thought it. This has gotten her into trouble many times.
    • She takes jokes too far - It's not in a harsh way, not at all. Idril just sometimes doesn't know when something stops being funny and starts being annoying. She doesn't mean to anger or hurt people, but sometimes, it just happens.

    • The dark - Idril is terrified of the dark. Well, not so much the dark as what's in it. She has a bad habit of reading too many horror stories before bed.

    • She feels pressured - One thing about Idril is that she never let's anyone know is that she kind of feels like she's being toyed with, put into a Play Dough mold after she had kind of hardened and found a shape to be.

    • To fly - This one's kind of the classic dream, to be able to fly like a bird.

    • She writes sideways - When Idril is writing, she has to either turn the page sideways or her head sideways. It's the only way she really knows how to write.

    personality: On the outside, Idril has what appears to be a kind of careless, happy-go-lucky attitude towards everything. She seems like a bit of a ditz. Actually, Idril is a lot more thoughtful and sensitive than people think of her to be. She dwells on situations for a long time, thinks about what she could have said to make a better impression. she is pretty happy-go-lucky, even when you get to know her, but there's still more behind it. not that she'd let you know, because idril wouldn't. she keeps her problems to herself, refusing to tell anyone if something is wrong. she figures that, whatever it is, it can be dealt with, and without help. she could be described as kind of brave, because she does pull all of the pranks she does, but idril doesn't consider that to be very brave. she's also very caring, seeing as she and her sister kind of looked after eachother. still, idril's a bit rebellious, because she's used to having to do some pretty whack things to get her dad and step mum's attention.

the family
    nationality: Idril is from Northern Ireland.
    birthplace: Idril was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
    hometown: Idril grew up in the city Belfast of Northern Ireland, which was also the capital.
    father: Idril's father was named Marcus Aspen. He met Iris before work started to overcome his life and he was living off of the money from his own parents, before he took over their company. Their relationship was short lived, but Iris stayed until Idril and her twin sister, Inaz, were born. Soon after Iris left, Marcus married a girl who he had known through his parents - soon his - company. They both payed much attention to their work, though, which left them hardly any room for Idril and Inaz.
    mother: Idril's birth mother is Iris, the goddess of rainbows. Iris stayed with Marcus for a few weeks, maybe a month or two, after Idril and Inaz were born before she left to go back to Olympus. She did care very deeply for Marcus, Idril and Inaz, but gods can never stay with mortals for long, as we all know. After Iris left, Marcus remarried a girl from work named Irin. Irin and Marcus were both kind of work obsessed, so they never stayed home for long. If they ever went to something for their kids, they would leave early because of a phone call or something.
    siblings: Idril has a twin sister names Inaz. Idril and Inaz did everything together, and they kind of took care of eachother because their parents never did. They were quite the pranksters, too. Idril and Inaz spent a lot of their time pulling pranks on the servants around their house or the kids at their school, just for sh**s and giggles.
    pets: Pets weren't allowed in the Aspen household, much to Idril's dismay. She would have loved to have a pet cat.
    history: ages zero though four: idril was born in belfast, the capital of northern ireland, along with her twin sister, inaz. their father was very rich, seeing as he was the head of an important company, and he never did have much time for idril and inaz. neither did his wife, irin, whom he had married shortly after iris had left. this left inaz and idril to take care of eachother. well, not really, seeing as they had servants to do all sorts of stuff for them, but they still sort of took care of eachother. they bonded really well, and were awfully close. even from a young age, they showed signs of being pranksters. they would pull little stunts like pretending to be the other twin or something.
    ages five through seven: when idril and inaz were five, they started to become a bit more mature. not completely mature, seeing as they still giggled over stupid jokes and immature pranks. inaz didn't do it as much as idril, seeing as she was the more mature one, but idril also was maturing pretty quickly. by the age of six they had started to go to school. many people wanted to be their friends because, well, they were rich, but they tended to stick together instead of hang out with a lot of people. when they were seven, they got kicked out of their first school. that was one of the first times their parents dropped work to come home, but only to scold the twins and help get them signed up for a new school.
    ages eight through ten: this is when idril started to become a bit of a trouble maker. you see, idril had figured out that her father and step mother would pay attention to her if she did kind of reckless things (think how piper did stuff so her dad would pay attention to her) to get his attention. sadly, this also resulted in idril getting kicked out of plenty of schools. by the time idril was nine, she had gotten kicked out of her third school, and she wasn't going to the same school as her sister, who was more obedient. when idril and inaz were ten, they got claimed by iris, but they didn't tell anyone about it; they just looked it up online to find out what it meant. they saw some things and after a bit of convincing from idril, inaz started to believe that they were demigods, too. inaz did a ton of research (who says ten year old's can't do research?) and found out about chb.
    ages eleven through fourteen: when idril was eleven, she had been kicked out of five schools, and she had started to realize that getting kicked out of schools wouldn't keep her father's attention for much longer. so she may or may not have driven a gold cart into a tree, which ended up starting a fire. while this did get idril in serious trouble, her father was home for about a week, so she felt it was worth it. when idril was twelve, her father sent her off to a boarding school, which ended up making idril a bit more stir-crazy than usual. which may or may not have resulted in her running off of the campus, and then, when the school security found her, punching one of them in the nose. which, in result, got her kicked ot of the school and heading idril to her seventh school. thirteen was kind of an uneventful year for idril, because for once she decided not to do anything. she felt she was in enough trouble. but that meant nothing for when she was fourteen, when she ended up starting a bonfire that got a little bit out of control and burned down the maintenance shed.
    ages fifteen through seventeen: idril's father decided to get idril a private tutor after the incident with the bonfire. while she tried her best to scare off each new tutor within a month, her father always had a new one in line and didn't even bother coming home because of this, which left idril feeling a bit unappreciated. still, she did her best to shrug it off. and despite idril's best efforts, she did end up getting attached to one of her tutors, peggy. idril kept up her shenanigans to get her dad's attention, but he seemed to be caring less and less, so by sixteen, idril was just doing it out of routine. around the time idril and inaz were sixteen and a half, inaz was thoroughly convinced that they should try and find chb, but idril was reluctant to leave. as much of a daredevil as she made herself out to be, she was still a bit home bound. inaz kept pestering idril about it until they were seventeen and a half, when idril finally agreed. they've been at camp ever since.

    • rainbow control - idril likes to call her powers rainbow control, seeing as they pertain to rainbows. the first thing she can do with rainbows is she can make them appear and disappear, although she can only make her own personal ones disappear. She can sometimes make a double rainbow, but that tends to not work and makes idril really, really tired. there still needs to be some sort of perspiration in the air for these rainbows, but she can make them appear from any angle (some rainbows in spray don't appear until you look from a certain angle). Idril can do this about seven times a day. this power has a cool down period of about half an hour.
    • Rainbow bridges - idril can make what she calls rainbow bridges. these are basically bridges that connect her from one place to another. they're solid to only who she chooses. so, say that someone who she isn't allowing to touch the bridge walks towards it, they'd walk right through it. if idril or someone else was standing on it, they'd obviously bump into them. idril can use this power about four times a day, with a cool down period of two hours. it obviously takes more energy than a rainbow, and she needs to sit down for about ten minutes after using it.

    role-play example: it wasn't that idril didn't like it at camp, because she did. she loved camp. she just missed northern ireland and belfast and pulling pranks on the servants at the mansion with inaz. sure, she could pull a prank to rival a child of hermes, but she still didn't really have the energy. she spent so much time focusing on training and trying to not screw this up, because it just felt like she would. which wasn't a very idril thing for her to think, so she shoved the thoughts out of her head.

    instead, idril focused on rowing the kayak she had taken out to the lake for the afternoon. she had finished training, seeing as there never was much training on weekends. she was rowing lazily, enjoying the warm sun on her skin. she noticed on the other end of the lake, some naiads were splashing around and giggling girlishly. it was slightly annoying, but idril had gotten used to it by now. she had been used to it for some time. she could always see the naiads playing in the water in the lake behind the cabin that she and her family spent their summers in. well, idril and inaz did. it was always some random servant who took them, seeing as their parents were always busy.

    weapon: Idril has a standard issue camp bow and arrow.
    play-by: Idril's playby is Cher Lloyd.
    extra notes:

coded by jules @ caution 2.0.
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PostSubject: Re: Idril Rae Aspen ;; Daughter of Iris   7/19/2012, 11:17 pm


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Idril Rae Aspen ;; Daughter of Iris
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