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 Nocturnal (Done!)

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PostSubject: Nocturnal (Done!)   7/18/2012, 1:23 pm

            Character Form

nocturnal thes

I am here, ready to destroy.

the basics

    name and nicknames: This person's name is Nocturnal Thes, but she was born 'Nikoment Spice', until she had to go undercover and change her name.
    age and birthday: Nocturnal is fifteen, born on June 21st, 1996.
    gender: Nocturnal is a female, as you saw above. Sometimes she may not act like one, but yeah.
    years at camp: Nocturnal has been at camp for two years.
    year rounder or summer: Nocturnal stays year round.
    claimed or not: Nocturnal is claimed.

the physical

height: Nocturnal is five foot eight. She is indeed very tall for her age, but she was just born like that. Nocturnal also usually wears boots, so she can appear up to six feet tall. She is called "the evil giant" because of how tall she is.
hair: Nocturnal has beautiful brown hair. Or at least, did have beautiful brown hair. She started dying her hair all different colors. Now it is no longer as beautiful, but still pretty cool.
eyes: Nocturnal has black eyes. It is unknown how they got black, but they are.
piercings: Nocturnal has her ears pierced. She usually wears black or golden earings. No, not because of the Steelers what are you talking about.
tattoos: Nocturnal has a little tattoo on her hand, in the shape of a dragon. It has very big horns and a long tail. Nocturnal is a big fan of dragons, if you haven't noticed by this.
distinguishing features: Nocturnal really doesn't have a distinguishing feature, except her colorful hair.
style: Nocturnal has more of a goth kind of style. She wears all black, and kinda acts like a rebel to match her style. Nocturnal likes her hair long, also. She has never had her hair short. In matter of fact, Nocturnal will actually get mad if you said something like "your hair is too long." That will get you on the kill list (Billy Madison reference).

the psyche


  • Scaring people - As cruel as it is, it's true. Nocturnal has always liked scaring people. No matter who it was. A random man, a mailman, a women in a store, a chef, ect. One time she even scared a dog.


  • Annoying people - If there's one thing Nocturnal hates, it's annoying people. She will scream and scream and scream if a person starts annoying her. Nocturnal even once knocked out an annoying person. Seriously, don't annoy her.

  • Jocks and Cheerleaders - Nocturnal HATES jocks and cheerleaders. She has not ever been a fan of them. Every time one of them try to talk to her, she just tries to ignore them. After so long, she will just start freaking out for a hour or so.


  • Drinks and Food - Nocturnal has always appeared to be more "in shape" when she drinks or eats. She can fight better, run better, ect.


  • Meeting someone tougher than her - Nocturnal has a weakness of someone standing up to her and out-muscling her. She would be ruined for life if that ever happened. Luckily, because of that, each day Nocturnal tries to become more tough.


  • Snakes - Nocturnal is secretly afraid of snakes. It all happened one day when her uncle took her into the forest. She saw a snake pass by. It didn't really scare her, until it came out of nowhere and attacked her uncle. She screamed and ran away, leaving her uncle to die. Ever since, Nocturnal has been afraid of snakes.

  • Dark places - Most people would think that Nocturnal would love the dark, judging her name 'Nocturnal', which means sleeping during the day, and up all night, and the night is dark. But, she has actually been afraid of dark places for many things. If Nocturnal was attacked in the dark, no one would know. Also, because of creepy crawlers, especially one of her other fears, snakes.


  • She doesn't like being a "girl" - Nocturnal likes to be different from other girls. She doesn't like shopping, doesn't want a hip car, ect. She wants to be more like a boy. She wants to be goth.


  • To be a giant - Nocturnal has always wanted to be a giant because she thinks it would be fun to walk around, being giant, and just making people being scared of you. Remember, scaring people is about the only like she has.


  • She likes pain - Nocturnal likes pain. Whenever she gets hurt, she laughs hard. Many of her older friends thought that was very weird, that's why they basically ditched her.


  • Nocturnal is a lone wolf - Nocturnal has never ever liked to be in a crowd, overall. Sure, she's had a couple friends, but she never was in a "crowd" with them. Nocturnal works alone, and is always alone. The only people she actually likes to be with are her family, especially since her uncle died.

the family
    nationality: Nocturnal is Russian.
    birthplace: Nocturnal was born in Russia.
    hometown: Nocturnal lived in Moscow, the Capital of Russia.

    • Loki - Nocturnal's father is Loki, god of fires and evil. Not much is known about him, being in Nocturnal's life.
    • Nidis Spice - Nidis Spice is Nocturnal's grandafther, Asilie's father, and husband to Anie. He watched Nocturnal only once before, when she was three. Nidis was known for being a very strange man, but he was always nice. Nidis died on December 8th, 2006, dieing at exactly 90 years old.


    • Asilie Spice - Asilie is Nocturnal's mother, Loki's wife, and daughter of Anie and Nidis. She married Loki at age twenty-six, and they were together for four years, until he suddenly disappeared. Asilie found out she had given birth, and soon, she had Nocturnal. Whenever she brought Nocturnal home, Loki appeared, told her he loved her, then disappeared forever. Asilie is currently alive.
    • Anie Deenis Spice - Anie is Nocturnal's grandmother, Asilie's mother, and Nidis' wife. She has watched Nocturnal by herself very many times. Anie was always nice to Nocturnal. One day, during a babysitting with Nocturnal, she somehow went missing. When Nidis came home, he was very scared. Asilie picked up Nocturnal, right before the cops came to try to find clues of how Anie went missing. She was never found.

    siblings: Nocturnal has no siblings.
    pets: Nocturnal doesn't have any pets.
    history: Ages zero through three: Nocturnal was born on June 21st in Russia. It was a nice summer day, judging summer had just began. Her mother, Asilie, was nervous. She had given birth to Nocturnal with Loki, god of fires and evil. Loki had disappeared, so Asilie was having Nocturnal on her own. When Nocturnal was born (once again, her mother originally named her Nikoment) her mother was so happy that she screamed and screamed of joy. It was weird, but Asilie was just like that. When Nocturnal was brought home, Loki appeared. He said to Asilie he loved her, then disappeared suddenly. Asilie never saw him again. For the next couple years, basically all Asilie did was work, so, Nocturnal's grandmother watched her. After she "disappeared", her uncle started watching her. Well, sadly, then, her uncle died from a snake. That's how Nocturnal got a fear of snakes. Next, her grandfather watched her. But, after one time, Asilie quit work and watched Nocturnal herself.
    Ages four through five: Nocturnal started talking in complete sentences during this time. She soon went to preschool, where she met a boy she actually liked. After she found out he didn't like her back, she got upset. Nocturnal did her first bad thing: she started painting the boy's jacket with...not really nice pictures. This is how Nocturnal started her bad rep.
    Ages six through eight: After graduating preschool, Nocturnal went to grade school. She very much enjoyed it there. One day, during math, Nocturnal threw balloons filled with paint at her teacher. This got her the name "prank master". Soon, people started getting scared of Nocturnal. When she graduated kindergarten, her teachers were relieved. Until she came back for first grade, she started pulling MORE pranks. Nocturnal got very mean. One day, she read a magazine with a bunch of rebel girls. This is how she got her hair looking all rebel-ish. As Nocturnal turned eight, she was old enough to understand her grandmother died. Nocturnal wanted to do something about this.
    Ages nine through eleven: Nocturnal kept worrying about her grandmother, as she went in second grade. This is when Nocturnal actually turned her name to Nocturnal. She started going undercover, to find clues. Nocturnal didn't find anything. When she officially turned her name to Nocturnal, people even got more scared of her, judging her name being creepy. All the way through second, through third, and through fourth, she kept getting scarier. One day, she just turned goth.
    Ages twelve through thirteen: Nocturnal was claimed by Loki. She realized this is why her whole life she was hateful and mean and evil. Soon, she found out about CHB. Her and her mother moved to America, and she went to CHB at thirteen.
    Ages fourteen through fifteen: These years were spent at CHB. Nocturnal was still the same person, but she did make a couple friends. Nocturnal is currently still at camp.

    powers: Nocturnal has no powers currently, I'm too lazy to do powers. I'll tell an admin if I want her to develop powers.
    role-play example: Nocturnal turned her head, looking at the jocks. She growled and walked away, when, suddenly, a cheerleader tripped her. Nocturnal got up and growled. She walked away, as the cheerleaders started laughing. Nocturnal saw two of her only friends. They waved, happily.

    "Hey," they said, happily.

    "Hey, guys," Nocturnal sighed. Hopefully they wouldn't ask about the cheerleader mishap. The one who had tripped her was named Betty Alice. She was Nocturnal's worst enemy.

    "Another cheerleader abuse, I'm assuming?" one of them said. Ding, ding, ding, that's what set Nocturnal off. She swiftly growled and walked away. She knew this was her friends, but she didn't exactly want them talking about how Betty did that.

    weapon: Nocturnal has a CB sword. It is about three feet long and very sharp.
    play-by: Nocturnal's playby is Malese Jow.
    extra notes:

coded by jules @ caution 2.0.
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PostSubject: Re: Nocturnal (Done!)   7/21/2012, 12:43 pm

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Nocturnal (Done!)
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