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 Shane Redford

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PostSubject: Shane Redford   7/16/2012, 7:04 am

Shane Redford

Character Name: Shane Redford
Gender: M
Age: 16
Description: 5'7", Black Eyes and Hair, and weighs 138 lbs.
Bring on the Mallet:

God parent: Momus
Mortal parent: Diana Redford
Powers**: No Powers

Personality: Shane is an....odd ball. He is a sarcastic person with a funny sense of being. Though he has this serious to him that says, 'Don't f*ck with me'. He has no problem with fighting, and killing, others if they try to attack him...but when he is not trying to hurt someone he seems almost....normal. A sarcastic smart-aleck, yes...but normal.

Flaws: Smart-aleck, Murderous, Lack of Care for most people, Minor Insanity

Pets: No Pets
Weapon: He carries with him a Croquet Mallet, A Cb Sword, and 2 CB Knives, though he is lethal with whatever he can find
Talents/Skills: Drug Runner, Killing, Too smart for his own good

RP Example*: Sunlight broke through the windows of Shane's cabin and he awoke with long yawn. He stretched and looked around for a second feeling like something was missing. He looked down and found his mallet where he left it..but something felt off. "Probably something stupid.." He muttered and then crawled out of bed and got dressed. He smirked and picked up his mallet, whistling as he took it with him and left the cabin.

He looked around for a minute and saw very little people in the Courtyard...or anywhere for that matter. "What the hell? Is this just hide from Shane day or some damn crap like that?" He asked himself and then saw someone run into the forest. He raised an eyebrow and followed the person from a decent distance so that he wouldn't be spotted. That is..until the tracker got trapped. Out of nowhere two sons of Ares grabbed him while a third punched him in the gut. Shane doubled over but just smiled at the pain.

"What'cha smiling about?" The leader, John, asked.

"Oh the fact that you are just that f*cking stupid as to mess with me.." Shane answered with a few laughes before he got punched again.

"I'm sure Alex will wipe that dumb smug look off your face...if you're willing to fight that it." John said and motioned to Alex behind him. Tall, and so bulky you'd think that he was a steroid addict. That's about all that there is to Alex. Shane just started laughing like this was some kinda joke. "Give me a weapon and let's do this." He said with a grin.

The two other sons of Ares let him go, and Shane picked up his mallet and then looked up and smirked again. "Let's dance.." He said and then Alex rushed at him, two swords in hand. Shane bobbed and weaved through the bulk of the slashes, but got a few nicks here and there...all the while a mass of demigods and demi-titans gathered around to watch.

"Come on, dumba**. My mother hits harder then you, you steroid addicted idiot." He taunted..which lead Alex to rush at him. Shane smirked and used the opportunity to kick him in the private area and then step back behind him. He smiled at his handy-work and then took his mallet and smacked Alex in the gut with it.

Alex wailed in pain and Shane laughed at it before looking around at everyone else. "Alright. Who's next?"

Biography*: Shane's history is one that most normal people would forget. But Shane isn't exactly...right in the head. Anyway, so the blah blah blah crap goes as follows. Shane was conceived when his mother met the god of sarcasm, Momus, and they dated for a good month. Which...is about all it takes for her to become pregnant..and him to run off like a scared dog. (Talk about a load of bs right?) Well...5 months into the pregnancy, Shane's mom met his step-father, a guy with a kid of his own I might add, and then in 4 months, Baby 'I kill you because I can', is born. After that you'd expect someone else's history to be full of good ol' deeds and sh!t that don't matter. (Ok quick question. Where were you for the run down of the personality, weapons, the RP Example, and well EVERYTHING before you read this? This is not a person that does good things at all) But yeah...then we move on into the mellow years. Those being..that Shane was kicked out of a lot of schools up to the age of 12 due to the fact that he would always manage to PISS EVERYONE OFF. But then again...he had a reason for that. It was to prove the point of his 'Don't F*ck with me' type deal. Anyway, then tragedy struck. Shane's step-father became ill with and after a few months, died of an incurable form of cancer. After that..money was tight and Diana decided that instead of getting a good legal job...she would grow and sell marijuana. This being a successful thing by the fact that Diana is a good business woman, and Shane's older step-brother is, as Shane also is, great at keeping there mouth shut and....dealing with loose ends. Yes is you weren't smart enough to guess it yet, Shane has pissed off, beat up, and killed people. Now, by the time Shane was 14 a strange lady started hassaling Diana and one night found out about the less the socially acceptable work she was doing. The woman threatened to report Diana and screw her entire family up, but then Shane came out of nowhere and clocked her in the head with a croquet mallet(The same mallet he carries with him right now). Whether it was the hit that did the woman in, or the fact that Diana closed the pool cover on her, it doesn't really matter. Shane and his mother and brother were now on the run and had been in that situation for 2 years..before Diana settled in New York and began the Drug dealing again. Well, Shane had just turned 16 and around this time..a satyr(Oh now you decide to show up you stupid goat-man) came forward and talked to Diana about sending Shane to CHB. The three agreed to it and now Shane has been at camp for about month(and yes...he is still out to piss people off).

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Shane Redford
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