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 Cane Mellet

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PostSubject: Cane Mellet   7/14/2012, 4:23 pm

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Cane Mellet Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Name: This person's name is Cane Mellet

Gender: Cane is fully male.

Age/Birthday: Cane is currently sixteen. He was born on September 26th, 1995.

Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Cane has brown hair and minty green eyes. He is 5'11". Cane is skinny and has a bit of muscle. His posture is almost perfect, and his skin is a tan kind of color.

Personality: Cane is a very nice young man. He has always been nice. Cane is glad to talk to/help anyone. He can be mean sometimes, but that hardly happens. Cane can sometimes act a bit girly, and he hates that. Cane likes to fish sometimes with his friends. Cane also loves music. He is in a band.

God Parent: Cane's godly parent is his father, Apollo, god of poetry, the sun, and many other things.

Mortal Parent: Cane's mortal parent is his mother, Adileeri Mellet.

Powers**: Cane can heal bruises and cuts, and wounds up to 2 inches deep. He can heal up to 10 wounds a day, only 4 being 2 inches deep.

Flaws: Cane acts really girly sometimes, which makes him mad. Cane also gets mad easily, and doesn't give up easily. He will fight someone for 5 hours straight just to win. Cane is not a fan of the winter. Sometimes cold weather bugs Cane so mad and bugged that he will just start yelling at the sky.

Pets: Cane currently has no pets.

Weapon: Cane doesn't like to use weapons.

Talents/Skills: Cane can fish, sing, and play most instruments well.

RP Example*: I picked up the newspaper and started marking things on there, such as cars for sale. I started circling some prices, usually the ones in my range. I drew an arrow directing to a car I really liked. It was red and blue. I decided to study that one, and possibly buy that one.

Biography*: Cane grew up in England. He has a British Accent. He did lots of work back in England, mostly because he had nothing else to do. His mother would make him clean the stables in their barn. Cane one day found a diamond in their barn. He showed his mother. They needed a new house, so they decided to see what it was worth, first. Soon, a women came to their house and said it was worth 500,000 dollars! They sold it. They were so happy, but, they couldn't find a house they liked. Cane soon found one in America he loved. Adileeri Mellet decided to do that house. They moved to America when Cane turned nine.

Cane was soon claimed by Apollo, in America. He soon joined a band and became a singer. Cane also got money by selling people fish. He got enough money to buy a room in a warehouse where the band could practice. They called the band 'One Way' ((xD couldn't think of something closer)). One Way became a very good band. Whenever Cane found out he had to go to CHB, he and his band split. But, they would meet again.

Notes: Nope
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PostSubject: Re: Cane Mellet   7/14/2012, 4:37 pm

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Cane Mellet
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