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 Sebella Potter

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PostSubject: Sebella Potter   6/28/2012, 11:12 pm

Sebella Potter
"Every drop of rain that falls in the Sahara desert says it all. It's a miracle." - Queen, "Miracle"



Description (hair color, eye color, height, ect. Be discriptive):
Sebella looks very much like the form her father took upon visiting her mother. She has blonde hair and a heart shaped face. She stands at 5'9" and she's quite thin in her figure. Sebella's eyes are a sharp green and her skin tone is touched with a tan.

God parent:

Mortal parent:
Lily Potter

Powers (must have limits):

  • She can walk on water for ten minutes before she falls in.
  • She can create tidal waves (ten feet and more can almost kill her)
  • She can talk to marine life (mental)

Flaws (At least three):

  • Dirty minded

  • Over-complicates things sometimes.

  • Scared of needles, fire and rejection.

  • Selective hearing at times.

  • Bad at punctuality.

2 fish (Fred and George the goldfish), cat called Louie (blonde, mixed breed. 9 years old)

Weapon (Must be Celestial Bronze or Stygian Iron for Hades and Thanatos):
CB twin knives (she named them Wave and Tide)

Talents or skills:
Drawing, comminucation

Roleplay example (at least 4 sentences):
Sebella walked around, bored. She stood completely still and frowned. Then carried on. "I see you," she said to her fish in the tank. Fred and George reared their heads from inside hate castle. "I don't care if we're playing hide and seek. I'm bored."

Sebella stared at them. "You guys are weird..."

She plopped down on her bunk and started to read a book by Terry Pratchett. She started to get annoyed with it and began to pace instead. But that wasn't enough. Obsessing over Queen, Sebella switched on the album. She grinned to herself and sat back down to her book. Sebella expected to get disturbed at any moment but she didn't care. She was more interested in The Carpet People.


Sebella's mother was a marine biologist out at sea. She met Triton on numerous occasions, having been raised out there by her mother. Lily's first meeting with the god was when she was five. The five year old was feeding the dolphines and sharks when a man stepped out of the water, covered in shark bites. The five year old rushed to see if he was ok and helped the mystery man. But imagine Lily's surprise when the man shook his head and dived back in.

Lily's second meeting with the god was when she was ten. Starting to bloom into the woman she was grow up to be, Lily was obsessed with sharks. She had all but forgotten the mysterious man. Lily was sketching inside when the man appeared again. He approached her and put a hand on her shoulder. "That's good," he said to her and vanished, leaving a wet hand print on her shoulder.

Lily's third encounter was when she was a teenager, aged 15. The young woman was studying outside in the sun. Her biology book on her chest, she'd fallen asleep in the middle of a heat stroke. When she woke up, she found her old mystery man kneeling down beside her. "Can't catch heatstroke. You're too pretty for it," he told her and handed her a glass of cold water before walking out the room and vanishing yet again.

It was on the fourth visit to Lily that Triton shared his first kiss with Lily. She was aged eighteen and sat alone at a beach party. "Why are you alone?" Triton had asked her and Lily shrugged. She had grown accustomed to his visits. Triton stayed a little longer, ending his visit with a kiss. That kiss must have been something becuase his visits became more and more frequent over the years.

At the age of twenty-eight, Lily fell pregnant with Triton's child. However, Lily's baby was doomed. A prophecy of the child's birth meant that the child would die young. Fearing for her unborn child's life, Lily begged Triton to make it stop, to end the prophecy. A plea to which the god was helpless. It was unknown at what age the child would die.

When Sebella was born, her mother was frightened. Her parents believed her life was thrown away and she would never find a husband now and so they cut Lily from their lives. Sebella's birth was both rejoiced and stoic as the baby's destiny to die seemed always around the corner. Much to the relief of Lily and Triton, Sebella grew through the years, becoming a strong and healthy girl.

Sebella never met her father and holds a grudge against him for not being there. This grudge resulted in outbursts and spats between Sebella and her mother often as time wore on and Sebella could go days just ignoring her mother and watching her pet fish swim around the tank. Sebella left for Camp Halfblood with her mother and her mother left alone, upset and alone without her daughter.

Anything else: Sebella's nationality is American and she's classed as from Boston on her birth certificate.
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PostSubject: Re: Sebella Potter   6/29/2012, 11:54 am


Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
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Sebella Potter
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